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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! Happy Monday, friends!

Here’s another edition of “High Low High.” If you’re unfamiliar, it recaps the high and low points of my weekend. I always want to finish on a high note, so there are always more “highs” from my weekend than “lows.” If you’d like to play along, please leave a comment with your “high low high” from your weekend!

HIGH: An awesome Saturday morning CrossFit workout. 

Saturday morning workouts at CrossFit are the best. It’s usually a bigger class, so you get to work out with all your friends and the workout is usually harder/longer, which is my favorite kind. I did this workout (“Shimmer”) as prescribed and finished 6+25 (6 rounds + 25 reps).

IMG_1897 (800x800)

LOW: Saturday morning’s CrossFit workout was my last one. Whomp whomp. 

During marathon training, I canceled my monthly membership and went with a 10-class pack. Saturday was my last class in the pack, so now I’m trying to figure out what to do next. (What would you do?)

  • Buy another 10-pack of classes at CrossFit 781.
  • Just do KFIT, but Quinn’s morning nap bumps into class time, so I don’t make it there too often anymore.
  • Join the CrossFit at Fit Factory, which has babysitting and a noon class, so maybe I’ll make it there more often?

HIGH: A friend’s birthday dinner at Alba.

It was a ton of fun with lots of great people! And I drank a lot of Kim Crawford.

IMG_1896 (800x600)

HIGH: Lunch at Cask ‘N’ Flagon with Mal and Quinn. 


Quinn had all sorts of good eats at lunch, including sweet potato fries, corn bread, and tomato slices. He loves tomato slices lately!

IMG_1925 (800x600)

I went with a big ol’ turkey burger for lunch. It totally hit the spot!

IMG_1917 (800x600)

Quinn thought it was hilarious to “cheers” our fries together.

IMG_1927 (800x600)


IMG_1937 (800x600)


IMG_1944 (800x600)

HIGH: Nine miles with my friend Marisa on Sunday morning. 

My legs definitely felt tired after CrossFit the day before, but it was awesome doing my first long run after the marathon. 

IMG_1977 (800x800)

LOW: Shattering our patio table. 

Ok, so after the winter we had here on the South Shore, this is how our patio table looked:

IMG_1420 (800x600)

The weight of the snow totally warped it and it was practically brand new too. Boo. We got rid of it and then took our old table out from under the deck. The cold and snow must have weakened the glass because when I went to put the umbrella through the hole in the middle, the top totally shattered. Crazy, right? Thankfully, I was fine, but, jeez Louise, it scared the crap out of me!

IMG_2031 (800x600)

HIGH: Playing with Quinn at the park! 

IMG_2017 (800x600)

IMG_2027 (800x600)

IMG_2029 (800x800)

IMG_2016 (800x600)

IMG_2004 (600x800)

IMG_1994 (800x600)

Question of the Day

Your turn! What’s your HIGH LOW HIGH from the weekend?



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