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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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My lunchtime hunger came out of nowhere today! It came on fast and furious and caught me completely off-guard! I went from contently working at my desk to ravenous and practically ready to “eat a horse!”

When I finally sat down to eat my lunch, I was not interested in taking “pretty” pictures of my food. I wanted to eat it!! I snapped a few quick photos, but their quality is poor, so I paired them with more aesthetically pleasing photos of the same foods for your viewing pleasure. 😉

Today’s lunch started with watermelon.

Lunch also included a peanut butter and carrot cake jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread. (I like the Google image so much better!)

All together with two peanut buttery treats and H20…


My afternoon snack is Stonyfield yogurt with fresh strawberries… and possibly a small cup of coffee. I’m blogging from the Café Rojo Gato and the strong smell of freshly brewed coffee is making me crave it!


In the News

Variety is the spice of life, but can prompt overeating

Restaurant chains offer smaller portions

Studies: Antioxidants lose potency if food is stored too long

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  1. The article about variety of foods and how much we eat was really interesting. I read a book about that once,too, and I was blown away but how mindless we really can be when we eat. Also, I believe that we’re biologically programmed to keep eating if there are many different varieties of food, which is why we always have room for dessert but lose weight if we force ourselves to eat the same thing over and over.

  2. Yeah, what is carrot cake jelly? Great lunch. The watermelon has me drooling. It looks so fresh and delicious. I can’t wait until summer! I always forget about PB and J. I should bring that for lunch this week!

  3. I’ve been eating breakfast when I get to work instead of right after I wake up. If I do that, and bring a big enough breakfast, it takes me a long time to eat it and I’m not hungry for lunch.

    It is funny though, how you can get so hungry so fast! Your lunch looks awesome. I wish I had some watermelon!

  4. Love the side-by-side photos 🙂

    I never buy watermelon because it’s so hit or miss…but when it’s good, it’s AMAZING! Makes me think of summertime (duh, right?)

  5. great eats love water melon cant wait for the summer for lots of water melon to be in my diet! hmm what is carrot cake jelly i am so curious, i love anything carrot cake so i want to know what this is 🙂 im figuring its carrots with jelly and pb? lol
    lots of love, good night. xoxox

  6. I’m also wondering about carrot cake jelly…

    It’s funny how appetites vary so much day to day. I can’t quite figure it out. Sometimes it’s tied to exercise and sometimes not. I figure I should generally listen to my body – if it’s extra-hungry there must be some reason.

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