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I saw this Holiday Favorites survey on Julie‘s blog the other day and thought it looked like a lot of fun. I love the holidays in a big way, so here are my responses to the questions. Feel free to share some of your favorites in the comment section. Happy holidays, friends!!

Favorite Holiday Cookie

I actually have a new favorite holiday cookie: Andes Crème De Menthe Cookies. I made them for Thanksgiving and they were a huge hit with my family, so I’m planning to make them again for a couple of upcoming Christmas get-togethers. They’re basically thick sugar cookies with hunks of mint and chocolate. Is there anything better?


Favorite Holiday Song

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” It always reminds me of Love Actually (a Christmas movie favorite) and puts the biggest smile on my face. It also makes me want to dance for some reason. I love this song so much, my Pandora has been set to the “Mariah Carey – ”˜All I Want for Christmas Is You’” station since Thanksgiving Day, and I’ve pretty much listened to it non-stop.

Favorite Holiday Movie

It’s a toss up between Home Alone and Elf, but, after much thought, I’m going with Elf. It just cracks me up so much! “SANTA! I know him!” I lose it every time.


Favorite Holiday Tradition

I’ve really loved doing 24 Days of Togetherness with Mal, so that’s my (new) favorite holiday tradition. I know it’s only the first year we’ve done it, but I’m positive we’ll keep it up for many years to come!


Favorite Holiday Breakfast

Every Christmas morning for as long as I can remember, my mom, sister, and I eat Pillsbury Cinnamon Buns for breakfast. Even though our plans have changed throughout the years,  we always manage to eat cinnamon buns together on Christmas.


Favorite Holiday Meal

The Christmas Eve buffet at my grandmother’s (or aunt’s) house is my favorite holiday meal. My family likes to try new recipes, so there’s always fun and interesting dishes as well as old standbys from years past. And, of course, there’s always a million desserts, so I usually leave with a happy, stuffed belly.


Favorite Person to Shop For

My mom and sister. I typically buy them a mix of practical and ridiculous/funny presents, so it’s always fun to watch them open them.


Favorite Way to Open Presents

Stockings first with coffee in hand and then presents! We’re big into stocking stuffers!


Favorite Tree Topper

Well, Mal and I actually don’t have a tree topper. We’ve had 7 Christmas trees together now, but have yet to buy one. Maybe this year will be the year we actually do. We just need to decide between an angel or star or something else?

What tops your Christmas tree?



  1. I have an angel for the top of my main tree. I have had it for 20+ years. It was on my parents try when I was a kid. We sometimes have more than one tree. For the second tree, I use three large bows as a topper. So pretty! The theme of the second tree seems to change each year. It’s fun to change it up!

  2. We put our dog’s Santa hat on the top of the tree one year when we couldn’t find the star and now it’s grown on us and we do it automatically.

  3. We use a star at the top of our tree. I am also a HUGE stocking fan!! It’s the best part about Christmas gifts!! My mom wasn’t going to do them this year but I convinced her that they were integral to Christmas morning 😉

  4. We don’t have a tree topper either. Most years we have a giant bow with streamers down the length of the tree, but it was looking bad last year & we never got a new one made. Task for next year!

  5. Our tree topper is a beautiful cardinal. We did it on a whim when the expensive bow I had made at Michaels was made about 3 ft too short. So we hit up the stores and found tweety!

  6. We have a very strange looking angel that my hubby and I bought our first Christmas as a married couple. I’m sure it cost a couple dollars at most but I can’t seem to upgrade due to sentimental reasons. We endure a lot of hassle from our kids every year because they think she is creepy–ha!

  7. We didn’t have a tree topper until this year either–I kept trying to make one out of ribbon or other materials around the house but finally decided to just go ahead and buy a snowflake topper 🙂

  8. Have to go with “other” for the tree topper. There are so many non-traditional ones that look great. Christmas morning stockings with coffee – PERFECT start to a wonderful day with family!

  9. My husband and I just got an angel tree topper this year, and it’s our 4th Christmas together. I finally found a brunette angel that didn’t look too creepy at Michaels, so I was excited to buy it.

  10. My tree topper are 2 giant star ornaments that were too big for our tree.We placed them back to back, so it gives them a 3d look.

    BTW…I made the Andes Creme De Menthe cookies and they were delish!!! I couldnt find the Andes chips, so I used the hersheys’s kisses mint truffles, cut up into chip size pieces…YUMMERS!!!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  11. We have a big top hat for our tree topper! It looks like Frosty the Snowman’s hat haha it looks super cute on the tree.

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  13. It’s very aggravating to click a link that you have marked as a recipe and find that you have to click another link and then yet another link to sift through old blog posts in order to find the actual recipe.

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