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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hellooooo! Good morning and happy Tuesday to you!

THANK YOU for all of your wonderful breakfast ideas. I can’t wait to try them out! If you missed the comment section of yesterday’s post, definitely check it out for some awesome breakfast recipes and ideas!

Some photos and happenings from yesterday”¦

photo 1 (4) (556x556)


Right before Quinn and I were about to leave for KFIT, he spit-up all over me… down my shirt and even inside my sports bra. I still don’t know how he managed to do it (the kid has amazing aim), but there was definitely a pool of spit-up inside my sports bra. Haha!

photo 2 (9) (800x600)

My second workout outfit of the day was a whole lot brighter, perfect for a rainy day!

photo 3 (4) (800x600)

The workout at KFIT totally kicked my butt…

KFIT Suck It Up Workout

Back at home, I chugged a protein shake (SFH vanilla Recovery + iced coffee + SO Delicious nog coconut milk + water) and stretched and foam rolled for a good long time. My legs were so tight and tired after yesterday’s run + a KFIT workout. Yowsahs.

photo 4 (7) (800x600)

Lunch came together in no time, thanks to some Sunday food prep. I nuked some frozen collard greens, roasted sweet and red potatoes, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, fried up an egg, and topped it all with buffalo sauce. It was delicious and done in less than 5 minutes! Boom. 

photo 5 (800x800) (2)

And my afternoon snack was awesome: Ginger snap cookies topped with Light Creamy Swiss from The Laughing Cow + mini chocolate chips + a mug of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea. Seriously. So good.

SAM_0141 (800x533)

Questions of the Day

When I feed Quinn in the middle of the night, I almost always eat a snack before I go back to bed. It’s usually a bowl of cereal (Chocolate Chex is my jam), and I almost always leave my dirty bowl and spoon in the kitchen sink overnight.


In the morning, Mal almost always comments on my empty bowl because I never drink the leftover milk. In Mal’s world, the leftover milk is the best part about eating cereal, especially if it’s a sugary, cinnamon-y, or chocolate-y kind. I totally understand why drinking the leftover milk is wonderful and delicious, but it’s just not my thing. It actually kind of grosses me out because the milk is usually a little warm and there are sometimes tiny chunks of cereal in it. I dunno. It just isn’t for me.

Question of the Day

How do you eat”¦?

Cereal: Do you drink the leftover milk?

Pizza: Folded, flat or with a fork and knife?

Oreos: Like a regular cookie or DIY double-stuffed?

Oranges: Peeled and sectioned or sliced through the rind?

Trail mix: By the handful or do you just pick out the good stuff?

Coffee: Milk? Sugar? Black?

Me: Cereal – ditch the milk; Pizza – flat; Oreos – DIY double-stuffed; Oranges – sliced through the rind; Trail mix – pick out all of the good stuff, which annoys the crap out of Mal; Coffee – iced, milk, one sugar.

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  1. OMG. Leftover cereal milk makes me gag. Same with leftover milk when you are done dunking oreos. I’m thinking its PTSD from my mom making me finish it when I was younger 🙂 haha

  2. Cereal: I never drink the left over milk, been that way since i was a kid, i think its partly cause i don’t really like milk that much.
    Pizza: i just eat it lol
    Oranges: Peeled then i eat piece by piece
    Trail mix: I never thought about it but i do pick through it and leave the stuff i like less in the bag. haha
    Coffee: Milk? Sugar? Black? —- all the above, depends on my day.

    Love these post! btw 🙂

  3. I must admit I did always love the chocolatey milk that was leftover in my cereal. I haven’t had cereal or sugar-y cereals at that in a long time so my latest thing is usually to keep filling the bowl until the milk is gone…but I’m also a total cereal addict.

    Also, as for the coffee…iced or hot depending on my mood and usually with a little almond milk, no sugar.

