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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning and thank you so much for your sweet comments on yesterday’s Murphy update. We feel very loved. This morning he is eating well and acting somewhat like his old self, which is so great to see. He’s far from healed (the stint in his face looks awful), but we’re doing everything in our power to make him better. Hopefully, our little puglet makes a full recovery soon.

Ok, let’s change gears. How about some HAPPY photos from yesterday? Yes? Ok, then.

Honk! Quinn and I usually send Dad a photo or two after he leaves for work. Yesterday morning’s was a good one! Haha!

IMG_3200 (600x800)

My Gym fun! Doesn’t he look so grown up? Almost one!

IMG_3216 (800x800)

IMG_3210 (600x800)

IMG_3207 (600x800)

New kicks from Brooks: The updated Glycerin! Woohoo! I love the Glycerin 12 A LOT, so I am pumped to try out the newest version. The colors are pretty sweet too, right?

IMG_3219 (800x600)

Mal and I took Quinn for a quick loop around the neighborhood. We were so depressed about Murphy, we needed some serious post-workout endorphins to help us feel better (at least for a little while).


Since it’s National Running Day, I wanted to share the results of the third annual Brooks Run Happy Nation report. Check out the fun infographic below!


Questions of the Day

Here’s a mini running survey for you!

What’s your favorite style of sports bra?

Do you run with music?

What’s your favorite place to run?

What can’t you run without?

Me: Crossback with adjustable straps, yes – unless I’m running with a friend, by the ocean (or other body of water), sunglasses in the summer!



  1. I am currently on Week 3 Day 2 of the Couch to 5K program. I have never been a runner. Even when I was in the military, I have disliked running with all my heart. After reading all your blogs about running, I finally just decided to give it a try. My schedule has been so crazy lately that it doesn’t always work to get to CrossFit at a class time and sometimes I don’t even have an hour to spend there. So 30 min of running seems to make me feel like at least I’m trying. Soooo, now I can answer “running” questions…

    Bra: Racerback, pull over the head. I just recently got really stuck in a Champion bra that was a combo, it had hooks in the back, but the bra didn’t come all the way open. I was in a sweaty panic!

    Music: Really depends on my mood

    Place: The running trail in our town, it is straight with very few inclines. When I am at work, I go on a beautiful dirt road that you can see the ocean through the trees, but there are a few hills that make it hard.

    Need: My phone. It runs the C25K program, that gives me prompts and counts down until I change between running and walking. Plus, I have a running app going for mileage and times AND I run my Pandora. I just need to figure out the headphones situation and maybe stop carrying my phone in my hand!

  2. Racerback, sometimes music, by the water — the Ocean or the Charles, and must have some sort of run recorder (Garmin or MapMyRun) and a headband. 🙂

  3. What’s your favorite style of sports bra? – Crossback (Moving Comfort brand!)
    Do you run with music? – If I am by myself
    What’s your favorite place to run? – Quite roads outside!
    What can’t you run without? – My Brooks.

  4. What’s your favorite style of sports bra? – Racerback- I have one from reebok that I LOVE!
    Do you run with music? – yes yes yes! I need it 🙂
    What’s your favorite place to run? – on trails or by water (any kind)
    What can’t you run without? – Music and my garmin!

  5. Great news about Murphy! I will still keep him in my prayers!

    I struggle mightily with running. This national running day has got me re-inspired though.

  6. What’s your favorite style of sports bra?
    Anything Victoria Secret with lots of support! My girls need lots of support!

    Do you run with music?
    Sometimes; Other times I just like listening to my breathing and feet hitting the ground.

    What’s your favorite place to run?
    My home treadmill – especially handy when the little guy is napping!

    What can’t you run without?
    A headband to keep fly aways and sweat out of my face.

  7. Cross back with lots of support! Love running with music. My favorite place to run is along the lake in my hometown. And I always run with my phone.

