Holiday Gift Guide for CrossFitters

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CrossFit Gift Guide

Have no idea what to get the special CrossFitter in your life for the holidays? Well, look no further! Here are some gift ideas to make them smile from ear-to-ear on Christmas morning. These suggestions are a mix of products that I already own and love and things that I would personally like to see under the Christmas tree! 🙂

WODDice: How fun are these!? I totally want a pair for home to help Mal and me come up with workouts to do. You just roll the dice to determine your workout. So cool. And don’t you think every CrossFit gym needs a pair?

Striker Simple Sucker Flexible Smartphone MountI also want one of these phone mounts! It’d be great for recording Olympic lifts and other movements to help improve form. And, ok, it’s pretty awesome for taking photos/video for Instagram!

Reebok Mesh Leggings: These are the most amazing leggings, and I get compliments every time I wear them– both inside and outside the gym. Mesh leggings are super popular in CrossFit gyms right now, so the lady CrossFitter in your life would likely really love them!

WOD Nation Speed Rope: A lot of CrossFitters own their own jump rope, but if you’re buying for a newbie, a speed rope is a great option. Most of them are adjustable, so you can give them one that they can later customize to their preference.

RX BARS: These bars are so friggin’ good, and they’re made with only a handful of whole food ingredients. The outside of the package tells you exactly what’s inside. For example the Maple Sea Salt (my favorite flavor) has 3 egg whites, 5 pecans, 4 cashews, 2 dates, sea salt, and natural maple flavoring. That’s it. And it has 12 grams of protein. I love these bars and think just about any CrossFitter (or fitness fan) would love them too!

Paleo Cookbook: Not every CrossFitter eats Paleo, but many of them are healthy eaters. Some of my favorite Paleo cookbooks: Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook, Practical Paleo, Fed & Fit (my review here), and Well Fed.

BlenderBottle Shaker: It’s no secret that CrossFitters love their protein shakes. BlenderBottle makes some really awesome shakers and they come in, like, 20 different colors, so there’s one for everyone! Pair a BlenderBottle with a bag of SFH vanilla (or chocolate) Recovery protein powder for the perfect gift!

Calf Sleeves: Having rope climbs in a workout means that you NEED some sort of shin protection. Otherwise, you’re ripping up your leg, which does not feel good. (It also looks pretty gross.) Knee-high socks are a great option, but slipping on a calf sleeve is so much easier! I like the compression ones from Brooks, which are the perfect thickness– not bulky by any means, but enough to protect your shin during rope climbs. I always keep a pair in my gym bag.

Kettlebell Mug: How adorable is this mug?! I know a lot of CrossFitters who would love to own one!

WOD Toys: For tiny CrossFitters! I’m so tempted to buy these for Qman. He loves “playing” with the equipment at Salt Shack as well as in our basement gym, but, of course, it’s not made for two year olds, and I have mini-heart attacks the entire time I’m refereeing the situation. Some WOD Toys would definitely solve the problem!

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  1. I love this list. I want the WOD dice and the Smart Phone mount for myself!!!! They are definitely going on my list.

  2. I would add thermabands, regular and monster rubber bands, foam rollers, goat tape, custom bar clips, lulu gift card, stance socks, junk bands, and books by either MobilityWOD or EnduranceWOD. Pull-up bar glue is also awesome. Just seems like this list is a little thin…

  3. I am so coming back and buying those HYLETE leggings! But right now I’ve made myself practice restraint until at least the day after Christmas 🙂

  4. Great list! I wish I would have seen this a few months ago, but I will send this to my wife and tell her it is the birthday gift guide 🙂

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