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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hi, guys! Happy Sunday evening! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

So, I just realized I haven’t written a High Low High post since September. Holy cow, where did the past couple of months go?! Yowsahs.

If you’re unfamiliar with this blog post series, I recap my weekend by sharing both the high and low points from it. I always like to end on a high note, so there’s typically more highs than lows! 🙂 Ok, here we go!

HIGH: Having a spa day with my friend Marisa followed by some day drinking and lunch.

IMG_6233 (1024x1024)

The nice folks from Skin Care New York invited me and a friend to enjoy some complimentary services at their new Back Bay location in Boston, and I (more than) happily accepted. Spa day? Yes, please!

Marisa and I each received a massage and facial, but they were different treatments. She started with the Micro Body Buff Polish with Express Massage and then finished with a laser facial. I started with the Pumpkin Spice Retexturizing Facial, which was incredible. It took like 8 layers of dead skin off my face. And, of course, I mean this in the best possible way! It smelled just like pumpkin pie and, wow, my face felt completely refreshed after… definitely softer and smoother. I really noticed when applying make-up later in the day. It went on soooo nice and even. I also received one of the best massages of my life from one of the spa’s therapists: Iris. She literally had healing hands. More on this below.

IMG_6230 (1024x1024)

Wearing: Athleta Downieville CYA Vest // Frosty Asymmetrical Zip Pullover // Lululemon All The Right Places Pant // Brooks Women’s Vanguard Heritage Sneakers

LOW: Battling bursitis in my hip since the South Shore Half Marathon.

Whomp Whomp.

If you’re a long-time reader, you probably remember my nagging hip issues. I have pretty bad scoliosis (recently measured at 48 degrees), so my hips are uneven, which means repetitive movements and especially long-distance running do quite a number on my body. Side note: I absolutely, 100% think CrossFit has helped my body become stronger, so I haven’t dealt with as many hip issues in recently times (i.e. I trained for and ran the Boston Marathon without a single injury). Anyway, I’m not sure what happened with the half marathon (maybe it was all of the hills?), but my hip is still bugging me.

HIGH: Iris doing some crazy-awesome myofascial release that made my back and hip feel SO MUCH BETTER. It was incredible. I joked to Mal that it was like “magic.”

HIGH: Marisa and I meeting our husbands and babies for post-spa drinks and lunch at Southside Tavern.


Big salad + wine = balanced lunch, right? 🙂

IMG_6237 (1024x768)

HIGH: Celebrating a friend’s birthday at My Gym, which was the best kid’s birthday party idea ever. It was perfect for toddlers (and bigger kids, too) and everyone had so much fun! We might just do this same thing for Qman’s birthday in June.

IMG_6268 (1024x1024)

LOW: In addition to a bum hip, I developed some sort of weird rash/eczema on my eyelids over the past couple of weeks. (*sigh* It’s always something, isn’t it?!) It started out a little red and itchy, but now it’s swollen and peeling. Oy. I popped into the Minute Clinic this morning, but, unfortunately, they can’t diagnosis eye issues (except pink eye), but the NP on staff recommended an over-the-counter option. I have an appointment with my primary care doctor at the end of the month, but, hopefully, things clear up sooner than that. I’m worried this is related to UC and/or Entyvio since skin issues typically go hand-in-hand. Boo.

IMG_6307 (1024x1024)

HIGH: An early-morning, solo trip to Trader Joe’s this morning. I beat the crowds and had a chance to pursue the aisles at my leisure. 🙂

IMG_6314 (651x1024)

HIGH: Purchasing lots of good food and prepping like a champ!

IMG_6325 (1024x1024)

FYI: I have a bunch of super simple, 3-ingredient dinners coming your way later this week! 🙂

IMG_6444 (1024x1024)

LOW: No donuts at Coffee Shack. Oh, the horror. (I still got an iced coffee!)

IMG_6324 (667x1024)

HIGH: Celebrating four days of our 24 Days of Togetherness!

Day 1: Share 3 things that you love about each other + Quinn and Murphy.

When Mal asked Quinn what he loved most about me (Mama), he replied (and pointed to himself): “Me.” Super cute. When I asked Quinn what he loved about Dada the most, he replied: “Me.” Yep, he nailed it.


Day 2: Have a fire. I think this was actually the first fire in our “new” house!

IMG_6175 (1024x1024)

FYI: Our monogrammed Christmas stockings are from Pottery Barn and they are WAY CHEAPER now than when we bought them!

Day 3: Make Christmas cookies.

24 days of togetherness bake cookies

Day 4: Read a Christmas book together. We’re planning to read this flap book tonight that Qman is especially loving lately.

Questions of the Day

When is your favorite time to shop for groceries?

Any weird health stuff happened to you lately?

Tell me about 24 Days of Togetherness! What have you done so far?



  1. Hi Tina! Sounds like you had a nice weekend, but are you sure that the rash might not be from the facial you had? My mom once had a terrible rash after getting a facial and they even used hypoallergenic products. I hope it gets better soon! 🙂

  2. Oh girl I hear you on the eye problems. Ever since I developed UC, I have had major eye issues and infection after infection. Definitely related to the auto-immune for me. I take Cod Liver Oil every day and I swear, since I’ve been taking it, I haven’t had an eye issue. Hope it clears up for you fast! Colloidal Silver worked like a charm on my husband’s stye a few weeks ago…like literally cleared it up in an hour. Take care friend!