  8. What’s your favorite style of sports bra? Sadly, I really don’t need one. I wear “brelettes,” or layering tanks that I buy in the juniors department…I should mention that I’m 34 🙁

    Do you run with music? Always- hip/hop, pop, or anything that makes me feel like an adult (i.e., I wouldn’t let my children listen to :))

    What’s your favorite place to run? Trails behind my house- scenic, quiet, and challenging.

    What can’t you run without? Road ID…I have actually turned around to get it.

  9. A mix between crossback/racerback, yes (unless I can’t get my playlist to work like yesterday! Ugh!), the lake by my parents’ house, and I can’t run without some type of headband!

    P.S. Happy to hear things are looking up a bit for Murph today!

  10. What’s your favorite style of sports bra? Nike Pro compression sports bra – have them in almost every color
    Do you run with music? Yes, but I do not race with music (unless I’m really hitting the wall, then I’ll turn on my iPod)
    What’s your favorite place to run? Nantucket
    What can’t you run without? GPS watch. I’m a number girl! I love tracking my progress : )

  11. So sorry to hear about murphy. Thinking happy thoughts for you… Nothing worse than when our pups are sick… they can’t tell us how they are feeling and you just feel helpless. Thinking of you.

  12. My favourite running bra is the “All Sport Bra” from Lululemon. Enough support to keep the ladies in (even my breastfeeding ladies- ha!)

    I always run with music. I need upbeat happy running music. I am currently listening to the Nike playlists that are available on Spotify! Fantastic!! I only run with one earphone in so I can still hear whats going on around me!

    My favorite place to run is the Vancouver sea wall. Its my long run with a gloriously beautiful scenery of the pacific ocean & north shore mountains!

    I can’t run without music.

  13. I love Moving Comfort’s Maia sports bra.
    I run with music about 50 percent of the time
    I love to run by the ocean and also with my friends in Central Park
    I can’t run without my favorite sneakers Asics Cumulus. All else is optional.

    continued well wishes to murphy

  14. Quick question for you, Tina – and for all of you other ladies out there. I would love to wear a crossback sports bra so I can wear cute crossback tank tops while working out but I CANNOT figure out how to get myself into a crossback sports bra. I’m larger chested (usually buy a 32/34 DD sports bra and those are really tight) and if I manage to pull a crossback sports bra over my head, I can’t clasp it behind my back without help. Not wanting to be dependent on someone else to help me get dressed to work out, I have just settled for only wearing non-crossback sports bras that I can clasp in front and then rotate around and pull up. Any tips?!?!

  15. Love that Quinn has so much fun at My Gym!

    What’s your favorite style of sports bra? I wear Lulu Lemon TaTa tamers lately, but racerbacks are my old standby.

    Do you run with music? Not really anymore. After my first Army Ten Miler, wear headphones and other electronics are nearly prohibited, I kind of got used to running without. It’s good thinking time!

    What’s your favorite place to run? I love running by the lake in Olympia. It has great views of the capital building, and it’s always nice on a sunny morning.

    What can’t you run without? I can’t run without a watch. I feel like I need to know the time!

  16. Sports bra: Moving Comfort Juno (the only place I’ve found to offer 30DD!)
    Music: Almost always
    Favorite Place: Gring’s Mill, a local trail by my parent’s house
    Can’t Run Without:Black bottoms. Shorts, capris, or leggings- 99.99% of the time, they’re black. Or knowing where a bathroom is (thanks, UC)

  17. Small chested, so I love the crossback style; don’t like to run with music as I like to hear what’s going on around me and if I need a distraction, I count a rhythm in my head; trails with scenery is my fave; and without my running buddy, I probably wouldn’t find the motivation to run by myself.

    So glad to hear Murphy’s doing a little better after the bad day yesterday. He’s always in my thoughts & prayers. I know he can pull through!!

