High Low High {Memorial Day Weekend}

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Heyyyy! How was your Memorial Day weekend? I hope it was a great one for you! And many thanks to the veterans who have served our country.

We had a nice long weekend over here. It was a mix of emotions at times, so I figured a High Low High post was the perfect way to recap it. If you’re unfamiliar with this series, I recap the high and low points of the weekend. It’s fun. Ok, here we go!

HIGH: Starting the weekend with a tough Saturday morning partner workout at CrossFit (fyi – reps were increased to 60 for all exercises), which included me doing 12 HSPUs. Whoa. Five of them were even linked. Hey now. Progress!

LOW: Stopping by CVS/pharmacy after CrossFit to pick up a prescription for Budesonide/Entocort since Entyvio isn’t really working for me. Ugghhh. My doctor assures me there’s still a chance that it might (some patients need 3-4 “maintenance” doses for it really to kick in), but I’m starting to lose hope. Budesonide will hopefully get me through the next few months. (It’s a steroid, so I’m on a 3-month taper). *sigh*

IMG_7744 (1280x1280)

HIGH: Having an amazing time and celebrating our friends at their wedding in Meredith, New Hampshire! So fun!! Jen and Jon are such an awesome couple and it was so nice to spend time with them and the rest of our hometown friends. Annnnnnd Mal and I stayed overnight, kid-free. Yayyy!

2016-05-30-PHOTO-00000392 (960x1280)

LOW: In two years, it was the first time we had an overnight without Q-man. Obviously, we love our little guy, but we really need more adult-only overnight trips in our life!

HIGH: Trying Lila Wines Sauvignon Blanc (aka wine in a can). It was actually really tasty and so convenient! I will definitely keep it in mind for trips to the beach this summer. FYI: My dress is from Banana Republic, but I bought it 5+ years ago.

IMG_7698 (1280x1280)

LOW: Not trying the other flavors of Lila. I’m so curious now!

HIGH: The “spirit animal” place card holders at the wedding. Such a fun idea, right?

IMG_7708 (1280x1280)

LOW —> HIGH: My spirit animal was a squirrel. Ha! I was actually a bit confused by it until I read the symbolism behind the animal and it’s quite fitting now!

IMG_7718 (1280x1280)

HIGH: Having a blast on the dance floor with Mal. At one point, he almost (aggressively) clotheslined me with his “dance moves,” but it was so funny I almost peed my pants laughing so hard!

LOW: Sneaking out of the reception a number of times to deal with not-so-fun UC symptoms. Blah.

2016-05-30-PHOTO-00000391 (747x1145)

HIGH: Party time with the L-town crew!! We’re seriously so lucky to have these people in our lives.

IMG_7710 (1280x960)

LOW: Only enjoying one donut from the wedding “cake.” OMGSOGOOD. I wish I took one to go!

IMG_7733 (720x1280)IMG_7732 (1) (720x1280)

HIGH: Sleeping in on Monday morning.

LOW: Mal waking me up at 7:20 AM. WHYYYYYY!?!?!

HIGH: Finding a cute little coffee shop just steps away from our hotel.

IMG_7735 (1) (720x1280)IMG_7715 (960x1280)

LOW: Needing to eat and run to avoid a Memorial Day parade and holiday traffic.

HIGH: Barely hitting any traffic on the way to my sister’s house to pick up Quinn and Murphy. Hooray!

LOW: Quinn napping in the car, but waking up the second we got home. Whomp whomp. (He actually did really well with just a 40-minute nap and never turned into a crank-monster.)

HIGH: Meal planning and then grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s with Q-Man. I have some tasty meals planned for the week and couple of them will be on CNC soon!

IMG_7719 (1280x1280)

LOW: Murphy sitting in Quinn’s chair. Haha! (Video on Snapchat @carrotsncake.)

IMG_7737 (720x1280)

HIGH: Mal buying a new car!! He’s wanted one for awhile now and after someone (a lady in a white Toyota Sequoia – sadly, we weren’t able to get her license plate) dented his passenger side door when we were at Coffee Shack one Saturday morning, he was really itching to upgrade.

IMG_7724 (1280x1280)

Questions of the Day

What’s your spirit animal? 

Wine in a can? Yay or nay?

Ever been a victim of a hit and run? (What is wrong with people?! That lady = so much bad karma in her future!) 

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