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Hi, guys!

It’s Sunday afternoon. Qman is still napping, and I’m waiting for Mal to come home after him being away since Friday morning. Quinn, Murphy, and I had a nice weekend together, but, once again, it was a mix of highs and lows for us. With that in mind, a High Low High post seemed like the perfect way to recap. If you’re unfamiliar with this blog post series, I recap the high and low points of the weekend. Ok, here we go!

HIGH: Celebrating “Donut Friday” with a treat from The Coffee Shack.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Qman and I shared a honey dip donut. Mmm! 🙂

IMG_9694 (1280x1280)

LOW: Breaking out in a rash all over my body. *sigh* I assume it’s from the antibiotics that I was taking for my knee. When I was a kid, I had a reaction (rash) to penicillin, so I’ve avoided it since then. I told this to the doctor at Urgency Care, so she prescribed a different antibiotic, but I guess I’m allergic to that one too. Ugh. I really wish my body would get it together. (FYI: I contacted the on-call doctor at MGH, and she told me to stop the antibiotics and take some Benadryl.)

HIGH: Having a FUN afternoon with Quinn at Jungle Jakes! It was our first time there, and Qman had an absolute blast! We’ll definitely be back!

IMG_9729 (1280x1280)

LOW: Murphy acting all freaked out as soon as we went to bed on Friday night. He didn’t bark, but he was whining to go downstairs. I brought him down and then he ran around the house like he was looking for something. I double-checked all of the doors and made sure they were locked, but I still felt uneasy and didn’t sleep well. I wonder what he heard??

HIGH: Getting Marylou’s iced coffee! We still live close to a location, but it’s not a drive-thru or on the way to anything, so I hardly go anymore. I was really pumped to have my beloved White Chocolate Chip after so many months without!

IMG_9734 (1280x1280)

LOW: Sitting in SO MUCH TRAFFIC on the way to my sister’s house on Saturday morning. Blahhhhhhh. I have no patience when it comes to traffic.

HIGH: Hanging out with my sister, brother-in-law, and Quinn’s cousins!

IMG_9750 (1280x1280)

And, of course, Murphy and Batman too!

IMG_9751 (1280x1280)

Quinn loved Matthew’s toy drill and pretty much used it the entire time we were there!

IMG_9753 (1280x1280)

LOW: Coming home to a laundry detergent mess. Whomp whomp. Mal did laundry before he left on his trip and apparently forgot to close the detergent bottle all the way.

IMG_9761 (719x1280)

HIGH: Taking the jogging stroller out for a run! I’ve barely worked out lately, so it felt really great to break a sweat! I did 30 minutes of 200 meter sprints with my “coach” yelling “more, more!” from the stroller after each one. So much for rest intervals! 🙂


During my run, I also got to test out my new Ravenna 7, which are super supportive and really comfy. I want to run in them a few more times before I give you guys a full review, but my first experience was definitely a great one! (FYI: The Ravenna 6 is on sale right now for just $70!)


LOW: Taking Benadryl before bed, but then waking up on Sunday morning with a rash that was 10 times worse. Awesome.

HIGH: Having a play date with friends at the South Shore Children’s Museum!

IMG_9800 (1280x1280)

Captain Quinn had an awesome time!

IMG_9805 (1280x1280)

HIGH: Stopping by the Minute Clinic at CVS/pharmacy and getting an appointment right away. And Quinn was really well-behaved during it! #momwin

IMG_9809 (1280x1280)

LOW: The NP on staff not being able to do much for me. She said my rash definitely looked like a drug allergy reaction, but because I didn’t have a fever and it wasn’t bothering me all that much (it’s only a little itchy), she said to just stick to Benadryl and wait it out. Ugh. It looks disgusting.

HIGH: Making a delicious, super simple treat with Cheerios + Vanilla Cake Batter Coconut Butter. It’s just 1 cup of Cheerios mixed with 1 melted tablespoon of coconut butter, 1 tsp honey, and 1 tsp of mini chocolate chips. Then, just pop it in the fridge until the coconut butter is firm. A 1/2 cup serving is only 125 calories and the macros are pretty good too (P: 2 C: 16 F: 7). I ate like 500 batches this weekend! 🙂


Bhakti Sparking Tea Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered the Bhakti Sparkling Tea giveaway! Here’s your winner:


These look so yummy! The tart cherry for sure!

Congrats, Kim! Please email me at tina@carrotsncake.com with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize!

Health Warrior/Falmouth Road Race Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered the Health Warrior giveaway to win a prize pack + bib to the Falmouth Road Race! Here is your winner:


I love anything coconut, so I’d go with the coconut chia bar. I’m training for a half in October, so this race would be a great compliment to that. And who can resist the Cape in the summer??

