What To Eat For Hormonal Balance

Ever wondered what to eat for hormonal balance? Check out my free functional foods meal plan and prep guide to support your menstrual cycle! It’s likely just the hormonal balance meal plan you’ve been looking for! 

If you’ve been reading Carrots ‘N’ Cake in the more recent years, or have been hanging out with me on Instagram lately, you know that I am super fascinated with all things hormonal health. It’s one of the main topics that inspired me to become a FDN-Practioner

I have had a lot of personal experience with my hormones being out of whack, and I’m not just referring to my monthly cycle. While that’s a piece of it for women, regulating our hormones is important for overall health. Once I figured out how to get my hormones back in balance, I no longer had terrible night sweats, breast pain, mood swings, and pesky weight gain. I finally felt like myself again, and it was 1000% worth the effort I put in to rebalance my hormones! 

Hormonal Balance Meal Plan

That said, a lot can be done to help balance your hormones via nutrition and healthy eatings. So here’s a functional foods meal plan and prep guide to support the menstrual cycle in both the follicular and luteal phases for pre-menopausal women. It includes whole food recipes, grocery lists, and more!

Please note: This hormonal balance meal plan includes general recommendations that tend to work for most women. Oftentimes, hormonal imbalance requires an individualized approach to help with regulating cycles, infertility, etc. 

What To Eat for Hormonal Balance (click here!)

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