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Good morning!

I’ve received quite a few questions about my winter running gear, so here’s a little recap of what I wore for my long run this past Sunday. (FYI: It was 19 degrees when I started running and 29 degrees when I finished.) Except for my ear-warmer/headband and socks, everything I wore was purchased by me (or Mal), so they’re are not “sponsored” in anyway. They’re items that I absolutely love and recommend 100%.


Head-to-toe winter running gear:

  • Janji Running Headband: This Janji Women’s Hand Drawn Print Running Headband gives 6 months of clean water to a person in Tanzania. It’s reversible, warm, and stays put. Full review here.
  • Nike ‘Shield Max’ Water Repellent Hooded Running Jacket: I love this jacket. It has a hood, face warmer, huge pockets (for iPhone, GU, car keys, chapstick, etc.), and hand warmers. Full review here.
  • Long-sleeve running shirt: The long-sleeve shirt that I wore is made by New Balance, but it’s a few years old, so I couldn’t find it online. It’s similar to this one, and it’s great as a base layer.
  • New Balance Comfy Conformer Sports Bra: You guys know I won’t steer you wrong when it comes to sports bras and, well, this one is especially AWESOME. Ok, story for you”¦ Stonyfield is giving us branded singlets to wear during the marathon, which means I can’t wear one of the grubby sports bras that I am currently wearing for my long runs. Well, obviously I could, but they’re gross and worn out and kind of ugly since I bought them when I was pregnant and needed a lot of support. You know what I mean? Long story short, I wanted a cute sports bra that would last 26.2 miles, so I searched high and low and found this one, which I frickin’ love. I highly recommend it for long distance running and other endurance sports!
  • New Balance NB Heat Fleece Running Tights: I love these too. These tights are a bit thicker than your regular running tights and lined with fleece, so they are really warm, but not insanely hot or so thick you can’t move in them.
  • New Balance Women’s Endurance Touch Glove: Great gloves. They have touch pads on the pointer fingers, so you can easily use your smartphone during your run.
  • Bombas Socks: Best socks ever. They seriously rock for long runs. They’re cozy, comfy, and keep my feet nice and happy for hours and hours. Full review here.
  • Brooks Glycerin 12: The second I put these sneakers on my feet, I knew they were something special. They just felt different than other running shoes I’ve owned. Full review on CNC coming soon!

Question of the Day

Winter runners: What’s your favorite piece of winter running gear? 

Running friends: What piece of gear do you NEED to have with you when you run? 



  1. I’ve been meaning to ask where you purchase your headbands because I love them! I need a wider headband to keep all my fly aways in place and this one is perfect! I purchased a new pair of running shoes that I’ve loved this winter although to be honest I haven’t worn them out yet – too much snow!

  2. My favorite piece of winter gear is an Under Armour “heat gear” layer, believe it or not. I think it’s technically supposed to keep me cool in summer, but it’s black and long sleeved so I can’t imagine wearing it in a toastier month. It’s my favorite base layer.

    The thing I NEED is a headband and I like Sparkly Soul best. Nothing drives me crazy like whispies in my face!

  3. So glad that you put this out today, because I have to replace a lot of my winter gear soon! I love those New Balance fleece tights..they’re so warm and cozy!

    Right now, I’m loving my Yaktrax because the sidewalks around me are a MESS (I’ll actually have a review on my blog tomorrow because I love them so much!)

    I NEED my phone when I run! Not only do I use it for music, but I also run alone a lot so it’s a necessity (as well as a mini pepper-spray!)

  4. I have a compression top from Target that has a built in face shield that I can pull up to keep my mouth and nose warm. Its perfect for when I underdressed for the Kansas wind.

  5. I got an amazing winter running vest for christmas. It’s the Nike Aeroloft vest. It was super expensive but it works great. It’s a super light down and has laser cut perforation holes to allow heat to escape. I can wear a thick under armour or nike long sleeve shirt with the vest over it and under armor or nike heat gear tights and be perfect for 15-20 degree temps. I always wear a buff so i can cover my chin and nose.

  6. I don’t think I can pick just one favorite piece of winter gear! I have a great breathable lined jacket from lululemon that I bought 3 years ago that has probably gotten the most use out of any of my gear and it’s still going strong. Everything else is newer or hasn’t held up as long. It wasn’t even marketed as a winter running jacket but it’s always my outer layer if it’s under 30 degrees, it’s perfect.