Congrats, Karen! Please email me at tina@carrotsncake.com with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize!

Question of the Day

Your turn! Share your high low high from the weekend!



  1. Maybe Murphy was looking for Mal? I know my dog gets weird and waits by the door when my husband is gone overnight. I hope your rash gets better soon!

  2. I’m debating between the Ravenna 7 and the Ariel 14 ,which was recommended to me at a store, and need to test them both out! I’ve had a LOT of knee pain running and the Ariel are SO extremely supportive and comfortable and feel so great but. . .it’s not that I need the CUTEST sneakers but they look so much like grandma shoes that I’m embarrassed to wear them! Haha Hoping I can get away with the support in the Ravenna 7s…but haven’t decided yet. It’s such a splurge, so I want to get a pair I’ll really love (and that won’t send me back to PT!).

  3. My high is the whol house sleeping in till 8:00 am! That never happens! Our low was leaving the window down to our Honda and it rained! Now it smells musty 🙁

  4. My dog gets whiggy when she hears animals outside that we can’t see. Maybe Murph smelled an animal. I hate when they do that tho and scared the crap out of us.

  5. I’ve been dying to try the white chocolate chip coffee since you posted about it many moons ago. Unfortunately, we do not have a Mary Lou’s.

    The Ravenna 7s look awesome! I can’t wait for the review!

    And the cheerio treats have my mouth watering!

  6. I’m sorry about your rash from the antibiotics. I am allergic to several antibiotics so I’m very familiar with that rash! Sometimes they can also give you a prescription creme to help it. You guys always look like you have so much fun and get to go visit lots of places and friends. I’m sure that must be nice. My high of the weekend was finding the uniforms my son needed for school and my low was my husband going golfing when I was hoping to do something together.

  7. Agh so sorry about your antibiotic woes, I can definitely relate. I got a rash when I was prescribed penicillin while I had mono and I had a mild allergic reaction to Bactrin, stopped taking it, then ended up with C. diff, which ultimately became colitis. Hope your rash gets better soon!

  8. Hey. I’m a long time reader and also have uc. I’m not a doctor but that rash might be a photo sensitive reaction from your uc meds. You might want to call your gi doc for advice.

  9. You poor thing! Thank goodness for Marylou’s! The high was making pizza from scratch and low was having the weekend fly by.

  10. My dogs do that sometimes too. It always creeps me out, but usually just seems like nothing. Maybe it was a ghost 😉 The high of my weekend was catching up with some friends. The low was all the annoyances that come with painting.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  11. High: long weekend for a holiday here in Peru!

    Low: stressed over work that didn’t get done due to said holiday.

    High: spent time with friends and at a cool pool we found!

    Low: stomach aches due to still adapting to new foods

  12. High – Cookout with our neighbors we recently became friends with!

    Low – Hip pain that doesn’t seem to want to go away, probably because I keep running and working out! After the Falmouth road face I’ll focus on getting it better.

    High – Visiting friends that just had their first baby; We arrived with home cooked food which they were thrilled about since they’ve been eating frozen food and take out alot.

  13. I hope your rash gets better! I’m allergic to a lot and get hives/rashes a decent amount. You’ll probably experience the rash coming back for up to two weeks. Also, super hot showers, exercise etc always bring he rash out worse so just keep that in mind. I’m guessing your run or a hot shower triggered it to come back more. Hope you get better soon and love hearing updates about Murphy, Quinn and your family 🙂

  14. OH MY GOSH, THAT CHEERIOS RECIPE. Sometimes I ask myself how I didn’t think of something sooner? This recipe is one of them. Seems so good! I’ve never tried Nikki’s coconut butter. I need to bite the bullet and buy some already!!

  15. Could Murphy have been missing Mal? Our dog always acts off when my husband is gone overnight. I’ve definitely had a few of those freaked out/sleepless nights thanks to him! Sorry about the rash, hope the benadryl helps ASAP!

  16. Thanks for sharing highs and lows… as a mom, things like the laundry detergent seem to overtake my days, and I need to remember to look for the highs too!

    I LOVE picturing Quinn yelling for you to run more, that cracks me up!

    My weekend
    High: Taking kids out for Frozen Yog w/ unlimited toppings
    Low: WORKING MOST OF THE WEEKEND, and having to disperse my kiddos out to family members since my husband was working too
    High: Seeing how happy and well cared for my kids were when they were with my sister, she treats them like her own and it makes life so much easier having help that loves them!

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