Health Anniversaries: When Is Yours?

Hello, hello! Ok, where did I we leave off? Oh, yes, I was traveling home from New York City after yoga with Martha. (I still can’t believe I got to do yoga with Martha Stewart! Ahhh! Crazy-cool!)


When I arrived in NYC on Tuesday afternoon, I stopped by Whole Foods to buy lunch for the bus ride home the following day. I knew I probably wouldn’t have much time to grab food after the yoga event and the Bolt Bus only stops at fast food joints, so I hit up the hot bar at Whole Foods for a healthy option.

001 (640x480) (640x480)

(Theodora and I shared the dark chocolate-almond-sea salt bar on Tuesday night. Holy delicious!)

I transferred my lunch from the cardboard box to the Tupperware container I brought from home for easy transport-ability. Inside was chicken, grilled plantains, walnuts, and spiced sweet potato and apple salad.

IMG_4089 (750x563)

When I arrived in Boston yesterday afternoon, Mal picked me up from the T station and then drove me to the auto mechanic shop to pick up my piece-of-crap car. The other oxygen sensor went and needed to be fixed, so it was repaired yesterday, and, hopefully, my car is good to go for awhile now. My car is seriously a money pit, but the mechanic assured me that a Camry with less than 100,000 miles on it still has plenty of years left, especially the old ones like mine. I hope he’s right! My bank account is hurting after all of those repairs!


Once I picked up my car, I headed home, quickly showered, and then met some of my favorite CrossFit ladies for dinner and drinks at Burton’s Grill.

IMG_4091 (750x563)

When we first started CrossFit, we used to workout together all the time, but now that our box is growing and there are more class options throughout the day, we don’t always end up in the same classes anymore. We missed each other, so we made a date to hang out last night.

IMG_4097 (750x563)

During dinner, the topic of our one-year CrossFit anniversaries came up. I thought I was a weirdo for knowing mine (December 5th), but it turns out everyone else at the table knew theirs too! Love it!

When I think about it, December 5, 2011 is actually a really important (even life-changing) day in my life. It’s almost like a health anniversary because, looking back, my first CrossFit class got the ball rolling with so many positive changes in my life, including:

It’s crazy to think a little sport like CrossFit would have such a huge impact on my life. I thought it was just going to be a new way to workout, but it ended up being SO much more. I am so thankful to have it in my life. It’s definitely made me a healthier person overall!

photo (3) (612x612)

Anyway”¦ back to dinner!

While we waited for everyone to arrive, I ordered a glass of white wine.

IMG_4092 (563x750)

For dinner, I opted for a burger with avocado, tomato, and cucumber salad on the side. How Paleo of me!

IMG_4093 (750x563)-2

The cucumber salad was especially amazing. It was made with white vinegar, tomatoes, and onions. I want to recreate it at home!

IMG_4094 (563x750)-2

Even though the five of us are all doing the Paleo Challenge at our box, we decided to splurge on dessert. We shared a Toffee Brownie Sundae with vanilla bean ice cream, and it was totally worth the -4 points! Ha! Paleo-faileo.

IMG_4101 (750x563)-2

Health News & Views

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Question of the Day

Do you have a health anniversary? What is it?


  1. I hate how bolt bus always stops at like burger king. I started crossfit on the Saturday of LAbor Day weekend this year and I am pretty sure I will never forget it because it has changed my life.

  2. That’s so funny that you have an older Camry–I do, too! Mine is a 1989, and when I got it, it had only about 70,000 miles. It’s still under 100K and still kickin’!

  3. October 1st, 2012 is my Unprocessed/Paleo/#whole30 “anniversary”. I guess I should finish out the first month before I start counting anniversaries. My anniversary for my over all healthiness journey is August 3rd, 2010.

    It’s nice to see how far you’ve (I’ve) come.

  4. I should go look up my Crossfit anniversary. I mean, it’s on my blog!
    Also, I thought vinegar wasn’t paleo? I’m not calling you out because I sure as heck couldn’t be paleo, but I always hear such contradicting information about what is and isn’t paleo.

