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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, guys! A very HAPPY Monday to you!

How was your weekend? (I seriously can’t believe it’s already the 2nd week of August. WHERE has summer gone!?) Overall, our weekend was really great with lots of highs and plenty of fun stuff in the mix, but it included a few lows too, which, of course, makes for the perfect High Low High post as a way to recap. If you’re unfamiliar with this blog post series, I recap the high and low points of the weekend. It’s fun. Ok, here we go!

HIGH: Finally buying a new patio umbrella. Hooray! Ours was damaged during a wind storm this spring, so it looked ridiculous with a rip in the fabric and bent spoke, but we just never got around to replacing it until this past weekend. I swear, our patio looks a zillion times better now!

new umbrella

LOW: Murphy being SO TIRED that he wasn’t able to fully enjoy our Friday afternoon happy hour. His life = so hard.

IMG_9993 (1280x1280)

HIGH: Planting flowers with Quinn!

IMG_9996 (1280x1280)

He was soooo into it and wanted to do everything himself. “Me! Me! Meeeee!”

IMG_0004 (1280x1280)

LOW: Waking up too sore on Saturday morning for CrossFit. Boo. I hate missing Saturday WODs. They’re always so fun.

HIGH: Going out to breakfast with my favorite guys instead!

IMG_0079 (1280x960)

LOW: Mal’s Western omelet. It didn’t have an appropriate “ham to onion ratio.” Haha! Poor Mal.

HIGH: Attending the Byrne Family Reunion! Our family hadn’t had one since 2008 (it was actually right after Mal and I got back from our honeymoon), so we were really looking forward to catching up with everyone.

bryne family reunion

LOW: Attempting to wrangle a cranky/strong-willed/maniac toddler for 2.5 hours and then just calling it quits. Plus, after changing an especially messy swim diaper, Mal and I decided it was time for the three of us to go home.

Image-1 (1)

HIGH: Cracking up over the whole “poop soup” situation. It was so gross and so funny at the same time. All we could do was laugh!

LOW: Not having a chance to eat very much at the family reunion.

HIGH: Getting take-out from Not Your Average Joe’s on our way home!


LOW: Eating a sub-par chicken sandwich for dinner. It wasn’t terrible, but I’ve definitely had better. And, honestly, I was so hungry, I didn’t really care. Feed me.


HIGH: Turning Quinn’s car seat around!

big boy car seat

LOW: Visiting the new playground near our house, but Quinn not being super into it. Whomp whomp.


HIGH: Having an impromptu “beach” day instead!


LOW: Not discovering this wonderful little watering hole sooner!


HIGH: Qman’s face now that he’s front-facing in his car seat. It’s a whole new world for him!


Question of the Day

Your turn! Share a high and low moment from your weekend! 



  1. High- taking our little guy to the pool for the first time this weekend!

    Low- Realizing that his Daddy will have to leave for 6 months next month. Seriously where has the summer gone?!?!

  2. High: finished my second Iron Girl triathlon and got to do it with my sister in the same age group for her first time!
    Low: Struggled a lot with back pain over the weekend leading up to the race and during. 🙁

    This summer has seriously just disappeared. It’s crazy how fast it’s flown.

  3. The poop soup doesn’t sound like it was much fun to deal with.

    My high for the weekend was discovering a new little bakery not far from his place. We checked it out and got a couple cookies and a cupcake to share. Everything was absolutely delicious!

  4. I live in your town and would love to know where the beach is! It looks awesome!

    Nothing worse than poop in a wet swim diaper. We have had a few this summer – so gross.

  5. Aw I remember how much car trips improved once our daughter went forward facing. It’s life changing!

    High: 3 year old daughter learning to use her puddle jumper in the pool and swimming for 3 hours

    Low: no nap after all the swimming made for a very teary afternoon 😐

  6. High – Davis Farmland! SO MUCH FUN!
    Low – Little guy cutting his finger on a piece of broken glass, nothing serious just alot of tears.

  7. I sure hope turning around the car seat for our daughter will improve car rides… well honestly they can’t get much worse!
    Quinn is just adorable 🙂

  8. I bet the car rides will be so much more enjoyable for Quinn now 🙂 Exciting times ahead!

    Also, I’m currently 5.5 months pregnant with my first and the ‘poop soup’ gives me bad nerves as I have such a weak stomach haha oh dear

  9. I love Q’s face in the pics once his car seat was turned around…he is in total awe of the world. So sweet to see the wonder in a child’s face. Thanks for sharing

  10. High- a 20 mile Sunday morning bike ride to the west end of Nantucket and an early birthday dinner with my parents Sunday evening!

    Low- seeing a lifeguard sent home because of a medical emergency that didn’t end well 🙁

  11. We just turned our little boy’s car seat around, too! It’s so fun! Now he yells the colors of the stop lights and makes a million observations about what he sees. It’s a little distracting when he asks, “What’s that? What’s that, Mommy?” over and over again, but adorable. 🙂 Seems like a fun weekend–I’m glad to see the “lows” weren’t TOO bad!

  12. LOL- I had a good chuckle at the photo of QMan getting flipped in his carseat because my little chunky monkey daughter got flipped at 14 months on the advice of our pediatrician! Her legs are SO long and she was so cramped back there! It’s a whole different world when they get to face forward! 🙂

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