  3. My eyes do that (mostly in the winter). I wash from the eye up to the brow with baby shampoo and put on hydrocortisone cream (otc, but I did get a prescription for a slightly stronger one).

  4. This is odd, but I had the same thing with my eye lids a couple years ago! Itchy, red and peeling. So weird. I tried some new eye shadows and that didn’t totally do the trick. I ended up going to the eye doctor and they prescribed an ointment for my eye that helped big time. They weren’t exactly sure what the deal was, but it helped so check the eye doctor if you can. The ointment was gross and goopy, but better than peeling eye lids. Good luck!

  5. Your spa services sound amazing! I want to smell like pumpkin pie! I always hit up TJs first thing Saturday morning right after the gym. It’s freshly stocked without any crowds- my favorite.

  6. Spa days are always the best days!

    Regarding your eye, I’ve dealt with eczema in my eyebrows and Jen from Peanut Butter Runner has shared a lot about her struggle with eczema there, so you may check out her blog. xo

  7. Please check with your Doctor or eye Doctor now, do not wait , never take a chance with anything around the eye ….Please
    I love your blog
    I wish I could find a happy middle for Diverticulitis AND. Ulcerated Colitis…..it’s hell.

  8. I get eczema under my eyebrows (and a ton of other places, it’s super fun), and I put coconut oil on it at night- it works really well! Good luck- it always makes me feel so self-conscious!

  9. I don’t have the UC issues you have, but I have that eyelid problem a couple times a year. For me, my pH balance is off and all it takes is a couple days of using some alcohol-free toner with a little hydrocortisone cream and it goes away. I like the Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner.

    1. I’m trying hydrocortisone cream right now and my eyes already look less red. Hopefully, it does the trick. Thanks for the info about the toner!!

  10. Please check out the form of therapy egoscue. Not only will your scoliosis improve, but your bursitis will go away. I believe they have a location in Boston, but for an active person like yourself, it could be life changing.

  11. I’m sorry about your eye! Have you tried Aquaphor? It looks like excema, and Aquaphor always helps mine. I hope it gets better soon.

  12. Hey Tina, didn’t Jen from peanut butter runner have a similar problem with her eyelid? Maybe ask her? Hope it heals on it’s own, but just remembered that. Love when you share these types of posts their fun, and honest. Thanks for blogging after all of these years, you still remain one of my favorites and I love your blog.

  13. I had an eyelid problem, probably from rubbing sunblock on it when I was sweaty from running. My doctor prescribed a cortisone cream and told me to throw away all my cosmetics and switch to Clinique or Avène. I chose Avène because it’s way cheaper in France than Clinique. No problems since.
    Re hip/back: I go to the “Ecole du Dos”–Back School. It’s physical therapy/exercise class using large balls. Absolute torture but it and Pilates have eliminated my back pain (I have scoliosis). Stronger muscles keep the spine better aligned.

  14. I hope your hip (& eye) clear up soon! I had avsacular necrosis in my hip for 18 yrs & had to have a replacement a few weeks ago the pain was just too bad. I’m 100% better & was back to doing my activities already two weeks post surgery.

    I love to grocery shop in the morning after my workout. I workout really early so I’m a the store by 7 & it’s pure bliss being able to walk around in peace!

  15. I had a similar looking rash on my eye – came from cheap grocery store tinted moisturizer. Only affected my eyelids, oddly enough. Have you put anything new on your face? (Could be from facial)? It took a few weeks to totally clear up and was super itchy. I had to avoid anything even near my eyelids. Good luck.

  16. Hi Tina,
    I had something very similar on both eyelids, and it kept recurring. In fact, using a topical steroid only fueled the problem even further, as I experienced a rebound effect. Every single natural remedy I tried only made the problem worse. My dermatologist eventually prescribed Protopic, an anti-inflammatory/immunosuppressant ointment (sounds scarier than it is, but it’s non-steroidal which is crucial when dealing with inflamed skin, especially on the face), and that nipped the problem in the bud ASAP. I haven’t had a flare-up since. So, if whatever you are using doesn’t end up helping, or if it keeps coming back, give Protopic a try. It was a life-saver for my eczema and the only thing that actually put an end to it. Wishing you health!!!!

  17. I’ve had very similar hip issues, that have, unfortunately required me to decrease my weekly mileage A LOT. I took almost a full year off from running….focusing more on strength training and cross training. Honestly, I feel like I’m in much better shape now than I was when I was solely a runner! In the past 6 months or so, I’ve slowly started to incorporate long runs back into my routine. I feel much better now that I’m stronger….but I have also noticed that my hip acts up when I do a particularly hilly run. I guess I have a good excuse to stick to the flat routes for a while longer 😛

  18. I ADORE your blog and I rarely comment but since you’ve inspired me and my boyfriend to do 24 Days of Togetherness, I’ll share what we’ve done so far.

