Healthy Lunchbox Ideas from Trader Joe’s

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A lunchbox with healthy foods options from Trader Joe's

Hi, guys! Happy Hump Day!

We’re getting into the swing of things over here now that school has been in session for a few weeks. Quinn is adjusting well and really seems to love learning and making new friends. His favorite subjects are science and recess, of course! 😉 We actually signed him up for a “Mad Science” program that meets once a week, and he absolutely loves it. In fact, he asks us pretty much every other day if it’s a “science day” because he wants to go all the time!

While things have been going well on the education front, packing (and eating) lunch has been a bit of a struggle. Most days, Quinn’s lunch comes home barely eaten. He says he doesn’t have enough time to eat, which is definitely a possibility since he’s a pretty slow eater and easily distracted. But, even still, we’re working to find healthy, packable foods that he likes (and can eat quickly). A lot of the time they’re from Trader Joe’s since we shop there quite a bit.

Discovering new products has definitely been trial and error, but I wanted to share some of Quinn’s recent favorites to give you guys some ideas for your own kid’s lunches. And, of course, if you have any awesome recommendations, please send them my way!

Also, if you haven’t discovered the amazingness of Stasher Bags for lunches (and food storage, in general), be sure to add a few to your collection. THEY ARE AWESOME – great for the environment, conviennce, and your wallet! 🙂

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A lunchbox with healthy foods options from Trader Joe's

Lunchbox favorites

Healthy lunchbox foods options from Trader Joe's

Question of the Day

What are your kid’s favorite lunchbox eats? 

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  1. You may want to invest in a bento box. Having to open and unwrap things can be time consuming for little kids and if he keeps getting distracted that cuts into his eating and opening time. Our kindergarten suggests having everything unwrapped for easy access.

  2. I second the bento box recommendation! I work at an elementary school and I see how long it takes kids to just open their lunch – by the time it’s all out and ready, 30 mins is up!

  3. We have a well priced Yumbox and it’s great! Also you can cut down on waste becasuse each little section is air tight, so you can buy big jars of apple sauce and fill a small section with sauce so he can just dig in. Lots of sections for different foods to go in. Get in the bento bandwagon stat! Also I love TJs too, I just wish they would stop having so much packaging for produce! Makes me crazy, cuz I love the company.

  4. I had never thought of that as a reason for the bento box but it makes so much sense!! My son is also in K. He eats a pb&j (actually sunflower butter which he prefers after years of no pb in PreK), fruit or a fruit pouch, and a carby snack. Quinn has a lot of options! Maybe it’s too many choices? I know that’s tough with a picky eater though.

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