    1. I have no idea, actually. Sorry! I’m sure one of those Paleo sites could tell you. I’m not big on the nitty-gritty of diets. I mean, I’m pretty sure the Toffee Brownie Sundae I ate wasn’t Paleo either! 🙂

  5. I totally understand about the car problems. I had to do about $500 worth of work on my car this summer after my bro in law (who’s the mechanic of the family) told me that a Honda with 150000+ miles on it is good to go for at least another 50,000. So I did it. But it goes through oil faster, and then I needed a new battery. So as much as I don’t want a car payment I have this gut its going to be coming sooner than I think…

  6. My health anniversary is January 2011 when I decided that one year is too long to blame being overweight on my one year old son! I have since lost 25 pounds, have tons more energy, eat mindfully and I feel grreeeaattt!!

  7. Congrats on your first year of Crossfit! My anniversary will be a year from this past Tuesday-10/16! I’ve just started the foundations class, and your blog and experiences with Crossfit were definitely a big part of the reason I am trying it. Now if I could just get past the initial soreness from my first class 🙂 ….

  8. Absolutely! On my 26th birthday I looked in the mirror and said, “I don’t want to be fat anymore!” I weighed 198 lbs (at 5’4″ that is TOO MUCH). I’ve since lost 60 lbs and feel amazing! Only 10 more to go!

  9. It has been almost 18 months of crossfit for me. My one year anniversary at my current box is coming up fast! It is amazing how much crossfit can change your life, because of crossfit i am in the middle of a career change (going to personal train),down 30lbs and more confident than ever!!!

  10. October 2006 is when I finally realized that the cause of the health problems I’d experienced over the past 18 months (upset stomach, thyroid issues, unexplained weight gain) were all due to a soy intolerance. It took me another 18 months after cutting out soy to feel good again, but every October feels like the start of a new year to me!

  11. My CrossFit anniversary is Oct. 7th, 2011 – its been just over a year for me too! When I started CrossFit I really wasn’t in very good shape at all, wasn’t super fit at that point, could barely squat the barbell and box jumps seemed impossible. Last night when I did my workout, I did 75lb power cleans and front squats in our WOD and it showed me just how far I have come, but there is still lots more to improve on. Next is pull-ups!

  12. I have a running Anniversairy, the Chicagoland Susan G Komen race for the cure. 2010 was the first year I ran a 10k and then the next year I consider that race the start of my racing “career” because after that I went up to 10 miles, 2 half marathons and then my first marathon 2 weeks ago!

  13. I definitely started getting healthier the January before my 30th b-day in August. I made a vow to myself that I wanted to go into my 30’s as healthy as possible and that’s what I did. 😉 Love the 60 minute workout and of course the brownie sundae! Sometimes you just have to go for the splurge!

  14. March 2, 2010 I started my “lifestyle change”. I started running and eating better. I lost over 40 pounds in 5 months and have kept it off. I lost another 5 along the way. I am running my second marathon in 10 days Marine Corps in DC. Can’t wait!

  15. My health anniversary would be August 29th, its the first day I started really running, I had just landed in Montreal, Quebec to start grad school, I didn’t know a sole and was super anxious so I joined the running room with hopes of meeting new people and starting a new healthy lifestyle… it stuck!

  16. I actually do know that I joined Healthworks in 11/99 (right after I took and failed the CPA exam) and but don’t know the date. Still counts, right?

    Fun fact – if you go to the Whole Foods on 7th and 24th – which am pretty sure you do since that’s where Bolt Bus is – Katie Holmes lives in that building and is often seen there. Anderson Cooper, Sara Jessica Parker, one of the Jonas people (who may also live in the building), Seth Meyers – and a million others live in that area, but that’s where Kate Holmes rented an apartment after she left Tom Cruise, and all of those photos of her were from there – so keep your eyes open! My parents live in the building across the street, but they’re not as fun as seeing one of the other neighbors….they do have fun celebrity sightings constantly in that area and at that Whole Foods.

  17. So many of my closest friends have come from CrossFit! It really has changed so many aspects of my life and not just fitness! My two big health anniversaries are the day I started Crossfit and when was diagnosed as Celiac! I’ve been gluten free for almost a year and a half!

  18. 6 Days ago…Whole 30 is creating Big and Amazing changes.

