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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Woah, it’s September 1st already? Where did this summer go!?! Summer 2010 was easily the best summer of my life! :mrgreen:

In no particular order, here are just some of the highlights from the last few months:

I helped host the 2nd Annual Healthy Living Summit in Chicago.


I met some fabulous bloggers and supported Caitlin at the TODAY show.


I had a blast with my blog buddies in Philadelphia.


I ate my way through Orlando.


I made some exercise videos with Fitness Magazine.


I went to a couple of fun summer concerts: Ray LaMontagne + David Gray and OAR.


I crossed off #41 from my Life’s To Do List!


Learned how to cook French food with my hubby.


I attended some great events in New York City, including Silver Spoons and The Kitchen of the Year.

kitchen of the year.jpg

I learned all about organics, farming, and cows on the Stonyfield Barnstorming Tour.


Mal and I started house hunting again.


I met some wonderful bloggers in Scottsdale, Arizona and learned all about steam cooking.


I went to my first ever BlogHer in New York City.


I spent a nice, relaxing weekend in Burlington, Vermont with my husband and our friends.


I celebrated Dave and Marie’s big day!


As well as our two-year wedding anniversary.


I ate lunch with Gary Hirshberg, the CE-YO of Stonyfield.


I turned 30!!!


I signed up to run a marathon with Team In Training!


Wow, what a summer!! I’m exhausted just blogging about it. Let’s hope the fall is just as fun!

What are you going to miss most about summer?



  1. I’m not going to miss much, my favorite parts of the year are fall and spring, so I’m really excited to see the cooler weather and the falling leaves 🙂

  2. Tina you have definitely had a busy summer! I’m sure you’ll find plenty to do this Fall.

    I looked at your “kitchen of the year” post, have you been watching (the designer) Jeff Lewis’ show on Bravo? I think he is just hilarious.

  3. Hmmm… the thing I’ll miss most about summer… Probably BBQ’s on the back porch with friends (with no coats hehe) or happy hour out on the patio of one of our favorite bars (read: close to home).

    I love, love, love when we can eat outside and not infront of the tv or computer screen 😉

  4. FANTASTIC recap! What I’ll miss most about summer = my recent trip to NYC (which I’m in the middle of recapping, on my blog). So sorry we weren’t in the city at the same time though! 🙁

  5. that’s quite the re-cap!

    honestly, i feel like my summer was a bit of a bust this year. but no worries! i’m heading into my favorite time of year (fall, winter, and the holidays). that’s where all of my fun stuff happens!

    i started reading your blog at the beginning of this summer, so it was really cool to see this! thanks!

  6. Wow! You had a busy summer!! But at least it was filled with fun stuff, right 😉
    I’ll miss not having school..ugh, but this is my last semester and then I graduate in December..so I just have to make it a little longer 😀
    PS. That’s so AWESOME that you did fitness videos for Fitness Magazine!!!!

  7. Love the summer re-cap! It’s wonderful you got to travel and see so many parts of the country.

    Although fall is my favorite season, there’s lots to miss about summer: flip-flops, grilling/cook-outs, sunsets that don’t start ’til almost 9pm, and of course walking to the ice cream shop!

  8. Wow, that is the most packed summer I’ve ever seen! Everything looks so fun too. The thing I’ll miss most is definitely the heat. Even after living in Canada for almost 20 years, I’m still not a fan of winter/cold!

  9. It seems the busier you are, the faster time flies! Summer has been fun and I am so looking forward to the fall. I live in northern CA and it’s Harvest time which means Harvest festivals and wine tasting…Yea!

  10. Seems like your summer was a blast! It’s so great you can be involved in so many things.
    I’ll miss the “fun” in the air that summer has. I associate summer with good times, I suppose I’m still hardwired from having summers off as a kid!
    (PS I love the comments font, do you know the name of it?)

  11. Hey I called my post today the same thing! Great minds think alike don’t they 🙂

    The thing I’ll miss most is all my vacation time from work. Luckily I got to travel a lot and do some awesome things, but now it’s back to my regularly scheduled work days for the rest of the year. Summer is the best time to take vacation of course so I’m happy I used it all up!

  12. I’m going to miss all of the vacation time I get (university summer schedules are the best thing ever), going to the beach every weekend, and having Boston ALL.TO.MYSELF.

    Now all the students and their parents are taking over my city! I want it back! I was here first! lol

  13. Not going to miss much really. It was nice for the break from work, but I enjoy chatting with my coworkers and being around the kids so I’m excited for it to start back up!

  14. I’ll mostly miss my summer living in downtown DC. I’ve lived there for a year and a half but just relocated out to MD to save some cash. I am looking forward to my new place but I’ll miss frolicking in the city all summer! 🙂


  16. I miss the bit of care-free-ness that comes with my job in the Summer. I have a ton of work still but I can go on my own pace. Once September hits all heck breaks loose and I am go, go, go until January.

    But I’m not going to miss the heat. This summer was BRUTAL. My electric bill for the AC won’t let me forget.

  17. Wow you have been busy! Im back in school so i already miss not having homework. Being in LA the weather doesnt ger cold and the fall has some of the best beach weather so i am excited for fall!

  18. WOAH!! You’ve done so many fun and entertaining things over the summer! I’m probably going to miss my opportunities to go to the beach, working, and my high school friends and family. Going back to school sure is a lot of work but I’m definitely excited for the school year to be back in full swing!

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