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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Here’s a little recap from mine with some highs and lows…


Eating my first lobster of the season! It was delicious!



Murphy developing some weird growth on the side of his body.


On Friday morning, I noticed a bump on Murphy’s side. It didn’t bother him, but it was still pretty big and seemed to pop up overnight, so I made an appointment with the vet for this week. Well, later that afternoon, it turned into a bloody mess all over his side (almost like it exploded), so Mal and I took him to the vet to see what was going on with it.

Well, the vet didn’t know what it was. He said it could be anything from an infected bug bite to a malignant tumor, so we could either watch it for a few days or have him take a biopsy, which would tell us more after being sent off to a lab. Mal and I always freak out over stuff when it comes to Murphy, so we went with the (very expensive) biopsy procedure and we’ll get the results this week. A few days later though, we’re almost positive the growth is an infected bug bite. Ha! Oh well. I guess better safe than sorry, right?



Lauren stopped by on Sunday morning with all sorts of goodies for both me and Baby Haupert. She’s the sweetest gal ever!

SAM_0048 (900x600)


I hit 39 weeks yesterday!



Mal’s birthday dinner ended up being kind of a low of the weekend. After dealing with Murphy’s little medical scare, neither of us were in the mood for going out to dinner and we didn’t want to leave Murphy home alone, so we ended up ordering a pizza and hanging out.


It was still a nice night (I mean, there were Funfetti cupcakes), but I felt kind of bad that the evening wasn’t what we had originally planned.

IMG_9691 (675x900)


The next day, however, Mal got to celebrate his birthday with friends at a barbecue, so he ended up having a wonderful birthday in the end!

SAM_0029 (600x900)


Questions of the Day

How was your Memorial Day weekend? 

Do you freak out when your pet has health issues? 

Do you like lobster? 



  1. Poor you and Murphy! I totally freak out with stuff with my kitties. When I started working from home I noticed they were drinking a lot of water (my office was set up in my kitche when I first began). I must have taken them to the vet 900x and finally they just said – nothing is wrong. I think you need to move your office away from their food so you don’t freak out!

  2. I am scared to get a pet (I really want a cat) because I know if something came up, I would choose to do the expensive medical things, too! Annnnnd that would hurt my bank account, haha.

    I like lobster but LOVE crabs. My family is really big into crab feasts during the summer. Yum!

  3. I’m definitely going to do a high low post as my next post. I had an up and down Memorial Day, meh.

    My dog is going through health problems right now! More is written about it in my blog, but he’s old an on his last leg. Poor guy, it’s very sad. Pet problems are the WORST! I hope Murphy feels better soon!!

    On a lighter note, I LOVE LOBSTER!!

  4. I freak out about the dog stuff too. Clementine has bad bug bites too. She actually has lost some hair on her back which is really concerning. We took her to the vet and have her back on a vitamin and she has special baths. I’m also giving her some raw local honey, local bee pollen, flax oil and dried nettles all mixed together as a treat- it helps with allergies. Hopefully this works! I keep saying it, but you really look amazing! Wishing you lots of luck!

  5. Poor Murphy! Better safe than sorry, though. It sucks that the vet is so expensive, but I always feel that my pets are my responsibility, and I love them so much that I shouldn’t treat them any lesser than I would myself or my husband. Even if it does end up costing a pretty penny! Hope everything is okay.

    And on a lighter note, that lobster looks sooooo good!

  6. Aww poor Murphy. Hope it’s just a bug bite! I def freak out if/when anything happens to my cat.

    I usually eat lobster once a year at our family Lobster Fest but that’s about it. It’s too much work for me 😉

  7. Poor Murphy! I definitely freak out if anything happens to dobby – I joke with vet that I want a wing named after him. He sees the vet so often it’s almost funny!

  8. I freak out when my little puglet has health issues. The most recent one was me coming home to her having a red painful eye, I took her to an emergency clinic at 11pm and they did her pressures in her eye which were elevated in the range of glaucoma so I freaked out and started crying and decided to drive 2 hours to see an opthamologist and it turned out she was fine. But hearing she was fine from a specialist was worth the $$$ of the specialist appointment.
    I hope Murphy is OK! Will be thinking of him until you get the results back. I would have gone for the biopsy too, it’s nice having a definitive diagnosis so you know you did everything you could have done!

  9. Memorial Day weekend was chill. Spent most of Monday watching movies and made some pulled chicken sandwiches. I def freak out when something is wrong with my pup! She got into some sugar free tic-tacs once (which are sweetened with xylitol, can be lethal to dogs), needless to say that was a $1500 weekend at the emergency vets…..but worth every cent.

  10. Memorial Day weekend was low key but we had friends over for dinner Saturday night. I am 17 weeks pregnant and knowing that I am a wine lover they brought a bottle of non-alcoholic chardonnay wine for me! yipee!

    Our dog is considered our first born, lol, so any time something comes up with our pup I will do everything in my power to ensure he ends up okay. I hope Murphy is healing okay! I would have stayed home too!

    Love lobster…have only had lobster bisque so far this year at Legal Seafoods.

    p.s. I bought the same onesie, its so cute! At our 12 week ultra sound the tech put $100 it was a boy SO I couldn’t help but buy a few boy items…however I have kept the receipts!