  4. How delightful does the Laughing Cow look on gingersnaps?? I’m going to have to try that. As for my weird eating habits….
    Cereal – almost never, but when I do, I’ll eat it any way I can (dry, with milk, drinking leftover cereal milk, etc)
    Pizza – flat, though I used to use a fork & knife. I thought it was more “ladylike”
    Oreos – depends on my mood!
    Oranges – Cut. So much more efficient!
    Coffee – some cream or half & half

  5. Cereal: When I did eat cereal I never drank the milk. But the best cereal used to absorb it all!
    Pizza: always fork and knife!
    Oreos: Never had one! (Not common in the UK)
    Oranges: Peeled and sectioned and I have to pick off all the white bits, takes me forever!
    Trail mix: By the handful – make your own and it’s all the good stuff! 🙂
    Coffee: With almond milk if at home, black if out and about

  6. Oh man, my legs hurt just hearing about that workout. Now will you run the next day? Because I find I can’t run the day after a hard leg workout.
    These questions are too funny! I love them!
    Cereal: Drink leftover milk (yummy!)
    Pizza: Flat
    Oreos: Don’t eat any more 🙁 (gluten intolerance)
    Oranges: Peeled
    Trail mix: By the handful
    Coffee: Black, preferably French press (my weekend treat!)

  7. Cereal: ewwww I don’t drink the milk, I hate it! I always try get rid of the extra milk right when I start eating it because I like the cereal to just have a bit of milk soaked in rather than floating in it.
    Pizza: always flat, always with my hands.
    Oreos: Like regular cookies or sometimes I eat one cookie side by itself and then eat one cookie side + cream
    Oranges: Peeled and sectioned for sure.
    Trail mix: I don’t like most trail mix ingredients so if I ever end up eating it I pick out the bits I like!

  8. I love this!
    Cereal: Absolutely drink the milk!! So good.
    Pizza: Flat
    Oreos: Cream first…then cookie
    Oranges: Peeled and sectioned
    Trail mix: Pick out the good stuff
    Coffee: milk and sugar! (usually, if it’s in a white mug, the coffee is only a few shades darker than the mug 🙂 drives my husband crazy)

  9. So random comment, BUT, I love your living room rug! I always see it in your pictures and love the colors/print! Where’d you score that find?

  10. Leftover milk: I add as little milk as I can to my cereal to avoid leftover milk! I’m not much of a milk drinker and can’t stand milk without cereal.
    Pizza: fork and knife
    Oreos: haven’t had one in so long!
    Oranges: peeled and sectioned
    Trail mix: pick out the good parts!
    Coffee: black with a shake of ground cinnamon on top

  11. I get the seemingly grossness of leftover cereal milk. In my head I’m thinking, yes, it is gross. Kind of like bath water which always grosses me out. Hence, not a bath person. I do love my cereal milk – a whole lot! I didn’t want to change up my cereal (Kashi Heart to Heart, with cinnamon added in) at one point even though I felt I needed to move on (hello rut!), because I loved the flavor created by the cereal in the milk! That was a few year ago. I’ve moved on. 🙂

    As for the others, the only ones that apply: pizza is flat and trail mix is picked (though I do like trying out combos of flavors).

  12. Leftover milk: It depends on the cereal, Cheerios Protein is my new addiction and I always drink the milk with that one!
    Pizza: flat
    Oreos: Double Stuf’s or Birthday Cake please!
    Oranges: peeled and section
    Trail mix: I eat everything, but I separate into piles first (yes, I know that makes me sound like a 5 year-old)
    Coffee: Black

  13. Fun questions!

    -Cereal: Back in the day when I was a cereal addict, YES I definitely slurped down the milk!
    -Pizza: Flat – even though I have lived in NYC for a decade. The folding technique never rubbed off on me!
    -Oreos: Haven’t had one in a long time, but I remember scraping the stuffing off first with my teeth when I was a kid.
    -Oranges: I like to eat them by the slice. Like what you got as a kid at soccer games. haha
    -Trail mix: Always pick out the good stuff first
    -Coffee: Black – if I’m at home or the office. 2-3x/week I get a Grande Soy Misto at Starbucks. 🙂

    Trail mix: By the handful or do you just pick out the good stuff?

    Coffee: Milk? Sugar? Black?


