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Hanging out with my mom and sister is always such a nice time, especially when it comes to food. Both of them are open to trying new foods and restaurants, so when it comes to planning, they usually leave the restaurant selection up to me! :mrgreen:

Last Saturday, I had originally planned to take my mom and sister to 6B Lounge for lunch before the show, but sadly, it was closed. Fortunately, however, it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, so we took our time wandering around downtown and chatting before deciding on a personal favorite: Houston’s. (Mal and I went to Houston’s for our first “official” date, so it holds a special place in my heart. I still remember the table where we sat!)

Even though Houston’s is part of a chain of restaurants, it doesn’t feel that way at all. The lounge-y atmosphere is relaxing and comfy, and the restaurant sits somewhat below the ground level of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which gives it a club-y, den-like feel. The restaurant’s architecture is quite interesting and not at all like your typical “chain” restaurant– polished dark wood, over-sized seating, and modern accents pervade the space.

My family and I ate lunch in one of the large, crescent-shaped booths.

For lunch, I ordered the Firehouse Chili with shredded cheddar and onions on top and tortilla chips on the side. I was in the mood for chili, and this batch totally hit the spot!

After finishing our meals, we debated ordering something sweet, but none of the dessert options sounded that incredible. Instead, we ordered a round of cappuccinos. I added a packet of sugar to mine.

Mom and me:

Sister and me:

After lunch, we walked over to the Opera House to see Dirty Dancing, the musical.

The inside of the Opera House is gorgeous!


My review of Dirty Dancing:

If you love the movie, you will love the musical. The musical is basically an identical remake of the movie, but with semi-weird special effects instead of actual movie scenes. For example, the lake scene where Baby and Johnny practice the lifts is quite interesting. The main characters closely resemble Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, but, while they sure can dance, they never sing. Instead, tracks from the Dirty Dancing movie soundtrack are played during the corresponding scenes. The show’s dancing, however, is absolutely amazing! The woman who plays “Penny” is an especially impressive and talented dancer. In fact, at times, I was completely memorized watching her dance!

So, in my honest opinion, the musical was a tad on the cheesy side, but if you want to be entertained and recapture the memories from the Dirty Dancing movie, you will love this musical.





  1. how fun!

    I live 10 minutes from where they filmed most of the movie (Mountain Lake). It’s so coo to go up there and stand on the gazebo from the movie 🙂

  2. What a fun day! That chili looks amazing! I had vegeterian chili last weekend but yours puts mine to shame, it just looks so great!
    And the theater looks beautiful, what a fun mom and daughter day!

  3. HMMMM I am not sure if it is here in NYC but I should take my mom and sister if it is. That is my mother’s favorite movie ever ohhh and “Pretty Woman” lol

  4. Oh that sounds so much fun! Lunch and a show, yay!
    I LOVE the movie Dirty Dancing, especially the final dancing scene (Time of My Life).

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    Happy Tuesday Tina!


  5. “dirty dancing the movie not dirty dancing in the act” joyful lol your comments were hilarious!

    That’s so weird they didn’t sing at all? I’ve never seen a musical where the characters didn’t sing. But the dancing was probably enough to make up for it.

  6. that show looks amazing! when I was in high school and Dirty Dancing played on tbs a million times I week it was my favorite movie and I watched it at least 30times. then to surprise me a friend rented the movie at a sleepover. Um, I had not been aware that tbs had cut the movie down for tv! When a “sexy” part came I was like what the heck is this?! We got a pretty big laugh out of it.

  7. my sister was the manager of houston’s! she lived in new port beach, kansas city, and atlanta. i love that place soooo much. bandera and rutherford grill (other restaurants owned by the hillstone group) have the best ever banana cream pie in the world.

  8. What a swank atmosphere at Houston’s!
    I had a minor obsession with Dirty Dancing when I was 12, so I think I would love that musical, cheesiness and all!

  9. What a fun day! The original Houston’s was in Nashville and I LOVED it! They closed a few years ago due to property/lease issues…so sad! I’m jealous that you got to see Dirty Dancing…definitely one of my favorite movies of all time.

    Kaneil, balanceisbest

    p.s…I have that shirt that you were wearing! Love it too! 🙂

  10. Wow! i have never been to Houston’s! what end of Fanueil Hall is that on? i will have to check it out the next time i am in the city! : )

    glad the show was good- even if it was goofy..

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