    Isnt amazing how many great people you can meet through the gym? I would say majority of my friends frequent the same gym I do. It brings us together because we have the same active lifestyle.

  19. Mmmm that dessert sounds/looks SO freaking good!! I love toffee. Love it.

    The first weekend in October holds special meaning for me for 2 major reasons: I completed my intense 3-day training to become BodyPump certified instructor, and my now husband asked me out on our first date the year before that. We’ve been happily married 2.5 years, and I freaking love teaching BP!

  20. September 2010 – I had always been athletic and worked out but was fed up with still being overweight and decided I was making a lifestyle change versus changing for vanity reasons. I have since lost and kept off 30 pounds, eat clean and feel amazing, drink at a minimum and have run several half marathons. It is a continuous process I have really started lifting over the past 6 months and love watching my body evolve. And will be running my first full marathon in January!
    Congrats on your CrossFit Anniversary, and yay for health anniversaries!

  21. My health anniversary is coming up December 1st! Almost one year ago, I purchased the Tone It Up Diet Plan and started my clean eating journey. It hasn’t always been easy, but when I’ve stuck with it, it’s always been rewarding. I’m eating very clean in the time leading up to Dec. 1, so I can feel great about myself on my anniversary! I’m planning on celebrating with a new healthy recipe 🙂

    P.S. I know you’ve been busy with your trip to New York, but I hope you get the chance to answer the questions I sent you for my class. It would mean so much to me! 🙂 Thanks!

  22. My major health anniversary would be when I started on this journey of making permanent lifestyle changes. It’s October 2009 🙂

    I love NYC! My sister works and lives there so I try to visit whenever I can. I love your photos

  23. OMG there chocolate bars are AMAZING I am hooked. My bf and I will buy them every once in a while and we keep them in the freezer… The Almond and Dark Chocolate and sea salt is my favorite but the Orange peel one is pretty amazing…

    Maybe even life changing!!!

  24. I must admit , even I’ve noticed significant changes to your body since you’ve started Crossfit (read: KILLER ARMS AND ABS!!!)
    I think it’s amazing that you are so motivated to do a particular sport. You seem sooo driven and it’s pretty inspiring! Keep it up, you totally rock 😀

    Oh! And “Paleo Faileo” made me laugh out loud at my desk at work 😛

  25. That dessert looks amazing! Haha, Paleo-shamlio- you’re doctor ordered you to enjoy life! I don’t know if I could make a habit out of getting to the gym during lunch break. Maybe one day a week, but I like having that time to just relax and tune out between working all day. I have to say that even after less than a month of doing CrossFit, I already love it. And you are definitely the one who inspired me to try it because of all of the reasons you listed. So, thank you! And I remember my start date too, of course- September 24th 🙂

  26. Yes it’s the 22nd of August and it’s a day in recovery that I ate my first sweet treat, a slice of pear and almond and chocolate tart with ice cream…which I savoured for the best part of an hour! It was 4 years ago now! Was a really big step and I’ll never forget it!

  27. So fun! Again, reading this makes me want to join a cross-fit gym! If only the gym we already belonged to offered it… I can’t seem to convince the hubby to pay for 2 memberships 😛 Although, I’m excited cause next week we’re trying TNT anddd hopefully signing up for a program!

  28. My car was a money pit last year….head gasket, rear brakes, oxygen sensor And new tires. This year it’s a little better. And it’s only 7 years old! I was ready to roll it off a cliff when the head gasket went (at 49,000 miles). I so feel your pain.

  29. WhooOOooaaah, grilled plantains in the salad! That’s something I’ve never heard of (haha, actually, I’ve never eaten plantains before). Looks like a yummy and filling salad!

  30. Well actually, today, October 18th is my “health anniversary.” 2 years ago today I put down cigarettes for good. Over time, (and overweight) I picked up running-having never run before- as a way to exercise with my dog. Little by little I got better and started racing — with a 10K in January in Chicago (talk about crazy). As running became more of a priority, eating healthier did too (plus, at my age the weight wasn’t coming off as easily as I’d hoped). Thanks to blogs like yours today I am eating and exercising to the best of my ability and I’m in the best shape of my life. And I’m 43 years old. Never too old!!

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