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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning, friends! How was your weekend?

So, on my final night with the Ben & Jerry’s team, everyone went around the table at dinner and shared their high point, low point, and high point (gotta end on a high note!) from their experience in Vermont. I loved this idea so much, I decided to use it for my post this morning. Here are my high, low, high (x 2) for the weekend!


This photo/cuddling with Murphy. It took him a solid two minutes of pug circles and missteps before he finally got comfortable on me. He’s still not used to the baby bump. Haha!



My grocery shopping experience at Stop & Shop on Saturday morning. Ugh, it was awful. Besides going there to stock up on certain foods, I probably won’t shop there very much in the future.


(Murphy hates that Ristorante Pizza commercial with the guy singing opera in it. It upsets him every time he hears it. Haha!)


Sunday breakfast! Mal made pancakes! Yummmm!



Shopping and lunch with my sister! She helped me find a dress for my baby shower and then we went to lunch together. It was so nice to hang out and catch up. We’ve both been so busy lately!

IMG_2107 (675x900)


Trying to find a dress for my baby shower. Things definitely fit differently nowadays! Haha! I had a gift card to Destination Maternity that I got for Christmas. I saved it so I could buy something nice for my baby shower, so I was pretty set on finding something there. They had a ton of dresses and, not kidding you, I probably tried on every single one in my size. I eventually decided on a dress that like, but, man, it was a lot of work!

IMG_2112 (900x675)

Eating pizza and cupcakes with my sister! After all of our hard work shopping for a dress, we grabbed lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and then swung by Crumbs Bake Shop for a vanilla funfetti cupcake to share. It was amazing!


Question of the Day

Your turn! What’s your high, low, high for the weekend?



  1. How fun! My family always plays High/Low at dinner and I brought the tradition to Europe when I studied abroad. It is always sure to bring lots of laughs 🙂

    High: Friends coming to visit us in NYC
    Low: Friends leaving at 5am Sunday to head back home, which meant we were up at 5am!
    High: Cheering my sister on in the NYC Half, then celebrating at a delicious brunch in the West Village

  2. High – Relaxing at home with my parents.
    Low – Not getting nearly enough done, as I originally planned on.
    High – Best hot yoga session yet


  3. I love this idea! And I love reading your blog! My high was going to my first St. Patrick’s day parade in New Orleans. My low was missing yoga on Sunday morning because I stayed out way too late the night before!

  4. HIGH: My little man starting crawling the other day! He’ll be 8 months old on Thurdsay!
    LOW: Still not fitting into pre-baby pants (5 lbs away though)
    HIGH: SATURDAY!! Totally refreshed me. What a gorgeous day! 66 degrees in here southern MD

  5. High – Watching my son play indoor soccer, and celebrating when he scored a goal
    Low – Working Sunday afternoon
    High – Getting the kid’s bathroom mostly all painted!

  6. Fun! I like this idea–and yep, pregnancy def changes evryyyyything with regards to clothes. haha.

    High-being with my family
    Low-baby girl slept terrible one night (thus, so did we)
    High-baby girl’s giggles are unstoppable now! 🙂

  7. High: 80 degree weather on Sunday!
    Low: waking up with heartburn in the middle of the night – ugh, pregnancy!
    High: Walking to breakfast with my family on Saturday morning.

  8. High: Running my first half marathon of the year. Low: Seeing my dad limp/walk in pain. High: Seeing my mom run across the finish line of her first half marathon! Although everyone else is celebrating with pub crawls and green beer, I was racing and cheering on some new runners – I couldn’t have had a better weekend 🙂

  9. High: I got 9 hours of fantastic sleep Friday night

    Low: gallbladder attack on Sunday evening… (from a freaking salad!)

    High: I had lost another 8 pounds when I weighed Sunday morning! 😀

  10. Haha I love how your high and low were both shopping for a baby shower dress. I can only imagine how frustrating it could be! My high was laying low Saturday night for my friends birthday. It was the St. Patrick’s Day parade during the day so it was refreshing to be far away from the craziness at night! My low was cracking my iphone! Just got it repaired today though 🙂

  11. High: waking up Saturday to my man being home. Low: Prepping for him to leave for work again on Monday. High: going through all our paperwork. It took me only a few hours this year as opposed to DAYS. Hello organization!

  12. Cute baby shower dress! 🙂

    High – Spending Friday & Saturday nights with my friends.
    Low – Having to wait until 11 Sunday night see my boyfriend because of his new work schedule.
    High – Seeing my boyfriend.

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