  14. Cereal: nope to the leftover milk, I never thought about why until now, and I think I am the same, it’s warm and has floaties.
    Pizza: Flat. But then every once in a while I treat myself and eat the crust first, then I have to fold the wet middle part.
    Oreos: I’m not a big fan of them, I don’t like the middle stuff.
    Oranges: sliced, so I can do the orange mouth with the rind. hahaha…gotta be a kid!
    Trail Mix: by the handful
    Coffee: 1 cream. I don’t like any flavours in it.

  15. Me: Cereal – coconut milk; Pizza – gluten free; Oreos – nope; Oranges – allergic; Trail mix – I don’t eat peanuts, but I’ll pick out the almonds, raisins and M&Ms; Coffee – stevia and coconut milk.

  16. i never drink the leftover milk! Maybe once or twice haha but usually nope. I always eat pizza by hand or with a fork/knife depending on if it’s deep dish or not. But I never fold it like I know New Yorkers do. I always peel my oranges first (I had no idea some people didn’t!) and coffee has to have stevia and some kind of creamer. It’s my vice! So, so good. 🙂

  17. Cereal: Definitely drink the milk
    Pizza: Folded first, then flat if NYC style….or flat if can’t fold….NEVER fork/knife…so wrong (:
    Oreos: DIY double-stuffed
    Oranges: Peeled and sectioned and then I scrape the white stuff with my teeth
    Trail mix: pick out the good stuff or sprinkle on something and mix in
    Coffee: Sweet n Low or stevia

  18. Cereal: Do you drink the leftover milk? I drink the milk and give some to my cat.
    Pizza: Folded, flat or with a fork and knife? Flat.
    Oreos: Like a regular cookie or DIY double-stuffed? Double stuffed!
    Oranges: Peeled and sectioned or sliced through the rind? Peeled and sectioned
    Trail mix: By the handful or do you just pick out the good stuff? Always pick the good stuff out.
    Coffee: Milk? Sugar? Black? I like flavored lattes, but usually drink coffee black with a splash of skim.

  19. Cereal: I drink the milk!
    Pizza: Folded! I’m pretty sure it tastes better that way…
    Oreos: Regular cookie, but dipped in milk.
    Oranges: Peeled and sectioned
    Trail Mix: By the handful. I love getting all the flavors at once– salty AND sweet!
    Coffee: Iced with Coconut Milk 🙂

  20. this is fun!
    Cereal: No, but I add more cereal to use up the milk 🙂
    Pizza: as is, eaten with a fork
    Oreos: I’ve actually never liked oreos. I’ll take a brownie instead!
    Oranges: usually peeled and sectioned, unless I feel lazy (and messy)
    Trail mix: definitely pick out the good stuff
    Coffee: I don’t like coffee either. Green Tea or water are my go-tos!

  21. Cereal: Not that I eat it very often but, sometimes I drink the milk – depends on the cereal I guess. If the milk would have less flavour then no as I don’t like the taste of plain milk!
    Pizza: Flat and stuffed in quickly!
    Oreos: Like a normal biscuit
    Oranges: Sliced into quarters
    Trail mix: By the handful
    Coffee: I don’t drink coffee

    Weirdly though, when I was a kid and would eat chicken nuggets, I would always eat the batter on the outside and then the chicken meat inside after. It used to weird my brothers out haha

  22. Cereal: I drink the milk.
    Pizza: Cut with a fork until I get about an inch away from the crust, then I pick it up.
    Oreos: Dipped in peanut butter.
    Oranges: Peeled and sectioned.
    Trail mix: Measured into a measuring cup, eaten right out of that.
    Coffee: With a splash of whole milk.

  23. Cereal- I usually do not have any leftover milk
    Pizza – Flat… I eat the crust first!!
    Oreos- Fork it!! I like to stick a fork through the cream and dunk in milk until soft, then eat it!
    Oranges – sliced through the rind….seems to be less mess
    Trail mix – handful…tastes so good mixed up
    Coffee- sugar and almond milk

  24. Cereal: mmm, the milk at the bottom is the best bit. Especially after I eat All Bran, all mushy and sweet!
    Pizza: flat – I eat too fast as it is, so folded means I can’t draw it out as long as possible!
    Oreos: I twist them apart, lick off the filling then eat the outside cookies. I can’t help it, I have to do it every time.
    Oranges: I watched my Aunt take a knife and lightly score the skin into segments lengthways down the orange, then quickly and easily peel them away. I do it every time now.
    Trail mix: depends, if it’s good quality and not just filled with peanuts, I’ll go by the handful, otherwise I’m picky!
    Coffee: iced, black. But it depends on my mood, too!

