High Low High: Stowe, Vermont Weekend + Mother’s Day

Our trip to Stowe, Vermont was quite the weekend full of highs and lows. Our friends invited us, along with two other couples, to spend Friday and Saturday night at their condo at Top Notch Resort & Spa. (Remember when Mal and I stayed there back in 2010? It’s such a great place!) So, in total, were 9 of us – 8 adults and one almost 4 year old (Quinn), which made for an interesting dynamic, especially as the parents to the only kid on the trip. I think Mal and I were just overly sensitive to Qman’s behavior, but he did a great job hanging with a bunch of adults all weekend. Our friends were super understanding and accommodating, and we definitely had a fun weekend together! 🙂


HIGH: Picking up Quinn and Mal early from school on Friday afternoon to drive up to Vermont!

LOW: OMG, SO MUCH TRAFFIC! It was brutal. It took us nearly 3 hours to get out of Massachusetts and poor Quinn got carsick and threw up.

HIGH: Stopping by Cousin Matthew’s house to drop off Murphy for the weekend. It was a nice break from the traffic madness!

HIGH: Arriving safe and sound in Stowe, Vermont at the most gorgeous condo with views that were even more stunning. Imagine waking up to this view every morning!

HIGH: Playing What Do You Meme? with our friends well into the evening and laughing so hard my face hurt. Best game ever!


LOW: Drinking a half bottle of wine, going to bed at 1:30 AM, and waking up at 5:30 AM with our tiny human. Oy. #parentlife

HIGH: Discovering PK Coffee, which was right down the street and absolutely adorable. They had the best coffee and pastries!

HIGH: Having a nice little morning with my boys!

How cute are they?!

HIGH: Visiting a “Bar-cade” (aka arcade bar) in Burlington, which was so, so, so fun! Both little and big kids had a great time! 🙂

LOW: Trying to find a restaurant in Burlington to accommodate 9 people for lunch. We ended up at Church Street Tavern, which was fine, but we were all hoping for something else since the city has such great food options. The restaurant did make a mean grilled cheese sandwich!

LOW: Quinn didn’t eat breakfast, so we figured he’d be more than ready for lunch, but, again, he refused to eat, which ended up in a full on tantrum at the restaurant. #awkward

HIGH: Turning around the afternoon and playing in the heated pools at Top Notch!

HIGH: Dinner at Doc Ponds. I loved everything about this place – atmosphere, vibe, menu, food, drinks, service… literally everything! The burger and fries were especially amazing!

Note about the burger: I hadn’t eaten beef for about a year because it turned up as a sensitivity on the LEAP, but I had such a strong craving for one, I just needed to order it. Plus, I figured if I was going to order a burger in a restaurant, Vermont was a good place to do it. I also kind of wanted to see what would happen. #bodyexperiment End result: No issues AT ALL. I’m so glad I got it! 🙂

HIGH: Playing an epic game of Clue. I can’t even tell you the last time I planned this game, but it was so fun!


LOW: Hoping to sleep in for Mother’s Day, but waking up with Quinn at 6:15 AM. Whomp whomp. We did have an awesome cuddle session on the couch though! 🙂

HIGH: Having a nice Mother’s Day celebration at PK Coffee with my boys. Quinn made me some pretty artwork and Mal (and Quinn and Murphy) got me the Fitbit Versa. I had wanted a tracker watch, but wasn’t sure which one to buy. Mal learned that the Versa has an in-app fertility/period tracker, so he knew I would love it. I’ll have to give you guys a full review once I’ve used it a little more. So far I’m loving it!

HIGH: The drive home from Vermont – I think it only took us 3.5 hours.

HIGH: Mal cleaning my car as a bonus Mother’s Day gift. My car was so disgusting, so I especially appreciated the gesture!

Question of the Day

Moms: How was your Mother’s Day?


  1. I visited my mom the weekend before Mother’s Day, because this weekend a bunch of girls from my gym and I did a competition out near Charlotte! So there was that, and then I dog-mommed it up on Sunday. I took my dog to the reservoir park near us (a 20 minute drive, but not an issue), realized I didn’t have his leash, and had to drive another almost 40 minutes round trip to get it and bring it back! That was my low for the weekend, haha!

  2. Oh I think of myself and I hadn’t eaten breakfast I would have a tantrum as well! I had a great Mother’s Day all I really wanted was my boys not to wine or argue with one another. We spent the day outside at parks, which I loved as well! They got me a gift certificate for a massage and I can’t wait to use it! I regret moving away from Maine and never taking a road trip to Vermont!

  3. I’m dying to travel through New England once my kids are a little older. We have family in Rhode Island and Conn so we’d have lots of places to crash! My daughter has never slept past 6:15 in her entire life. The first 2.75 years consisted of 4:30-5:00 am wake ups and she’s sleeping until 5:45 most days and it feels like a DREAM. My son is also super picky and just basically isn’t interested in food so I also feel your pain there. I can’t imagine staying up till 1:30 am…I think I would be the one throwing the tantrums :). Sounds like a great weekend trip!

  4. Your burger reminded me of when I was pregnant with my daughter (2003). I’m vegan. I was about 15 weeks pg and my husband came home from work and asked what we were having for dinner – it was my night to cook. I said we’re going to Max’s for burgers. He almost died, lol. Repeatedly asked me if I was sure – up until I was about to bite into it. I inhaled it. And then immediately worried I’d have issues. None. And craving satisfied. And have not wanted wanted once since 🙂

    More importantly, what color are your nails?

  5. Mom’s day was great – I was hoping to sleep in as well but my little guy stumbled in our room at 6:15am so I got some snuggles in. We hung around the house most of the day but we got out after lunch for an ice cream 🙂

    Traffic going North on a weekend STINKS! Poor Quinn, Mommy and Daddy – getting sick in the car is a super LOW but it looks like your overall weekend was fun! Happy Belated Mothers day to a Mom that inspires me!

  6. Traffic is no fun, but VT is nice!
    We slept in kind of, lol hubby told our son 5 more minutes a few times, then they made a me a late breakfast. Later on we visited my mom and went out for Mexican with friends we typically make brunch reservations, but low key was pretty great!

    I don’t think I’d handle those early wake ups as smoothly as you do! The best advice my mom ever gave me was to tell my son it was the middle of the night if he woke up before 7 and tuck him back in. Not sure how many more years we’ll get away with it, but I’ll keep it up as long as we can!

  7. Why couldn’t Mal let you sleep in on Mother’s Day? I mean, “sleeping in” for am Moms rarely means later than 8, but I made sure my hubby knew I was not to be disturbed Sunday morning til around then. Sorry you didn’t get rest!

  8. I am mom to two boys and one was an extremely early riser. I wanted to see if you followed @fitnessista because she recently revealed one tip on how she gets a little more sleep when her girls get up super early on the weekend. We did something similar at our house. Also I think sometimes if Dad (better bad cop maybe) says not to wake mommy, kids will obey. Sometimes it’s nice to get to sleep in until at least 730-8.

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