Healthy, Travel-Friendly Eats

Since I’m off to Baltimore this morning (and because I’ve been traveling so much lately), I decided to write a post about the foods I often eat during my travels. (Most of them are Paleo-friendly!) Some of them take a little advanced planning, but it’s worth it, and I hope they give you some ideas for your own snacks!


Fresh fruit and veggies””all kinds!


Chunked chicken breast””wrapped in tinfoil to keep it cold and then put in a plastic bag.


Sliced deli turkey + sautéed greens and roasted veggies.

Greens turkey

Hardboiled eggs.


Canned tuna””drained and mixed with avocado and spices or made into Tuna Cakes.


Avocado””cut in half with salt and pepper (wrapped in tinfoil and eaten with a spoon) or mixed into a meal or snack.

IMG_2281 (750x563)

Coconut butter.


Trail mix””homemade or store-bought.

IMG_1387 (563x750)

Nut and sunflower butters. I love mixing them with fresh fruit, Sweet Potato Wedges, or Morning Glory Muffins. Justin’s and SunButter make single-serving, travel-friendly packets.


If I’m on the road and can’t prepare food ahead of time, I try to find a Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or grocery store to buy healthy snacks/meals.

The hot bar at Whole Foods rules. The last time I was there, I mixed jerk chicken with grilled plantains, raisins, and walnuts for breakfast. It was so delish!

IMG_1395 (750x563)

Packaged snacks that I like: NoGii Bars and Larabars.


Primal Pacs””look nasty, but taste delicious!


Protein Bistro Box from Starbucks.


What are your favorite travel-friendly snacks?


  1. First of all, YAY for the DMV! (DC-Maryland-Virginia). You’re going to have a GREAT time here.

    Secondly, awesome advice on the snacks to bring. I always bring food with me when I go places! I love any sort of nuts/nut butter, fresh fruits and veggies, etc. I find that I especially need to bring food for my daughter. Whenever you go somewhere people think that they need to spoil little kids like CRAZY! If we’ve been in the car for 6 hours and she’s starving, I can’t really say no. If I’ve given her something before we get there then we can politefully decline because “she just had a snack”.

  2. I’m always a fan of anything that can be munched on and then resealed and finished later. Mostly nuts, tidy sandwiches (nut butter and banana!!), and pre-roasted veggies (like beets, sweet potato, cauliflower, and broccoli). Also, always a whole fruit somewhere too — usually a banana and a slightly under-ripe peach or plum (so the juice doesn’t drip everywhere!!)

  3. Ahh so many good ideas! Love hardboiled eggs, nuts, leftover roast veggies, fruit, and veggie crisps.. keen to try some of those paleo ‘ready-made’ snacks but haven’t seen them here, will keep an eye out 😉

  4. I’m not very good about getting myself put together before travel, let alone food. I normally scramble to find healthy choices at Starbucks or Wawa. — Thank goodness Wawa has come to Florida!

    Enjoy FitBloggin!

  5. Once or twice a year I take a biiiig international flight from Amsterdam (current home) to Sacramento (where my parents live) and just can’t handle the sodium heavy airplane food.

    Some of my favorite snacks are bananas with nutella (packed in a tiny container or in travel sized packets), roasted almonds, salt and vinegar chips, cheese and crackers and avocado sandwiches on sourdough!

  6. I’m bookmarking this! I bring snacks more often to law school than meals because my schedule is so weird and these are all such simple but great ideas. I usually bring granola bars, already sliced apples (less noisy in class), carrots, almonds and occasionally string cheese or yogurt if I know I’ll eat it soon.

  7. I hope this comment doesn’t come across as too strange but I just wanted to say thanks for this blog. I recently went through a really bad time and reading your blog was a welcome distraction that helped me forget and bring a rare smile to my face.

    So thanks again for this blog. I think you’re wonderful.


  8. So do you have a carry-on that’s strictly for food? 😉 Seriously though, that’s awesome that you plan food for when you are away – I wish I had enough will to do that!

  9. I love sliced veggies/fruits and nuts for travel. I also make sure to have some kind of protein bar (I like things that are sealed up so I don’t feel like they are going to spoil). And I always load up on water whether flying or driving. It’s sooo easy to forget to drink while traveling!

  10. Have fun at the conference! I am not attending, but I would love to attend any blogger “meet-ups” that may occur! Also, let me know if you need recommendations for places to go and tips for getting around. Sunday night the Ravens play at home, so expect the city to be a zoo all day!

  11. Whenever I travel (via plane lol) I usually just bring a granola bar and a piece of fruit… I need to try sweet potatoes and sunbutter.. I love both 😀

  12. Hi, just fyi…the Protein Box at Starbucks actually doesn’t have the most “bang for your buck” in the protein category…Chicken & Hummus would probably be your best bet for calories/protein ratio.

    Those primal packs look funny :). But I would love to try them….no wholefoods or trader joes around here though. Trader Joes is coming soon to Medford, OR…YAY!

  13. love TJ’s trail mixes for travel snacks! Lara bars are fantastic too! I hate when people bring smelly snacks on planes though-no one wants to smell mcdonalds or a stinky sandwich in a recycled air enviro, ugh.

  14. I flew to San Francisco last night and was so glad I packed some travel friendly foods. In the mix: baby carrots and sugar snap peas, laughing cow cheese and some crackers, an apple, and a few squares of dark chocolate. I also like traveling with greek yogurt and hard boiled eggs… wished I had some last night. I could have used the protein.

  15. Fruit of any kind in tupperware is perfect for traveling as well as trail mix (although this is somewhat embarrassing to eat on a plane/in public as I usually grab a handful and “dump” it into my mouth with a head tilted back position, like a glutton). But you’re sweet potato wedges with nut butter always look amazingly delicious, and travel-friendly.

  16. Yay Baltimore! I hope that you have a chance to see some of our wonderful city while you are here! Definitely some fun things to see and good (and healthy) things to eat if you know where to go.

  17. These are great tips thanks! I also always look for larabars if I’m hungry on the road. They’re made from all real foods and no added sugar, but are super portable. Plus they’re very tasty.

  18. I love these ideas, thanks for sharing! I’ve keep looking for the Protein Bistro Box at Starbucks when I want a healthy breakfast (vs the oh-so-tempting sweets) but I can’t find them. I live in Iowa – maybe they don’t have them here? Anyway, I usually end up going with one of their smoothies.

    I also like to carry fruit, and Clif bars.

  19. I usually pack a Kashi granola bar (their trail mix flavor is the best!) and a 100 calorie pack of almonds or some raisins in a small container. I would bring fruit with me more often, but I hate it when it gets bruised!

  20. i’m a bit of a nervous flyer so I always crave comfort foods. I almost always cook up a big batch of buckwheat porridge with a banana, peanut butter and a little … theres something about that combination that makes me feel super cozy and comfy

  21. I would love to know what Paleo blogs, websites, books, and/ or cookbooks you would recommend for newbies. I would love to see a post on this. Just like you I don’t want to give up my alcohol…my glass of wine on the weekends….but looking for more recipes, etc on Paleo.

  22. I like to pack nuts, fruit, bars, and PB&J sandwiches. I have to disagree on the tuna suggestion though…there is NOTHING worse than someone breaking out tuna in a confined space!! Someone on our flight to Italy ate tuna salad and the smell lingered for hours…don’t do it! 🙂

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