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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Nerd alert!!!

Like our new helmets? Mal and I bought them for our upcoming ski trip this weekend. We’ve heard one too many stories about accidents on the slopes resulting in serious head injuries, so we figured we’d rather be safe than sorry.

IMG_0019 (640x480)


After buying a few last-minute essentials for our trip, Mal and I swung by the Rustic Kitchen for dinner. Clearly, I enjoy dining at this restaurant. I’ve eaten there four times in the past two months!

IMG_0025 (640x480)

To start, Mal and I munched on some focaccia with a white bean-olive oil-garlic dipping sauce.

IMG_0022 (640x480)

For dinner, I ordered the fig, prosciutto, and arugula flatbread pizza, which I thought was an appetizer, but it ended up being massive!

IMG_0026 (640x480)

I ate a few pieces (and a meatball from Mal’s meal), but there are still tons of leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.

IMG_0029 (640x480)IMG_0030 (640x480)

Lots of good TV to watch tonight! Enjoy the evening!

P.S. Last chance to enter my Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt! I’m picking a winner in the morning!



  1. Growing up in Colorado, I can promise you that helmets are not for nerds:) Everyone wears them, and it’s the people who don’t wear them who look a little silly now. Have a safe, super-fun trip!

  2. I finally got a helmet about 6 years ago. It’s safe and SO WARM. I’ll never go back to wearing a hat…frankly I think people look silly now wearing them! Have a great trip!

  3. That flatbread pizza sounds amazing!!!

    Definitely better to be safe than sorry! Even if I’m just going for a walk in the field on my horse, I’m always sure to wear my helmet! It’s never nerdy to protect your noggin’ 😉

  4. That pizza looks insanely good. It reminds me of one I used to get at a restaurant right next door to my old apartment in the East Village. I miss it!

    Enjoy your ski trip!

  5. You are NOT nerds! My husband and I went skiing in the Austrian Alps this year and EVERYONE was wearing helmets. I was thrilled because I had been concerned about standing out, too. They also keep your head warm, so it’s a double bonus! Have a great time!

  6. Thank you for the recommendation for rustic kitchen, we were are visiting Boston for the weekend and our hotel was in the theater district and we realized Rustic Kitchen was right around and I was so excited to go! It was DELICIOUS!!!

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