Here’s What Happens When a Screw Gets Loose

Hi, friends! How’s your day going so far?

Murphy and I just got back from a lovely trip to the dog park. It was such a beautiful morning, I just had to take him. I knew he’d appreciate running around and stretching his little pug legs””and, of course, sniffing and peeing on all sorts of new things, so we went for a ride in the car to the park.

Bare Cove Park

flowers at bare cove park

Murphy and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves this morning. I listened to the most recent episode of the Balanced Bites podcast and strolled along while he ran around and did his pug mayor thing.

A kiss for Murphy

Eventually, Murphy took a short break from exploring to cool off his butt in the ocean. He just hates having a hot butt. #pugpriorities

Murphy cooling his butt off in the water.

Bare Cove Park 1

We walked along the main path of the park to the water, so we switched it up and took an “adventure walk” in the woods on the way back.

adventure walk

I guess the “adventure” part of the walk made Murphy really excited because he spazzed out in the middle of it and ran around like a freak””growling, barking, and elephant butt-ing, even UP a hill. Mal and I affectionately refer to this pug freak-out session as “screw loose,” as in a screw gets loose in Murphy’s brain and temporarily malfunctions. Murphy even gets these crazy, googly eyes when it happens. It’s ridiculous.

I hope this video makes you laugh! It will definitely show you how weird my dog is! Haha!

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Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite trail mix combo?

How/why does your dog/cat act like a freak?

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  1. I’m so jealous of your beautiful morning! I just flew home last night after 5 awesome days in Boston and Cape Cod but we barely saw the sun the whole time we were there. It was fabulous regardless though, and I finally got to try Marylou’s after reading about it here for years… holy Peanut Butter Wonderful!

  2. Hahaha we call those the “zoomies!” My dog gets those seemingly every night around 8 p.m. when we’re getting ready to settle in for a night of relaxing. It is so hilarious I can’t get mad at her!

  3. love that trail mix idea! i’m heading out of town for work next week, and this will be great to make ahead of time and bring along for snacking!

  4. My dog (lab mix) does the same thing. She’ll just go nuts and start running around in circles. If she’s feeling super crazy she’ll start digging holes after that until she’s out of breath.

    1. @Allie: omg, same– especially back in my less health-conscious days when that cheapo greasy-salty-peanut trail mix made its way into my house… picking out the perfectly salty-sweet raisins was a total weakness.

  5. We once gave my Mum’s labrador Max a giant shrimp to eat. Excep he didn’t eat it, instead he laid it beside him on the floor then started rubbing his nose up against it and caressing it. Yes, Max fell in love with a prawn.

  6. When our dog does a spazz attack like that, we can tell it is coming by her eyes and we just say to each other, “she’s got the crazy eyes, watch out.”

  7. I thought for sure you were gonna talk about meeting a crazy person on a trail — not a crazy pug! I bet a crazy pug is safer, though. Sometimes my wiener dog gets a burst of energy and sprints laps around the house, jumping over anything in his way, and growls until his puppy asthma kicks in and he has to stop to hack.

  8. I have a puggle named Buddha and he does this bizarre thing whenever he gets a new stuffed animal squeaky toy. For an hour after we give it to him, he runs around every room in the house multiple times making a crying sound. It sounds like he is so sad, like maybe he thinks he killed it?! Maybe he’s just elated, but either way it’s equal parts heartbreaking and entertaining 🙂

  9. My cat spazzes out after she uses the litter box, especially at night. She gets all riled up at night in general. I’ll walk out of my bedroom, minding my own business, on the way to brush my teeth, and she’ll all of a sudden pounce out from around the corner in total “attack” mode, ready to play. But from 6am-7pm she’s usually passed out somewhere, haha, I love it.

  10. My dog does the same thing. He’s a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier. He does it randomly, but particularly when he’s in a carpeted house (we have hardwood floors) and every time he’s wet, from either the rain or especially after a bath. I also had a Shih-Tzu growing up and he did it too! I think it’s just an excitement thing. We’ve always called it his “Run-Run-Run”, but I know others who refer to it as the “Zoomies” which I think is really cute!

  11. are you going to continue to have the click to continue button on your blog? I thought you were just using them for your vaca posts?’

  12. Three things make my younger dog spazz out: after she eats, after she goes to the bathroom, or any word or item that makes her think she might go to the beach (ie. saying “beach”/putting on sunscreen/putting on flip flops/sandals). We call her Hurricane Darcy 😛

  13. HAHA my dog does the exact same thing! Runs around like a maniac panting and growling like something crazy is happening…then he just stops completely and sits down like nothing has happened. Crazy dogs! Makes life more fun. 😉

  14. This scene looks all too familiar. One time my pug was tearing around like that and went headfirst into a pile of weeds….only to make the unfortunate discovery that there was a stream on the other side. The look on Molly’s face when she finally surfaced was priceless. I was practically rolling around on the ground laughing by myself in the middle of a park…if anyone would have seen me they probably would have thought I escaped the looney bin!

  15. Haha, that Murphy is too much! My neurotic dog Welker (yes, after Wes – when he was with the Pats) gets crazy when I get home from work. When I take her out she’ll do her thing then she’ll come up to me and I’ll clap 3 times and she runs around in circles going crazy! Thinking about it, she goes crazy anytime I say, “you want to go outside?” Generally, it doesn’t take much to get her riled up…

  16. It’s so funny to watch a dog in a FRAP (Frenetic Random
    Activity Period). My dog is 11 and he does it when he gets over

  17. HAHAHA, it’s funny and also cute. I love to watch dogs
    running their hearts out, being free to sprint, kick up dirt, roll
    in the grass, etc. My dog is a freak because she can talk (more
    like cry or whine in ways that lets me know exactly what she’s
    trying to say). She makes all sorts of weird noises.

  18. I have two pit mix rescues. The smaller one is normally super mellow, but when she gets a “loose screw” she tucks her tail and goes FLYING around the yard or the dog park in circles. It always happens totally unexpectedly, too!

  19. I just want to say that reading about both Murphy and then all of the commenters’ dogs brings me so much joy! Thank you for sharing your pup(s) with me 🙂

  20. My Memphis does the same thing when people come over! We call it the Stuart, bc we are afirly certain in his head he is saying “Look what i can do!”

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