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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hello! How was your weekend? It flew by, right? Evens still, I hope it was a GREAT one for you!

Here’s another edition of “High Low High.” If you’re unfamiliar with this blog series, the posts recap the high and low points of my weekend. I always like to finish on a high note, so there are always more “highs” from my weekend than “lows.” If you’d like to play along, please leave a comment with your “high low high” from your weekend!

HIGH: An impromptu happy hour on Friday afternoon. Mal finished his workshop, so he called me to see if Quinn and I wanted to celebrate with some drinks and apps at the Abington Ale House and, of course, we did!

IMG_5039 (1024x1024) (1024x1024)

Clappy hour!

IMG_5046 (1024x1024)

HIGH: Hanging out on our back porch with friends and drinks. This is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Good times!

IMG_5057 (1024x768)

LOW: Mal’s car being broken into. Thankfully, nothing was stolen (Mal doesn’t keep much in there), but it was still a little nerve-wracking being woken up at 4:30 in the morning to a police officer saying that our car had been broken into.

HIGH: Our anniversary gifts arrived””and we bought the same thing for each other! Great minds think alike! Although, my gift for Mal was made from copper and his was made from tin. Haha!


HIGH: Mal’s light, fluffy, cake-like pancakes for breakfast. They are THE BEST pancakes ever.

IMG_5081 (1024x1024)

LOW: My hangover on Saturday morning. Ugh. I drank way too much wine on Friday night, so my head did not feel great the next day. Woof. Man, I’m getting old. It’s so true that the hangovers just get worse and worse with age. 

HIGH: An awesome workout with Mal and Quinn! We combined some CrossFit-type movements with running with the jogging stroller and, boy, it was fun a workout. With a partner (and a mini partner) – 8 rounds for time: Alternate AMRAP “DT” (12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Power Cleans, 6 Push Jerks) and 800 meter run (with jogging stroller). It took us just over 30 minutes to finish and, wow, we were sweaty!

IMG_5104 (1024x1024)

HIGH: Playing with Quinn in his new whale sprinkler. It was 90 degrees and SO HUMID yesterday, so it was a blast running around and cooling off together! 

IMG_5125 (1024x1024)

Questions of the Day

Have you ever had a police officer come to your door?

What do you enjoy more: Happy Hour or Sunday Funday?



  1. I had a police officer at my door one day. Apparently my Dad set off the security (he has dementia & doesn’t remember numbers well). My Mom & I had no idea because we never heard it go off. At least we know it works!

  2. I’ve never had an officer at my door (knock on wood). Pre baby I would have answered happy hour, but now I love Sunday Fundays with my little family.

  3. Looks like such a quintessentially summer weekend with the sprinkler and patio! And I so admire that you guys find ways to work out with your whole little fam. The low of my weekend was probably that I had to work both days, but they were great shifts and the evenings were super fun 🙂

  4. Never had an officer at my door! I would be so scared for the worst news.

    I prefer Happy Hour. Sunday Funday is something full of errands in this house because of work schedules.

  5. We had a police officer show up at our door at 2am because someone had pushed our boat trailer into the middle of the street and left it there. They also managed to drop their wallet and cell phone right by the trailer, so the officer was just making sure it wasn’t a friend pulling a prank. Since we didn’t know the person, they helped us put the trailer back where it belonged and went on their way to find the person causing mischief…

  6. My low this weekend was saying goodbye to some friends before our upcoming move.
    My high this weekend was spending time with them and planning for them to come visit us in our new place!

  7. So much fun in one weekend!! I’ve never had a police officer come to my door, but I did have to call them one time to walk me into my apartment. Our door was open when I got home from work at midnight, and while I thought my roommate forgot to shut it, I was too scared to take a chance in the dark. Thankfully I was right.

  8. Haha, yes, I’ve had a police officer come to my door. I used to live in a sketchy neighborhood and someone suddenly started POUNDING on the front door at 2 am. It seriously scared the crap out of me and my roommate so we called 911. As I was calling, the person just kept wailing on the door. It was terrifying! I don’t know if we thought burglars were choosing to knock before they entered or what… but I put on my tennis shoes so fast and I was ready for action! (Haha, my tennis shoes–not a bat or anything more useful!) Well, the 911 operator informed me that it was a cop, not a thief at our door, and because I couldn’t see a cop car anywhere, I asked her about 6 times if she was sure before I opened it. Sure enough, it was a police officer and he wanted ask us if we had seen a particular missing elderly person in the neighborhood! Could he not have knocked a little softer!? Holy cow!!! My roommate and I certainly got a good laugh after that one!

  9. I one time had the cops come to my door in college due to a complaint from the neighbors who said we were having a party… when the cops showed up they were expecting to find a raging party and only found my mom, sister, roommate, and I playing Just Dance on the Wii. Quite a surprise for the cops! I prefer happy hour, but a Sunday Funday every once in a while is a treat, too! High this weekend: impromptu high school reunion with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Also, two rest days because CrossFit kicked my butt Monday through Friday last week. Low: housesitting last night, it was a little scary!

  10. I’ve had a police officer show up at my door at a similar time for a similar reason…3 of my car’s wheels/rims were stolen. I guess they didn’t have time to take the 4th! They just left my poor wheel-less car sitting on the ground!

  11. Glad nothing important was stolen! I recently heard a story of someone whose car was broken into with her purse in it. Keys to multiple houses, cash, checks, credit cards, tons of gifts cards – all gone. So scary.

    Looks like you had a pretty fantastic summer weekend. I’ll have to try out Mal’s pancakes sometime!