    Day 1 – Write down and share 12 things we love about each other.
    Day 2 – Get hot chocolate and walk downtown.
    Day 3 – Buy the pets each a gift.
    Day 4 – Build the train around the tree.

    Can’t wait to pick Day 5 later!

  19. I definitely prefer grocery shopping early. I come up with a meal plan and then my husband and I have a Saturday morning ritual of going grocery shopping around 8am and sometimes stopping for coffee afterward. I love going while it’s still peaceful.

    I get some eczema every winter between my ring and middle finger (so weird), and usually coconut oil helps somewhat.

  20. Tina – so sorry to hear about your eyelid issue! I’ve actually battled the same thing and after seeing my PCP and a dermatologist, nothing seems to really do the trick. In fact, after a super expensive copay to the derm, he offered me a free sample of Aquaphor and sent me on my way! Would love to hear a follow up from you and what works to clear it up! Wishing you a healthy and productive week!!

  21. Hi Tina. I just love all of your posts. I, too, have been battling hip bursitis most recently. This is a new issue for me so I guess I’m interested in more information/things you have found helpful while going through this as it sounds like you have had this issue before. I also do crossfit and have been king with a PT but am interested more in the ART/myofascial release you are talking about. If easier, send me an email.

  22. I love Quinn’s paw patrol jammies! Where did you find them? I love grocery shopping on Fridays during my lunch break – free’s up my weekend a little more. Have you tried the trader joe’s brussel sprouts before? I’m wondering if they’re any good. I want more sprouts in my life without the prep, haha

  23. Hey Tiny, I’m a long time reader but first time commenter. Thanks for sharing your life through the blog, I look forward to every post you write. I have had the same itchy and scaley eyelid problem. I get it when I’m run down and my immune system is suppressed. Also goes hand in hand with any immune challenge (cold virus, stomach bugs, etc). I found that using an eczema thick ointment before going to bed helped mine – and getting over being run down.

    Happy holidays to you all!

  24. Hey there. I’m not sure if this will help but when I developed the same exact issues with both of my eye lids, what finally worked after getting so frustrated when moisturizers weren’t doing the trick, was throwing away and replacing all of my eye makeup. While the moisturizer was helping, the germs from the issue were still in my makeup so I was reapplying the germs every day. Ew! Once I replaced my makeup the issue went away so quickly.

  25. I love the high-low-high posts, but I am so sorry to hear about your eye AND the lack of donuts! I hope both things return back to normal soon. My boyfriend and I are doing 24 Days this year! So far we’ve had eggnog, put up our Christmas tree, decorated a gingerbread house, took a walk around Old Town, VA (our neighborhood) and tonight we’ll buy a new Christmas ornament! So excited for this to be a tradition for us in the years to come. 🙂

  26. I had a similar scaly rash on my eyelids over the past few winters. I usually put a super thin layer of hydrocortisone on it and it clears up (be very careful near your eyelid.) I also switched to Origins make up and that has helped tremendously!

  27. Your not alone with the eyelid issues! I suffer from eczema and sometimes have issues with non hypoallergenic makeup. I went to my skin doctor a while back and got a prescription med called Protopic. I still had a sample and decided to give it a try this weekend and it cleared it up completely. If you can reach out to your skin doctor for an appointment. Hope it’s better soon I know that feeling all too well!

  28. I had similar scaly red spots that did kind of hurt on my eye lid and around my nose. The dermatologist diagnosed it as Perioral dermatitis. You cut out the steroid and take a low grade antibiotic for a month. It worked! It will get worse before it gets better bc the steroids create a withdrawal effect I guess.

  29. Ugh. I have scoliosis too. I had a 44 degree curve when I was 16 and I had been in a back brace since I was in fifth grade. My dr at the time gave me the option of having surgery or watching it. He said my curve was right at the point where it could go either way..surgery or observation. I chose surgery bc I just wanted to be done with it all. It was so tough to go through at that age, but I’m glad it is all done now. I don’t like to see anyone else dealing with it bc I know how tough it is. I had bursitis in my scapula area and two things helped: turmeric oral caps and reading the book “healing back pain” or any book by dr john sarno (amazing).

  30. Eye Issue…. I have UC and am at the beginning of a flare (recently diagnosed, still trying to find a good maintenance med) and I have this exact same thin only under my eye. Coconut oil has helped tremendously!

  31. If its on both eyelids, you make want to ask your doctor if it’s a heliotrope rash (it looks a little purplish in the picture). It’s a rash that’s usually on both eyelids and related to something called dermatomyositis. Most likely, it is a contact dermatitis, eczema etc. (given common things are common), Just wanted to mention it in case they can’t figure it out with the usual trial of treatments of topical steroid treatment, aquaphor etc.

  32. Omg, Tina, the exact same thing happened to my eyelid a few weeks ago! My doctor prescribed me a fairly pricy RX cream that cleared it up in a few days. Hopefully your issue resolved itself quickly!! Such a pain, especially around the holidays when there’s a million social things going on.

    Glad to hear all the Highs regardless!!

  33. Enjoyable weekend Tina! Spending time with family is important but sometimes we also need time for ourselves, hopefully your day is always fun.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

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