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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Heaven arrived in a box at my apartment yesterday. It may not look like it on the outside, but there was something very special inside! 😀

The wonderful and amazing VeggieGirl sent me a batch of her delectable baked goods. She actually let me chose some of the ingredients, which was really fun! 😀 VeggieGirl also included a card with a very sweet message inside. Thanks, Liz/VeggieGirl! :mrgreen:

So, listen to what VeggieGirl baked for me: Chocolate Chip-Carob Chip-Fig Spread Blondies! Ahh, heaven! How delicious does this combo sound?!?

VeggieGirl’s baked goods are incredibly soft and moist with yummy chunks of chocolate and carob chips. Each bite practically melts in your mouth! The fig spread gives the blondies a subtle flavor, but it adds a lovely texture to them. I am obsessed with these babies! Hopefully, I don’t eat them all in just a couple of days!

Again, thanks VeggieGirl! You are the BEST! :mrgreen:


I’m not going to lie, I was dreaming about VeggieGirl’s blondies last night. Before starting my yoga for the day this morning, I nibbled on small piece. So good!

Breakfast this morning wasn’t my usual oat bowl of goodies. Instead, I made an egg white and Swiss cheese sandwich on a toasted whole wheat English muffin. I used the microwave method to make my egg white patty.

On the side, I had some perfectly ripe strawberries.

With iced coffee

I also may have eaten another one of VeggieGirl’s blondies! 😳 Seriously, that girl can bake!

Yoga Challenge: Day 19

I slept in a little this morning, but still gave myself time to practice 20 minutes of yoga. I did YogaDownload’s Morning Flow. Of course, I did my yoga in my PJs and half asleep, so I was in the mood for something slow-paced and “gentle.” Morning Flow was much more active than I had wanted, but I was happy that I chose this session by the end of it. All of the backbends and continuous movement woke me right up, but I definitely needed more downward dogs, forward bends, and pigeon poses to stretch my very tight hamstrings and hips. This was the first time that a 20-minute session left me wanting more! It’s definitely time to step-it-up!

Treadmill Workouts

As you know, I am a slave to the treadmill from November – April. So, to break-up the monotonmy, I utilize treadmill workouts.

Some of my favorites:

And, here are a few more favorites:

These workouts are my actual treadmill workouts that I take with me to the gym. They are cut out from magazines and laminated onto a piece of cardboard. I put them on the front of the treadmill and refer to them as needed. They are a constant motivator! (This one, in particular, is back to front with a workout on each side of the cardboard.)

You can always change the speeds and inclines of these workouts based on your own personal preference, but still use the basic format to guide your treadmill run. For instance, the speeds on the second workout, “Run Uphill,” are a little to slow for me. For a quickie 20 minute run, I add 1.0 to each of the speeds. So, 6.2 becomes 7.2, 6.0 becomes 7.0, etc, and keep the inclines as stated. If I want a longer workout, I will repeat the first 15 minutes, skipping the 5 minute cool down (until the very end), which makes the workout 35 minutes (or 50 minutes if you repeat it 3 times). For a longer workout, I may only increase the speed by 0.5, so 6.2 becomes 6.7, 6.0 becomes 6.5, etc., which makes the treadmill run a little more manageable for me. So, long story short, all treadmill runs can be customized to your liking!

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Question of the Day

What food makes you gag?



  1. Scrumptious package contents – I’m jealous!

    Thanks for including the treadmill workouts… I get so bored on the treadmills, so I’ll have to print these guys out to take with me. I much prefer running outside!

    Food that makes me gag: olives. I cannot seem to shake my dislike for olives – no idea why?

  2. U are so lucky to recieve such a specialllll package! YUMMM! seriously, they look soo creamy and freshly baked. enjoy ’em, tina!!!

    food that makes me gag?? chicken a la king!

  3. Holy Yum is right! I’m so jealous of those blondies, they sound AMAZING!

    jello makes me gag. I gag just thinking about how it jiggles, blech!

