Holiday Gift Guide for the Pug Lover

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You guys knew this post was coming! Winking smile

Are you shopping for a pug owner this year? Or maybe you’re a pug lover yourself and want to give your family and friends some ideas? Well, look not further. Here are a bunch of holiday gift ideas that just about any pug lover will enjoy!

2014 Pugs of Instagram Calendar

The Pugs of Instagram Calendar features photographs of some of the most adorable pugs from the Instagram feed of the same name. How adorable. Murphy is hoping to get his picture in the 2015 calendar. Other great pug calendars: Pug Mugs, Just Black Pugs, and Pug Puppies.


ModCloth Wisdom by Winston Tee

Every pug owner needs a pug shirt in their wardrobe. This one is adorable and stylish at the same time. I love the flattering scoop neck and extra long length and, of course, the simple, geeky pug image on the front. Mal and I always say “pugs are the nerds of the dog world!”


Some other pug t-shirt suggestions:

Anthropologie Pug Pendant Necklace

I love this pug necklace from Antropologie so much. Usually, pug jewelry is kind of over-the-top and a bit gaudy and not something that I would typically wear, but this necklace is simple and delicate. I also love these 18k gold plated stud earrings: Pug Stud Earrings. They’re pretty without being too much.


Coin Pooch Change Purse

This pug change purse is the most adorable thing ever, and it would make a great stocking stuffer! This coin purse is also adorable!


The Stressed Out Pug Ankle Socks

These socks are so ridiculous and make me smile every time I see them. They’re guaranteed to give the pug lover in your life a good laugh! P.S. There’s a Frenchie puppy pair too! Other pug sock favorites: Polka-dot Pug Socks and Pug Dog Socks.


Fab Vanca Craft Pug Keychain

How adorable is this keychain? I love that it’s made from fine leather, so your keychain looks a little sophisticated””well, as much as it possibly could as a pug keychain. Ha! It comes in both black and fawn. A couple of other pug accessories that the men in your life might need: Pug Tie and Pug Cufflinks.


Puppy Dog Eyes Toiletry Bag

A pug face on either side of your toiletry bag? Adorable. This glossy, zippered case includes two full-length pockets to help you keep everything organized.



BarkBox is something both dogs and humans will love! We’re big fans of it here in our house. It’s a fun gift for any dog lover (or dog)!


The Adventures of Milo and Otis Movie

Every pug lovers needs this movie! I think Otis was the first pug that I fell in love with. My favorite part: Here comes the dog, strong and brave… woof


Pug Lotion & Toothbrush Holder Set

Because you need pug décor in every room of your house, obviously.


I hope this post gave you some fun ideas for the pug lover in your life!

Happy shopping!



  1. Ha! The Adventures of Milo and Otis – I haven’t seen that movie since I was a kid. I can’t believe they don’t show it on cable stations more often – its much better than some of the movies they show.

  2. I basically need to send this to everyone I know 😉 this is our first Christmas with our pug, Atticus (he’s 9 months old) and I think that by now, everyone knows how generally pug-obsessed I am!
    But those pug socks….those I definitely need. :-p

  3. Wow, haha! This is hilarious. Now I’m curious about if there are some of these products/gifts for Bichon lovers (I have a bichon frise named Oliver!)

  4. I loved this! These are all great ideas for my family since I’m the biggest pug lover 🙂 But I do have the “Pugs Not Drugs” Urban Outfitters shirt. That’s always a winner in my book 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness! As a pug owner myself I am loving all these ideas. I may have to get a few of them, the t-shirts, jewelry and key chain are my favorites. The calendar would be hysterical too.

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