  12. What a scary thing for a police to come to your door! We had a random event in which a person broke into our car, left their phone and ended up sleeping in our car for the night. It was weird to say the least!

    P. S I listed to your podcast and it was great with those girls! I listened while on a long run and I had to keep to listening to more. They are both so funny!

  13. A high from my weekend was a doggie birthday party/cookout. It is always so fun to have everyone come together to hang out, and celebrate our big one year old puppy! The low was definitely the weather, way to hot to do anything fun outside without sweating buckets and once it did cool off it was full of storms.

  14. I’m so glad that Mal didn’t have anything super valuable stolen but that’s really scary! I haven’t had a police officer wake me up but one of my friends had her car demolished by a homeless man who threw rocks at it (he actually carried the rocks from several blocks away to destroy it). It was really sad for everyone.

  15. Not exactly the same, but several years ago, my husband called me at work and said, “Is the SWAT Team at your work?”, of course I said no, and he said, “Well, they’re at mine!”. Apparently a disgruntled ex-employee had made a bomb threat and they actually found bomb parts (but nothing put together, whew!)!

    Even stranger… later that very same week, at my work, the SWAT Team DID show up! They were doing a raid at a place across the street and set up in our parking lot! So, of course, I called my husband and said, “Is the SWAT Team at your work?”…

    We really do live/work in a safe area… it was just a very odd coincidence! Luckily nothing like that has happened since!

  16. High: attended a BEAUTIFUL wedding for our close friends at their family farm. Every detail was perfect for their personalities!

    Low: Hangover as well Saturday morning! I had a little too many at the rehersal dinner and woke up with a headache. BUT I chugged some water and found a local ail and did a light jog/walk to sweat it out in time to feel good as new for the wedding!

    High: Spent Sunday at my friend’s pool and it was a beautiful, sunny day!

  17. Want those pancakes! I am SO CAREFUL about how much I drink now. Cannot believe how much worse hangovers are now than they were just a few years ago. Yeesh.

    Too funny that you both got the exact same gift 🙂

    That workout looks awesome too!

  18. We got pulled over a couple years ago b/c the license plate that we were given when it was time for a new one with my car, was a STOLEN number so we got pulled over. Apparently the guy is still on the run, but it was clearly not us ha.

  19. No cop experiences to share. Some guys from the electrical company did show up last night and we were happy to see them after 2 hots days without power.

    I see Quinn playing with the squigz a lot and had to comment. We have a set and my 4 year old loves to play with them at bath time to see how many he can throw and get to stick on the wall (Mom and dad might also get into that game). So when Quinn gets a bit older it is a fun game for everyone!

  20. “Have you ever had a police officer come to your door?” …. actually just last night around Midnight!! 😮 Doorbell rang…it freaked me out. My neighbor & his wife saw 3 punks running down the street ~ so they called the WPD. They threw an empty bag/suitcase type with empty boxes of golf stuff in it in my yard. The Officer thought they were probably going around breaking into people’s vehicles. 🙁

  21. Hah I do High/Low often at my job (therapy etc) but we call them Happy/Crappy hahah.

    High- Hanging out with friends and swimming a LOT! (SO hot in SoCal, even with the rain!)
    Low- A tree, not being able to handle the rain and also dying, fall on my boyfriends car. Luckily, no dents or broken windows or anything! Just stuck under a tree for a day hahah

  22. I hear you on being older and hangovers! I feel like anything more than 2 drinks and I am asking for it.
    I am usually wiped out by Friday night and want to go home (more old age? lol), but am all about brunching and sunday fundays! I love having a whole day ahead with no agenda. And being in bed by like 7 😉

  23. I had two police officers come to my door while I was putting groceries away and my 15 month old twin boys were playing in the family room (in eye sight of the kitchen). The officers said that someone from the house had dialed 911 and they were just making sure everything was alright. Turns out the boys had gotten a hold of the phone and made the call! Oops!

  24. Scary seeing an officer at your door–good thing it was just for the car.

    I prefer Happy Hour, because it doesn’t happen very often. Dave and I went to an impromptu happy hour last Friday with some friends. Super fun!

  25. Yeah. When I was in college, a girl who lived in our house had stopped talking to her family, I guess, and her family reported her missing. The cops came to our door in the wee hours of the morning. The girl was fine though

  26. I <3 these high-low posts because they really remind the rest of us just that every blogger is real. They have their good times, bad times, but I love that you don't focus on those. You are a beast mama doing those monster push jerks!

  27. Never woke by the police…but have had them come to our house..recently in fact. Our contractor who has worked on our home before – roof this past winter – was scheduled to build a new porch and do the gutters/soffits. He told us beginning of May that he was ready to do the job…wrote up contract…we paid several thousands of dollars for start money and we tore off our own porch to save some cash. He had no intention of doing the work I guess…was cheating on his wife…took our $ plus many others also and has started a new construction company leaving his wife (family business) with all these contracts and no money. So yes…I have had the police and lawyers in my life and an ugly eyesore of a home.

  28. I was in a total funk this morning and just readying your post made me feel better. I love your anniversary gifts to each other. Congratulations!!!!

  29. We had a cop knock on our door after we called them about our house being broken into for the second time in two years! Yikes. The only thing stolen were my keys right out of my purse. Super creepy. high: one of my twins said “mama” for the first time! Low: we moved 300 miles away, so packing REALLY sucked. High: we moved to a small town and I really love it here!

  30. I had an officer at my door once. But, it was because my husband is an officer and he overslept so a co-worker came by to check on him. LOL

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