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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hot day here! Mal and I were supposed to go to the beach with some of our friends after CrossFit this morning, but they called us mid-morning to say that the parking lot was totally full and the traffic getting there was absolutely infuriating. Boo. So, instead of sitting in a hot car stuck in traffic for hours, we decided to stay home instead. It’s been a pretty low-key day around here.


I woke up kind of late this morning, so I threw together a quick breakfast “quesadilla” with almond butter, banana slices, raisins, and chia seeds on a whole wheat wrap.

IMG_6678 (750x563) (750x563)

To drink: Marylou’s Chocolate Cupcake iced coffee! Oooooh, yes!

IMG_6605 (750x563) (750x563)

It turns out that our coffeemaker wasn’t dirty after all. I tried the white vinegar thing, but our iced coffee still tasted like ass. I guess the coffee went bad or something, so Mal bought this bag from Marylou’s when he was there yesterday.

IMG_6602 (563x750) (563x750)

This flavor is absolutely delicious””I definitely taste chocolate cupcake!

IMG_6679 (750x563)


After breakfast, I headed to CrossFit for a workout. Mal was teaching class again!

Today’s WOD was really laid-back since it wasn’t timed. Plus, the only equipment we used was two kettlebells (and our body weight). I thought it would be a good workout to post on CNC since you can easily do it at home or at the gym. If you don’t have kettlebells, you can use two dumbbells.

Rest 10-20 seconds between each exercise. Rest 1 minute after all four exercises. Use a weight you can perform 10 reps with. This WOD is NOT for time. Take your time and get the most out of each circuit.


When I got home from CrossFit, I housed a bunch of almonds.

IMG_6609 (563x750) (563x750)


Once I showered and got dressed, I threw together a couple of “garbage salads” for Mal and me. In the mix: mixed greens, tomatoes, carrots, hardboiled eggs, avocado, pickles, cottage cheese, balsamic vinegar, and truffle oil.

IMG_6683 (750x563)


I don’t know if it was the heat or what, but, a little while later, I wanted something cold and creamy to eat, so I snagged a few bites of Oikos Honey Frozen Yogurt that my friends from Stonyfield sent to me last week. Delish! It’s more vanilla froyo with honey swirled in than straight up honey froyo.

IMG_6688 (563x750)

Question of the Day

Would you rather be stuck in super hot weather or super cold weather?

In the past, I would have said super hot weather, but I’m slowly starting to appreciate the cold weather, especially for things like running. Running in super hot weather is torture for me, but cold temps don’t bother me as much””I always warm up!



  1. I live in Ohio where we get both extremes – hotttt summers (been about 100 here 3 days in a row) and pretty snowy winters. I HATE snow/ice (but don’t really mind cold), so I guess I’d rather have hot weather 😉

  2. I really want to buy Mary Lou’s coffee online, but I don’t see Peanut Butter Wonderful on their website for online sale. Is it there most of the time at the store or is it more of a special coffee? If anything I’m thinking of getting the Chocolate Almost/Milk Chocolate which comes in each 1 lb bag.

  3. I would much rather have super cold weather! It’s so hot in NYC this week and that’s torture for me. In cold weather, you can always put on more clothes or shiver. In hot weather, there isn’t much to do to get comfortable 🙁 Ugh, summer be OVER.

  4. Chocolate cupcake coffee? Yum! I wish we had a Marylou’s here!

    I way prefer super hot weather. You would think after 23 years of dealing with the super cold Canadian winters I’d be able to handle them, but I can’t! I hate the cold! 😛

  5. Have you ever tried to put protein powder in your iced coffee? I drink iced coffee every morning as well but I need something more after my AM workouts – does it work? Thanks!

  6. My body honestly does not like weather below about 60 degrees. My fingers turn blue and I have a constant shiver. As a runner, I try to sign up for early fall marathons so I can do the bulk of my running in hot weather (and I’m in Texas, where we had over 80 days straight of 100+ temps last year). I sweat like crazy but I love the heat. My body shuts down in the cold and I never warm up. I’m miserable throughout the entire run. In fact, there are times I consider moving to a tropical place just to avoid winter completely. I know I’m in the rare minority but bring on the heat!

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