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Hi, guys!

How was your weekend? Overall, ours was really nice. We definitely had a mix of highs and lows, so I thought I’d use the old “High Low High” recap style to share its highlights. Plus, I haven’t written a High Low High post since July! Ok, here we go!

HIGH: Taking the ferry into Boston with friends for a fun (parents) night out. I had never done it before, and it was such a convenient way to get into the city during rush hour.

LOW: Barely surviving the ferry ride. I get seasick fairly easily and the water was pretty choppy. Oy. I made it shore, but, whoa, I was ready to get off the boat.

HIGH: Enjoying a tasty dinner at Carmelina’s in the North End. Yummm!

HIGH: Seeing David Gray in concert. Mal and I are long-time fans, so we were so excited to see him again.

LOW: Missing more than half of the David Gray concert. Wahhhh. We didn’t realize he was opening for Alison Krauss. I mean, when did David Gray become an opener?! We heard a few songs, but, man, we were definitely bummed.

HIGH: Making the best of the evening with our friends, staying out late, and acting like we were 22 again. Good times!

Wearing: Pacaya Insulated Hooded Jacket (super warm + cozy) // Hunter Gloss Rain Boots

HIGH: Having a much more low-key Saturday, which kicked-off with a workout at CrossFit. 

LOW: Mal being diagnosed with bronchitis. He wasn’t feel great, but he thought he was well enough for a workout. After CrossFit, he felt awful, so he stopped by the Minute Clinic for a quick check. Poor guy. We laid low for the rest of the day and all went to bed early that night.

HIGH: Going to Legoland on Sunday morning! Quinn has been obsessed with it ever since the last time we went, so we started a countdown to the big day a little over a week ago.

HIGH: Loving every second of our Legoland adventures and the grabbing brunch outside at River Bar afterward. What a great little Sunday!

Question of the Day

How was your weekend? Have any highs and lows to share? 

What was the last concert you saw? 


  1. Highs — going to an apple orchard with my husband
    Low — finding out, after a 90 min carride, that the orchard was out of apples and had a broken donut machine
    Highs — getting apple cider and donuts from dunkin donuts instead!

    Highs — spending quality time with my hubby
    Low — eating TERRIBLY! Not on point with macros or calories
    Highs — refusing to give up or give in — we just keep trying better each day!

  2. Legolas’s looks fun! I bet our almost 2 year old would like that!

    Our last concert was needtobreathe. They are amazing in concert!

    High from the weekend was a fancy French dinner in Washington DC to celebrate my birthday. Low was my son Brayden not napping today with family coming over and him screaming his head off before bed. 🙁

  3. Alison Krauss and David Gray are right down the road from me this minute…performing in Cary, NC. My son just texted me a photo of Allison.

  4. High: Seeing Coldplay in concert last night
    Low: Being fairly under the weather for the concert
    High: stopping by a casino on the way home & winning $550!

    Best concert experience I’ve ever had tho. They were so much fun! Gave us all buttons and really cool interactive wristbands that lit up all different colors during the show!

  5. High:
    Enjoying my Boys birthday party yesterday
    Being so wiped out by 17 4 and 6 year old boys for the rest of the night
    Enjoying the look on our sons face when he opened his presents this am! He turned 4
    Not enjoying the look on our other sons face when he has to wait to his birthday tomorrow to open his LOL! We let him open a few just because its torture to a 6 year old.
    Watching them put together legos after legos after legos all day today
    Watching the Patriots win close call! Then our second team Packers – AGAIN close call.

    Great Weekend. Tomorrow we will celebrate my other sons birthday.

  6. High: Doing the team series workouts with my husband and not killing each other, lol! Chris and I love to workout together, but sometimes there’s yelling involved. Not this time!
    Low: Worst. Period. Ever. I was working an in-home session with one of my patients on Friday and had to use the bathroom like 3 times to make sure I wasn’t having any issues…
    High: Going to an early Halloween party on Saturday
    Low: Drinking more than I planned to at said Halloween party
    High: Getting my nutrition act back together on Sunday
    High: 21 mile bike ride Sunday afternoon, my longest yet!

    The last concert I went to was Kings of Leon…SIX YEARS AGO! My husband and I planned to go to Warped Tour this year (sometimes we’re still 16, haha), but the Wilmington event was cancelled due to safety issues.

  7. High- a bonus ‘summer’ weekend! We spent all day Saturday swimming.
    Low- not sleeping Friday night due to a fussy toddler.
    High- reaching 34 weeks in my pregnancy!

  8. When I hear of people getting sick already it just doesn’t seem right….isn’t that a January thing?? Hopefully, not the sign of a long winter ahead…..

    In May we took a boat ride to Ellis Island (being it was our first time in NY) I was bummed…..I get motion sickness and the waters were choppy….I spent more time keeping focused on things in the boat that stayed still rather than looking around because I was getting so sick. ;-(

    1. @Kathy: Hey, Kathy, sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well on your boat trip in NY but sometimes it’s better if you stare out at the horizon rather than what’s on the boat so your brain can send a signal to your body that you’re on a moving vessel. It’s the same reason some people can’t read in a moving vehicle since you’re looking down at a fixed object but your body registers movement so the brain gets confused and you feel horrid. My husband is a boat captain and he’s had a lot of experience with seasick passengers (me being one of them). Hope this helps!

  9. Looks like y’all had a great weekend! Sorry Mal got sick – I had bronchitis back in January and it took forever to recover! Hope he feels better ASAP!
    High – Mastered a new trick wakesurfing
    Low – MAJOR sinus headache and allergies
    High – 8 mile run without stopping on Sunday
    Enjoy your day!

  10. My last concert was Sabrina Carpenter. Not really my thing but taking my 11 year old to see her favorite pop star for her first concert was totally worth it!

  11. High – Out with my bestie on Friday night for drinks
    Low – having my period (I have painful periods) so stayed in Saturday morning watching TV
    High – Going on a romantic picnic near a lake and watching the sunset with my husband
    Low – Neighbours having a moustrous party and having to go tell them at 11:30pm to turn down the music
    High – Having a low key Sunday with my husband and going for iced coffee in the afternoon

  12. I love, love David Gray!!! I have been listening to “Please forgive me” everyday for the past two weeks.

    The last concert I saw was Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in May. This weekend I am seeing Coldplay and am very excited!!

  13. The high of my weekend was definitely the partner leg workout I did with my dude, Felix, and then spending Sunday afternoon drinking a few Oktoberfests at Top Golf with our friends! The low was the weekend coming to a close and also feeling EXTRA tired last night around 7:30 p.m.

    The last concert I went to was actually a few weeks ago at Merriweather. We saw Fantastic Negrito + Sturgill Simpson. It was cool seeing some of our favorite Tiny Desk concerts live!

  14. High – Spending hours at the gym on Saturday and then coming home to smoke meat , drink wine, and hang with two new friends!
    Low – Weather was SO cold
    High – Tons of meal prep and recipe making on Sunday
    Low – No church 🙁

  15. Does your Crossfit have childcare? I dont think any of the ones near us (Cambridge) do… My husband and I are very interested in starting up but seems like it will be $400 a month up here… Is it much more affordable on the south shore?

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