  25. Cereal – ditch the milk; Pizza – fork and knife, toppings first, crust last; Oreos – double-stuffed, preferably peanut butter; Oranges – peeled an sectioned, then peel the individual sections; Trail mix – pick out all the almond, avoid all raisins; Coffee – iced = almond milk, one splenda, hot = black not sweetener.

  26. Cereal – the milk is gross!
    Pizza – flat
    Oreos – regular
    Oranges – sliced thru the rind
    Trail mix – by the handful
    Coffee – with one half and half cup & 2 splenda packets

  27. cereal: Do you drink the leftover milk?
    No way. The milk thing grosses me out too. Yuck.

    Pizza: Folded, flat or with a fork and knife?

    Oreos: Like a regular cookie or DIY double-stuffed?
    regular cookie, but not really a cookie or an oreo person.

    Oranges: Peeled and sectioned or sliced through the rind?
    peeled and sectioned.

    Trail mix: By the handful or do you just pick out the good stuff?
    depends, but usually by the handful bc if it has ingredients that I do not consider “good” in it, I dont buy it!

    Coffee: Milk? Sugar? Black?
    decaf coffee, iced with soy or almond milk 🙂 No sugar

  28. cereal bowl clean, usually. double stuffed, pizza knife and fork always, i’ve never eaten an orange in my life – can’t cope with the texture, trail mix – might pick out the chocolate, coffee black.

  29. Leftover cereal milk is gross! It is sweet in all the wrong ways.
    Pizza–it depends on how hard it is to eat. Like my gluten free pizza you pretty much have to eat with a fork!
    Oreos–eat te middle first and then the cookies.
    Oranges–hate oranges!
    Trail mix–definitely pick out the good stuff. Then eat the less good stuff after if I actually like it.
    Coffee–I have the perfect ratio of coffee/creamer/sugar/stevia down to where it doesn’t have a lot of calories but still tastes decadent!

  30. Cereal: I drink all the milk! Pizza: I just eat it. Oreos: Like a regular cookie. Oranges: Have to be peeled! Trail Mix: The good stuff of course! Coffee: Honey with Lactaid or Hazlenut Creamer. Yum!

  31. Cereal: Definitely not! I’ll scrape every little bit of cereal left but I will not drink the milk.
    Pizza: Folded, then flat. You shouldn’t be allowed to use utensils with pizza, that’s just not right.
    Oreos: Peanut butter!
    Oranges: Peeled and sectioned
    Trail mix: Just pick out the good stuff? Why else would they give you options?
    Coffee: Creamer and cinnamon

  32. Cereal- Don’t eat it now, but I used to love drinking Cocoa Pebbles milk when I was a kid at my Nonna’s house (we never had that at home!)

    Oreos – When I Oreo, I eat them one side at a time. Maximum cookie time.

    Oranges – Slit the skin several times lengthwise. This way you can easily peel a little at a time and pull out a couple of sections. It’s great if you have to travel with an orange. Even better if you want to eat half at a time.

    Coffee – Black!

  33. Love these questions!

    Cereal: Do you drink the leftover milk? Drink the whole thing down, not a drop left!

    Pizza: Eat it flat or if it is super hot, with a fork and knife.

    Oreos: I usually peel apart the cookie part and eat them separately with a little oreo middle on both sides.

    Oranges: Peeled and sectioned!

    Trail mix: I try NOT to pick out the good stuff but with the Costco M&M trailmix for sure pick out the goods stuff!

    Coffee: Tea! All the way with milk!

  34. Cereal: no leftover milk for me…yuck!
    Pizza: flat until the last few bites, then I fold it.
    Oreos: any way I can get ’em! Lol
    Oranges: peeled and sectioned
    Trail mix: pick out the chocolate 😛
    Coffee: I usually just use some flavored creamer

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