  18. Bra: Crossback. Moving Comfort’s Urban X-over is my favorite. I sweat mainly in the upper torso region, so this having a more open back suits me perfectly.
    Music: If I’m by myself, yes. If I’m with my running group, no.
    Favorite place: I’m in Chicago, so obviously the lakefront. There is no better place!
    Can’t run without: I’ll say Kleenex and pretend I’m not one of those people who, despite having the Kleenex, just wipes their nose on their shirt or hand because it’s faster. Nope, totally not one of those…

  19. I love crossback style, specifically C9.

    I run with music sometimes, but more often podcasts. It helps the time pass a little bit faster.

    I love to run on the trails near my house where its mostly through the woods. It takes me back to summer long run day with my cross country team.

    I can’t run without my phone so that I can listen to podcasts and track my pace.

  20. I like racer back or crossback styles for bras. I don’t run with music – the headphones are too much fow to deal with! I live runni g in new places when I am travelling and I also love running the trails through town. I live in a pretty small place so on long run day i can cover most of them! I can’t run without… my contacts I guess – glasses drive me crazy while running!

  21. So glad to hear that Murph is doing better!!
    I don’t listen to music when I run but I love listening to podcasts!
    Fav place to run – anywhere close to water. I grew up with lots of lakes around me and now live by the ocean. There is something calming about water.

  22. racerback, yes– i NEED my music!, one of my favorite routes is along the scenic route in my town– 5 miles of shore and water and adorable new england-esque beach houses :D, need music or water !

  23. 1) Wheres the full on TaTa tamer ?
    2)Always run with music ! otherwise my brain gets the better of me
    3) cross country every time. I love seeing the changing landscape and the feeling of the mud .
    4) Cant run without music !

    Hmm this got me thinking too why I cant run without music ? Maybe it’s time to give it a go and see where it gets me !

  24. So glad to hear that Murphy is doing better! I have no boobs, so I don’t need much support, but I like the crossback bra. I love running to music and need my gel kayano sneakers to run!

  25. Anything that hooks in the back especially champion. …yes……by water……I have to have music to run

  26. Glad murphy is doing better! I had a question for ya…I remember when you posted grocery shopping budgeting and money posts and I was wondering (without you having to get too personal) how or if anything has changed with grocery costs with a child? I have two kids and my husband and I are trying to cut costs any way we can and so I thought I would see if you had any ideas that you and Mal do since having Quinn? Thanks!

    1. Not much has changed (we still meal plan, shop sales, use coupons), but we definitely spend more money nowadays with a little one. We buy organic more often and tend to shop at Whole Foods, but we’ve recently made an effort to shop at Trader Joe’s, which is a lot more affordable. For us, meal planning really is key, so we don’t buy more than we need and nothing goes to waste.

      1. @Tina: Thanks for replying!:) Yes I need to be more strict about sticking to my meal plan. I make up one then we eat like one meal off of it ugh!

  27. -My favorite style sports bra by far is racerback! If I take my dog on a run with me (3-4 miles), I do not listen to music. If I go on my own I have to have my music. My favorite place to run is seriously any of the Metroparks near my house.

  28. i always run with music, unless i’m running w/ a group (which is rare), so that’d be smthg i can’t run without solo…and i love to have sunglasses with me too, as my eyes are so light sensitive. my fave place to run is along the west side/Hudson here in NYC, or by the ocean!

  29. What’s your favorite style of sports bra? Racerback

    Do you run with music? No, I love listening to nature – birds, wind, trees, etc. Plus, it’s safer! I can hear cars behind me in addition to other runners/bikers, etc.

    What’s your favorite place to run? Outside, preferably by the ocean or in a forested area.

    What can’t you run without? My phone and my Garmin watch. I had an emergency and had to use my phone and will never leave home without it again. And I LOVE stats so I always use Strava AND my Garmin. 🙂

  30. Racerback generally, and always music unless I’m with someone. Though there was one time I did a 21 miler with no music by myself. I really don’t know why or how that happened. Maybe because I was at the beach?

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