  4. mmm iced coffee. I want one now!!!

    hmmm food that makes me want to gag? I guess nothing in particular, only when i see a dirty kitchen in a restaurant or think my meat isn’t organic/fresh/hormone and antibiotic free… i think back to reading that skinny b!tch book and feel like gagging. or think of all the germs in my salad ew.

  5. Those blondies looked good!

    I hate lima beans. I tell my friends that if they do not want me to teach their children bad habits they should not feed them to me, because I will spit them out if I find them. So icky!

  6. Those blondies sound and look delish!!!

    Food in the sink drain makes me gag everytime! Ugh. I hate it! And having bits of food touch my hands in the sink when I’m washing dishes!

  7. It used to be coconut then all of a sudden now I’m obsessed with it and love it. Funny how your taste buds change! I can’t think of anything that I can’t stand really well except for a fatty piece of meat or bacon yuck. I prefer filet mignon haha but i guess who doesn’t.

  8. I can’t stand pumpkin, unless it’s in a pie. I don’t get how you bloggers put it in oatmeal- blech! Also, sardines make my stomach turn as does most fatty/fried food.

  9. ooo! good idea with those work-out laminated cards. i’ve been doing my usual 20 minute DVD routine and have always found myself wanting more, it’s a good feeling!

    do you have any suggestions for a relaxing YogaDownload practice?

    not much makes me gag food-wise, but here in china stinky tofu wins the gag prize for sure!

  10. Holy Yum is right! those look amazing 🙂

    I really like that Morning Flow download! Much more movement that I thought it would have, too, but it does wake you up!

    Applesauce makes me gag – something about the texture.

  11. I gag when I see people putting ketchup on their eggs. I know it’s common, but I can’t help it!

    Thanks for the workouts I am going to try to print them!

  12. mushrooms definitely bother me.

    Thanks for the mention. I actually did a couple guest post for a friends blog that is coming up soon, and i mentioned your awesome workouts page. I have done almost all of them.

  13. VeggieGirl is definitely a pro baker. My god those look absolutely DELICIOUS! What a wonderful combination incorporated into that blondie!!!

    A food that make me gag.. I hate the smell of hard boiled eggs ! HUGE GAG! haha

    have a splendid day 🙂

  14. Um…. I hate anything with mint, it makes me want to throw up. I also don’t like mayo, fatty pieces of meat, and jello is sometimes questionable. =)

  15. Hands down, olives. I can’t stand the taste. I have a hard time eating anything they’ve touched or been cooked with too.

  16. yay so happy you posted more treadmill workouts! i am seriously addicted to the 45-minute treamill run and am always looking for more to do. i’m training for a 10k right now so these really come in handy. thanks so much 🙂

  17. Chicken makes me gag, gross! Especially chicken that’s already been cooked and then is re-heated in the microwave. Ew!

  18. Holy yum from Veggie Girl! You are one lucky girl!

    Food that makes me gag: herring. My mom and grandma eat it every year for New Year’s (it’s a German thing) and the smell of it just makes me want to gag!

  19. FOr yoga the past two days, I did Gentle Hatha, and last night I tried the 20 minute Power Yoga session….wow! It was MUCH more fast paced than the Hatha, but much more of a workout and used a lot of muscle! I loved it, gonna try it again tonight 🙂

  20. Ya know, I had to really think about this because I am pretty open when it comes to food but what really makes me sick is 1. Calamari and 2. Spaghetti Noodles. Ughh!

  21. Am I supposed to leave the yoga challenge here?

    here’s what I did:

    Day 18: Booty Asana Flow + Yoga for Core + Fists of Fire Detox

    Day 19: 70min of Vinyasa Flow

  22. Thanks for the treadmill workouts! I’ve been experimenting with with those lately and I always refer to your blog for inspiration and ideas 🙂

  23. I did that session this morning as well. It definitely helped stretch me out since I slacked last night and after running yesterday…The wheels kicked my butt and I laughed when she said to extend your leg…no way was that happening today!

    Hard boiled egg yolks…the whites I’m fine with…but I really am not big on cooked yolks…

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