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Hi, friends! I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Here’s a little recap from mine with some highs and lows…


Eating my first lobster of the season! It was delicious!



Murphy developing some weird growth on the side of his body.


On Friday morning, I noticed a bump on Murphy’s side. It didn’t bother him, but it was still pretty big and seemed to pop up overnight, so I made an appointment with the vet for this week. Well, later that afternoon, it turned into a bloody mess all over his side (almost like it exploded), so Mal and I took him to the vet to see what was going on with it.

Well, the vet didn’t know what it was. He said it could be anything from an infected bug bite to a malignant tumor, so we could either watch it for a few days or have him take a biopsy, which would tell us more after being sent off to a lab. Mal and I always freak out over stuff when it comes to Murphy, so we went with the (very expensive) biopsy procedure and we’ll get the results this week. A few days later though, we’re almost positive the growth is an infected bug bite. Ha! Oh well. I guess better safe than sorry, right?



Lauren stopped by on Sunday morning with all sorts of goodies for both me and Baby Haupert. She’s the sweetest gal ever!

SAM_0048 (900x600)


I hit 39 weeks yesterday!



Mal’s birthday dinner ended up being kind of a low of the weekend. After dealing with Murphy’s little medical scare, neither of us were in the mood for going out to dinner and we didn’t want to leave Murphy home alone, so we ended up ordering a pizza and hanging out.


It was still a nice night (I mean, there were Funfetti cupcakes), but I felt kind of bad that the evening wasn’t what we had originally planned.

IMG_9691 (675x900)


The next day, however, Mal got to celebrate his birthday with friends at a barbecue, so he ended up having a wonderful birthday in the end!

SAM_0029 (600x900)


Questions of the Day

How was your Memorial Day weekend? 

Do you freak out when your pet has health issues? 

Do you like lobster? 



  1. So glad you had Murphy checked out and that it seems like he will be fine. I had a pug that developed a mast cell tumor. it’s very common in pugs and it was not fun so I’m glad you are taking extra precautions.

  2. I wouldn’t say that I freak out, but I never hesitate to call the vet when something is bothering me. If it sounds worth it, I’ll take them in. One of my cats is asthmatic, so if there is ever a change in his respiration I do take him in right away. Better to be out a hundred or two than to… ugh, I can’t even think of the rest of that sentence. Glad Murphy is ok!

  3. I’m glad Murphy is okay! He’s a little trooper.
    My Memorial Day weekend was fun. I spent it with my boyfriend & then with friends, so it was a lot of fun. My actual Memorial Day was more of me being lazy before going back to work though haha.
    I’m actually not a big fan of lobster. I’ve tried it cooked four different ways & I still only thought it was meh.

  4. I would have chose the biopsy too! If my pup coughs or something I freak. I am going to be a crazy mom one day. I’m glad Mal’s birthday turned out so nice. My memorial day weekend was the best in a long time. I made the 12 hr trip home to be with my family since I only get to see them for the big holidays this was a nice surprise visit.

  5. Aw, poor Murphy! And poor Mal. I don’t tend to freak out with things with our pet, probably because he’s a rabbit and as much as I love him, I’m realistic about his life expectency (he’s 8.5 yrs and only slowed down a little) and what I’m willing to put him through. I think it’s good to find a quality of life balance.
    You look fabulous, by the way! I hope I look as happy and healthy at 39 weeks as you do!

  6. I absolutely freak out when my dog has [potential] health issues! I would’ve done the same as you and Mal – if anything, I think it shows what great parents you’ll be 🙂

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