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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning and a very happy Monday to you!

As you might remember, I love a good High Low High blog post, so here’s a recap of our weekend, which shares both the high and low points from it. I always like to focus on the positive side of things, so there’s typically more highs than lows. With that, here’s how our weekend went. And, of course, I’d love to hear about your weekend too, so feel free to share some highs and lows in the comment section below!

HIGH: Family date night at the British Beer Company in Pembroke. They invited us for dinner and we were more than happy to accept. Our local BBC is right down the street from CrossFit, so we pop in from time-to-time, but we hadn’t been in awhile, so I was excited to see what they had to offer on their fall/winter menu.

Drinks to start – Mal had a little trouble deciding which beer to pick (there were so many of his favorites on the menu), so our waitress gave him a small tasting, which was a lot of fun for him.

I love beer, but beer doesn’t love me, so I went with a dirty vodka martini with olives. Mmm! Happy Friday to me!

For my entree, it was an easy decision: Smoked Shipyard Pulled Pork Tacos.

Holy yum! Seriously, these were awesome… and with the sweet potato mash on the side… perfection. I highly recommend this meal! 🙂

LOW: Quinn waking up at 2:30 AM and then again at 4:45 AM because he wanted to “play.” He even turned on the lights in his bedroom. Ugghhhh, this staying in bed thing has been rough lately. We’re all tired and no amount of “reasoning” has worked, so we resorted to taking away toys, which was a “fun” way to start the day on Saturday morning.

HIGH: A fun partner workout followed by iced coffee and donuts at Coffee Shack. My favorite type of Saturday morning!

LOW: Overtired and cranky 3 year drama. Blahhhhh.

HIGH: Getting Quinn down for an early nap, which meant we made it to a friend’s birthday party only an hour late. It was scheduled during nap time, so we originally weren’t sure if we were going to make it at all. I’m glad we did!

HIGH: Catching up with friends and eating delicious food. The dessert pictured above is “acorn donut bites.” How cute are they?!

HIGH: Quinn sleeping until almost 7:00 AM on Sunday morning. Our taking away toy tactic work!

HIGH: Spending all day Sunday at a course called “Practical Guide to Nutrition, Hormones, and Metabolism.” 

LOW: The course just being so-so. There was a lot of great info overall, but it barely touched on hormones, which was the main reason I signed up for it. Oh, well.

LOW: After a long day and battling a ton of traffic on my way home, not having the motivation to food prep. 

HIGH: Making a batch of shredded chicken and some delicious Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies. Meal prep priorities, right?

HIGH: Finishing season 2 of Stranger Things. It was SO GOOD! It actually took us much longer than expected to finish it because I kept falling asleep during every episode. Haha! I absolutely loved it, but jet-lag + 3 businesses + 3 year old = exhausted. But, seriously, I loved season 2 so much – maybe even more than season 1! Have you seen this quiz on Buzzfeed: Which Stranger Things Character Are You? Mal and I both took it and got Nancy, which was pretty accurate of our personalities! 🙂

Questions of the Day

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? 

Are you a beer drinker? What’s your current favorite?

Share a high and low from your weekend! 




  1. We have one more episode of Stranger Things! Gah, I tried to talk my husband in to playing hooky and stay home after the kids go to school and watch it. Haha

    High was date night, Low we’ve been wanting to go to this ramen place. It opened at 6:00 we got there and line out the door to get in. Whomp Whomp! Reavulated and went to a Thai place.

  2. Sorry to hear about your little one — terrible twos/threes aren’t a joke!

    I might’ve gotten that taco dish for the mashed sweet potato side alone. That looks yummy. Those acorn munchkins are cute! Look like fun to make and fun to eat. 🙂

  3. So I’ve only watched 2 episodes of Stranger Things 2 so far, but I’ve fallen asleep during both of them?! Weird right?
    That dinner looks so amazing…I would’ve loved a beer tasting, how fun!
    Sorry about Quinn – stay strong! Glad the taking away toys strategy worked.
    High(s) from this weekend: throwing a baby shower for my sister-in-law and family pictures!
    Low: falling asleep way too early Sunday night so I was awake at 4:30 this morning! ugh 🙁

  4. I’ve seen all of season 1 of stranger things — but haven’t started season 2… planning to binge watch later on.

    I’m not a fan of beer or wine or any adult drink — BUT, I’m a milkshake connoisseur. Does that count?

