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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Nerd alert!!!

Like our new helmets? Mal and I bought them for our upcoming ski trip this weekend. We’ve heard one too many stories about accidents on the slopes resulting in serious head injuries, so we figured we’d rather be safe than sorry.

IMG_0019 (640x480)


After buying a few last-minute essentials for our trip, Mal and I swung by the Rustic Kitchen for dinner. Clearly, I enjoy dining at this restaurant. I’ve eaten there four times in the past two months!

IMG_0025 (640x480)

To start, Mal and I munched on some focaccia with a white bean-olive oil-garlic dipping sauce.

IMG_0022 (640x480)

For dinner, I ordered the fig, prosciutto, and arugula flatbread pizza, which I thought was an appetizer, but it ended up being massive!

IMG_0026 (640x480)

I ate a few pieces (and a meatball from Mal’s meal), but there are still tons of leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.

IMG_0029 (640x480)IMG_0030 (640x480)

Lots of good TV to watch tonight! Enjoy the evening!

P.S. Last chance to enter my Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt! I’m picking a winner in the morning!



  1. Being as clumsy as I am, I sometimes think I should wear a helmet every day. Walking down the street, shopping for groceries – I always trip or hit my head on stuff!
    Have a good night. New episode of Jersey Shore will be on soon… 🙂

  2. Great call on getting helmets. I started wearing one a while ago and got picked on for it, but it has saved me from serious injury. I’m a snowboarder and once got a severe concussion when my board slipped on some ice and I fell, and that was *with* the helmet on. My doctor said I was lucky I was wearing it…

    I love the idea of the white bean-olive oil-garlic dipping sauce! I’ve never seen that on a restaurant menu but it sounds fantastic.

  3. As a physical therapy student who’s been studying traumatic brain injury in the past week, I’m psyched to see you’re going to wear helmets! 🙂 Have fun!

  4. good thinking wearing helmets! : ) i’m working in a neuro-rehab unit right now and i’ve seen lots of head injuries related to outdoor winter activities!

  5. Helmets are totally necessary when skiing/boarding! Last weekend, I hit a little patch of ice that I didn’t see and ended up backwards and slammed my head pretty hard. Thanksfully, I had a helmet, but my neck was pretty sore the next morning.

  6. My husband is snowboarding with friends in Stowe, VT this weekend–I am SO excited for him, as winter sports are totally his “thing”! My one winter sport is snowshoeing. 😉
    And yes, helmets ARE important, not nerdy at all! You guys look adorable. I hope you have a wonderful time.
    And your dinner looks like it was scrumptious!!

  7. OMG, I ate at the Rustic Kitchen a couple years ago and had exactly what you had. When I go there in exactly one month I want that flatbread again yum! I also got the mac ‘n cheese with truffles and truffle oil!

  8. Holy moley!! that flatbread is HUGE!!

    Just today I was writing on my blog about baby food…it’ll be interesting to hear your views and thoughts when you get to that phase in your life 🙂

  9. Helmets are a good idea…we got our first helmets for snowboarding this year and they came in handy. We didn’t have any life threatening crashes but even for the little biffs it was nice to have a helmet!

  10. My husband picked up a helmet when he was in college and adventurous and skied through glades all the time. I picked one up a couple years ago just to be safe. I have a similar fun picture from when I first got mine 🙂 Mine’s a nice matte black. I like to think of it as multi-functional…a really warm hat, and it keeps my hair out of my face.

    Where are you going skiing? hubs and I are going to Killington this weekend. It will be our first VT ski adventure outside of Stowe.

  11. You guys will be happy you got the helmets! As a skier who skied on my high school ski team and still skis, I’ve fallen so many times that my helmet has really saved me from either real injuries or a bad concussion. Smart decision. PLUS, it will keep your head and ears extra warm when the wind is whipping around you.

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