  7. I just bought the Brooks Glycerin 12’s this weekend. When I tried them on in the store they felt really good. Plus lots of people have been giving Brooks shoes good reviews, so I figured why not try them. The Asics I’ve been wearing are killing my feet, so I’m hoping these will be a good change. Can’t wait to hear what you think about them. 🙂

  8. My favorite winter gear is a running cap by Under Armour that has a ponytail holder. It fits me perfect, keeps me warm & the ponytail holder is a must with my massive thick hair. Otherwise the cap wouldn’t have a chance of staying put once I got going. I need to try your headband. Super cute!

  9. My favorite piece of winter running gear are my Smartwool running socks!! I hate when my toes get numb! I really love to have something to listen to – either a podcast, book on tape, or music depending on my mood!

  10. I live in Canada and winters here are NO JOKE. I NEED Merino wool (think Icebreaker or Smartwool) socks, tights, shirts, zip up sweaters ect. And I love those New Balance tights mentioned in your post… but I still need a merino wool base layer underneath!

  11. Layers upon layers upon layers! I did a breakdown of my layers on my blog a while back, but I think that a good pair of tights, good gloves, and a good jacket are crucial–keep your muscles warm, your core warm, your fingers warm!

  12. I just purchased the New Balance tights at Runner’s Warehouse for a bargain. I’, glad you like them. Some morning you need them in Seattle.

  13. I need music when I run!

    I should be paying attention to all the items you listed since I live in Chicago, but I have just been too chicken and camp out on the treadmill instead. The forecast looks like it is actually going to be in the 40s next week though so I may have to break out some shorts and hit the pavement!

  14. Good gloves are key. I always balked at the hefty price tag for gloves, but they make ALL the difference. I’ve lately been buying cycling gloves (well, because I cycle), but because they are extra super duper wind resistant. I like “lobster” style gloves too because I stuff a ‘hot hands’ warmer inside them.

  15. Love the post! Any tips on keeping your outdoor running clothes from getting stinky? Any favorite detergent? Thanks!

  16. Winter gear – Lands End vest I bought this year in a bright color for morning runs (and it has deep pockets for stashing stuff!) and my YakTracks (for sure – great traction on ice and snow), ear warmer, and extra large mittens (wear regular sized gloves as a base layer).

    Regular running gear – need my TomTom Runner Cardio Watch – its amazing. I have a weird thing about knowing how long I run (even though I’m not training for anything) and a headband. I’m seriously in love with LedBetter Headbands right now…and bobby bins – I cannot deal with hair in my face!

    Usual workout/run stuff – I ALWAYS need to have my lips balmed up. I hate the feeling of dry lips when exercising.

  17. It’s not quite as cold here in California. I usually wear leggings and a thin long sleeve shirt. I do really enjoy a knitted headband that can og over my ears, but will probably be investing in some nice gloves as the mornings are quite chilly.

  18. So glad that you still love the Nike Running jacket and NB tights! In case you even get chilly I also highly recommend Craft products (sold at Marathon Sports in Norwell). At Marathon I bought Craft’s mitten for cross country skiing/running and it has seriously saved me this winter! I also bought their active extreme long sleeve base layer at that location and it has not failed me yet! Hopefully we’re moving away from all this cold, but wanted to give you a heads up (I know you’re always on the lookout for awesome, quality gear!)

    Keep up the awesome training!!

  19. I try to avoid running outside when it gets too cold. I have been doing a lot of treadmill runs lately. I hate running without some sort of headband. I have a lot of hair and it ends up in my face and drives me crazy!

  20. I run with my fanny pack. It holds a bottle of water, my keys, ID, phone, and probably a clown car’s worth of people without being ridiculously bulky. Yes, I will own the fanny pack. I wear it to amusement parks, much to the dismay of my boyfriend. Hahaha!

  21. My favorite piece of winter running gear is a jacket I bought from Lulu a couple years back. It has multiple pockets, thumb-holes, flaps to turn the ends into mittens, a high neck, and it’s purple! Totally worth the investment.

  22. My favorite winter gear: Athleta power stretch tights great for the single digit runs! Wool base layer currently wearing both Saucony and Brooks and wool run socks. Always wear a bright reflective jacket on top.

  23. This is a helpful post! I’ve been wanting to buy more quality winter running gear. Also, I just wanted to thank you for recommending the MyAsics training plan to me a few months ago. I used it to train for my first half marathon and it was incredibly helpful. I just ran it this past Sunday. I felt great the whole race and nailed my time! And it was my first race ever, haha! So thanks for helping me out and for continually being inspiring! Good luck at Boston! 🙂

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