    High — furniture shopping with hubby!
    Low — furniture shopping with hubby… it’s hard but fun? If that makes sense

  5. I am sure someone in the comments is going to murder me for saying this, but NO SHAME. Have you tried those child safety knob covers (I think ours are Safety First) on the inside of his door so he can’t get out, OR putting up a pet gate. Our daughter gets up at 4 several days a week… these have been the ONLY things that work – we have tried the reasoning, the taking away of toys, the “alarm” w the stoplight (she just figured out how to turn it off). She is exactly Quinn’s age, and she can get to the bathroom (it is connected to her room), so we don’t feel too badly doing it. She yelled down the hallway to us the first two days… but since then, she just turns on the light and plays on her own in her room until we come and get her. Everyone is happier. Sometimes she will even get back into bed on her own and go back to sleep after playing for awhile.

  6. Love, love, love Stranger Things! My husband and I finished in less than a week. It was so good!

    I like a good beer but I’m usually more into wine or other drinks. I’ve been enjoying a few new-to-me pinot noirs lately.

    High = delicious bacon egg + cheese sandwiches on Saturday morning and having a super relaxing next productive weekend. Low: getting routine bloodwork done, but hey, it was necessary and now it’s over.

  7. Have you tried dropping Quinn’s nap yet to see how that goes? You may also want to try a snack before bed, or if he wakes up super early. My son is a picky eater, and when he wakes up like that, the first thing he says is he’s hungry. Often times he’ll eat something and fall back asleep. My son only does it once in a while, but it’s definitely brutal when they start the day at the butt crack of dawn. I don’t remember what his room looks like, but you could also get anything to play with out of there, make it more sterlie… Hang in there! This too shall pass!!

  8. HUGE FAN of Stranger Things! Some friends & I binge watched Season 2 that Friday it came out. Needless to say, we were ALL super duper tired come Saturday 🙂 I took the Buzzfeed Quiz too & got the Monster…LOL!! I knew that couldn’t be right, SOO I took it again and got Mike. Now that’s more like it! I cannot wait for Season 3(I know, I have a LONG wait) ha!

  9. Agree with th comment about dropping the nap. Right after my older daughter turned 3, she started being a disaster with going to bed and early wake ups and other days of protesting her nap. It wasn’t a pretty transition but once she dropped the nap, she went to bed easily at 6:30/7 and slept for 12 hour straight

  10. I just started watching Stranger Things, but I’m only part-way through episode 1, haha. I think I’ll like it! It’s just not as easy to watch when you’re multi-tasking.

    I like beer, but I don’t go out of my way to drink it like I might for wine. We went to a brewery in Virginia recently that had a really good IPA that I actually liked! I normally don’t care for IPAs, but this one was so good!

    High from my weekend – I went to an NHL game (Hurricanes vs. Blackhawks) with my husband, sister, and dad! It was so much fun!

  11. Low: My 3yo made me cry multiple times this weekend, including when we went out to eat (“we’ll just need another minute, thanks” *sniffle*)

    High: Same 3yo “read” a story to her 2 week old cousin and sang lullabies to her unborn baby sister.

    Needless to say — this age is a rollercoaster!

  12. My 3 yo is the same. She wakes up and “scream sings” so no one else can sleep. Daylight savings screwed us big time. And yesterday she threw a 26 min tantrum when I made her grilled cheese on pita bread with corn for lunch… because she asked for grilled cheese on pita bread with corn for lunch. ‍♀️

  13. Stranger Things was SO GOOD. Those are seriously talented kids. It makes me wish I would have started acting sooner so I could be a ~*cool kid*~. A high from my weekend was spending it in my hometown – New Orleans! We were there for a wedding, and it was so nice to be back home and spend the entire weekend with people we love. Also, heck yes to beer. I’m an Oktoberfest lover through and through and am sad it’s already gone. Also, Southern Pecan beer from Lazy Magnolia.

  14. You’re staying in bed stories remind me of the troubles we went through with our son! Right around 2.5 we had a lot of trouble staying in bed which we battled until 3. Then we cut out afternoon nap and it solved itself over night! Now at almost 4 he goes to be readily at 7 and sleeps until 6:30/7.

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