  11. Hi Tina, As a fellow pug owner, this has happened to P-Nut several times. One summer was particularly bad and he would scratch his flea or bug (not sure what it was originally) bites until he was bleeding. It was so sad/scary; he would literally scratch and gnaw at areas until his hair was bald in that spot and he would break his skin. We gave him oatmeal baths (there is an all-natural, doggie oatmeal bath product; super cheap; think we got it at TJ Maxx or something) and put on a little amount of hydrocortisone (they make it for dogs!), and coned him for a bit so he wouldn’t scratch as much and that worked. We literally thought it was the end of him and that was two summers ago. We had brought him to the vet, they did a blood test, and said he was allergic to fleas, so we made sure to put his flea application on every month. It especially gets worse as the weather starts to warm up so it is good to stay on top of it. Good luck!

  12. Totally freak out when my dog would get sick, act sick or my all-time favorite (not really) break her leg. It is just so awful when pets aren’t okay because they can’t tell us what’s wrong, what hurts etc. I hope Murphy is OK. To be honest, I won’t even get my son a dog because I can’t go through what I went with growing up with my little poodle Cindy. When she died, I swear I never recovered lol. Some people just go and get another dog and I am one of those that never looked at dogs again.

  13. Murphy is just giving you a rehearsal for when your baby has a fever or colic and upsets your adult evening plans!

  14. Hope Murphy is doing okay!! I’m sure hanging out and eating pizza was still nice! You guys were together and with your pug baby.

    We definitely freak out about things with our dogs. And I love lobster!!

  15. On I love lobster! But sadly all the ones fished locally in Scotland gets shipped abroad! They are sooo rare to find!

    I bet Mal had a fab birthday- all he needs is his girl, his pooch and the prospect of being a daddy very soon! 🙂

  16. It was so great seeing you this weekend! Thinking about you all week and wishing for only the very best and healthy baby at the end of it. 🙂

  17. I’m glad your pup is okay! Yes, definitely better safe than sorry especially when they’re like the cutest family members ever. I wish we got lobster like that where I live!

  18. my MDW was amazing — spent it in upstate NY with the fam at the lake, and the weather was perfect (finally, a nice Memorial day in NY!). yes, love lobster!

  19. I hope your little pug is ok! I don’t have pets but I can imagine how scary that might be. I love lobster. Did you cook that? In terrified of cooking it myself. When I was a kid, my Mon made it and they let out a scream when they went into the boiling water which I will never forget.

  20. My dog had something similar turned out being a staph infection treated with antibiotics still set us back a lot of money!!

  21. Poor Murphy! I hope he’s ok now! I definitely get worried when my pets are sick so I’m sure that must have been really scary. Hopefully he’ll be alright from here on out!

  22. sadly, not a fan of Lobster (I only say sadly bc I grew up on the beach, where I was the outcast!!)

    Poor Murphy. And YES, I so freak out. My cat had a growth on her face, it was small but I saw that it seemed to be getting bigger as I watched it for a few days. I brought her to the Vet freaking out that it was some kind of tumor. I go into the room w/the technician and she checks it out ‘Oh, that is just a tick’ and she takes it right off. I was a bit embarrassed that I was so worried and it was just a tick, but she assured me i was a good pet owner to have it checked out. And she let me leave w/out having to pay for a visit (thankfully, I wasnt down for paying $200 for a tick removal!)

  23. Our Memorial Day weekend was filled with highs and lows as well. We had a blast hanging out as a family for our 4 day weekend but I got a nasty head cold that took hold Saturday which kind of put a kibosh on Sunday plans. Oh well! I too freak out when pets have medical troubles, they are our kids too right?! I wish I could like lobster but unfortunately I am allergic to all shellfish, bummer! One more week to go! Hope baby H comes into this world happy and healthy! I was 9 days overdue with my first, hopefully you wont have to deal with that annoyance!

  24. Our dog keeps getting cyst-like bumps on his sides, too. Sometimes they burst (thankfully, we don’t see them. Ick!), but they never seemed to bother him. The vet says that it doesn’t feel like a cancerous tumor, and has ruled them fatty tumors. I have a cousin who keeps liking to say that he’s going to drop dead at any given time (she’s a bit of a know-it-all), but I’ll believe the educated vet over my uneducated cousin.
    Hope you three all feel better soon!

  25. Sorry to hear about Murphy, and how that affected Mal’s bday. Sounds like good preparation for when baby’s here, though. Maybe we should borrow someone’s dog for the next few months.

  26. I liked your High/Low post. That’s how life is highs/lows.
    Happy Birthday to Mal. That’s cool his birthday and the baby’s will be close together. Get well, Murphy. You can’t keep a good dog down.

  27. My husband just got me a French Bulldog on Saturday for our upcoming wedding anniversary and the little guy had a bad reaction to tic bites right before my husband picked him up. He’s been so itchy and miserable and we’ve found a few more on him in the past few days. I have been FREAKING out and am taking him to the vet tonight to hopefully get some more answers. I’ve only had him a few days and I’m already a worried mess, I can’t imagine having him for years and having something like that pop up! I hope Murphy is all better soon!

    p.s. where did your friend get that adorable onesie? My friend just had a little guy and we’re both obsessed with anything mustaches. She’d love it!

  28. Yep I freak out and call my dad to deal with it, I just panic!!! I’ve never tried lobster!!! Whats the best way to eat it? I don’t like the idea of lobster thermidor..I’d like to try the healthy flesh of the lobster itself though!

  29. The same thing happened to our dog (a 3 yr old vizsla) last winter!!!! We couldn’t figure out what is was & we were so scared because three different vets were unsure. Finally we got it removed (600$ later) & found out it was a non cancer tumor. I hope everything goes well & he heals up quickly!!

  30. I freak out about my pet too! Last fall, I found something on her leg and was certain it was a tick, so I rushed to the vet. It was a scab…

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