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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! I hope you’re enjoying a fabulous weekend! Mine has been really great. In fact, the past 24 hours have been especially nice, so I thought I’d write a post about what has made me happy. Here goes!

Picking the winning horse in the Kentucky Derby. Last night, Mal and I went over to Elizabeth and Nick’s condo to watch the Kentucky Derby. Before the race started, we each picked a horse to win. I picked “I’ll Have Another” because #19 is one of my lucky numbers, and I like to boozeface on occasion, so it made perfect sense. “I’ll Have Another” ended up coming from behind to win the Kentucky Derby, so it was really exciting!

IMG_3886 (750x563)

Drinking a Victory Hop Devil Ale. When it comes to beer, I was a never a huge hop fan, but I’m slowly starting to enjoy more hoppy beers. This one was awesome.

IMG_3891 (750x563)

Enjoying some really amazing sushi at Owl Station with some really amazing friends. After watching the Kentucky Derby and enjoying a beer, Mal, Elizabeth, Nick, and I headed to Owl Station for dinner.

IMG_3892 (750x563)

The sushi as outstanding (I really think it’s some of the best around) and the dinner conversation was even better””lots of laughs!

IMG_3902 (750x563)IMG_3906 (750x563)

Watching the “pug mayor” make his rounds at the dog park this morning. I absolutely love watching Murphy excitedly run around the park from dog to dog and person to person meeting and greeting everyone. He’s totally in his element, so I can’t help but smile.

IMG_3917 (750x563)

Seeing bright green leaves on the trees at the dog park. Spring has officially sprung!

IMG_3921 (750x563)

Relaxing during a massage at Elements this afternoon. My upper back was tight, crunchy, and knotty from some lactic acid build up, so I booked myself a massage this afternoon. The masseuse (Josephine) worked most of the knots out of my back, so it feels so much better now. I also feel totally relaxed.

IMG_3924 (563x750)

Enjoying my first visit to Fresh Market. Oh my goodness, this place is the bomb! It’s gorgeous inside, there’s a candy bar, they sell beer and wine, and the prices were quite a cheaper than Whole Foods. I’m in love! I’ll definitely be shopping here in the future!

IMG_3927 (750x563)

Donating a bunch of old clothes to the Goodwill. I went through my closet and donated a bunch of old clothes to the Goodwill. It felt great to pare down my wardrobe, especially since I don’t wear half of what’s in there!

IMG_3885 (750x563)IMG_3827 (563x750)

Moving our patio furniture from the basement to our back porch. This means it’s warm enough to eat dinner outside on the deck. Woohoo!

IMG_3938 (750x563)

Question of the Day

What has made you happy in the past 24 hours?



  1. That fresh market in Hingham is amazing! The candy bins and snack bins are just so darn good. Miss my puppy and walking her there. She too is a pup mayor and likes to mark every single area.

  2. You know it’s summer when you can cook and eat outside. It’s one of my favorite things about the nicer weather.

    Warm, sunny weather today after all the rain and cold temperatures we’ve been having lately make me happy!

  3. question for you. Have you ever had trouble at the dog park? Our dog trainer said they can be dangerous places for dogs but we want to socialize our dog more.

      1. @Tina:

        Our neighbor took his dogs to the dog park, and they have been fighting almost non-stop ever since- both amongst themselves, and trying to fight ours through the fence, though ours just wanna play with them.

  4. My great happiness of the last 24 hours was completing my first half marathon and doing it in 2 hours and 7 minutes. Now I have to figure out which one I’m going to register next!

      1. @Tina:
        I live in Ohio (where Grater’s is made) & it ROCKS! You should try the Buckeye Blitz, Summer Peach & Coconut Chocolate chip especially 🙂 Watching the Derby definitely made me happy – love watching every year & hope to attend next year since I only live a couple hours away!

  5. Wow!! You had such a full day. MASSAGE?! Lucky! I think, for me, the highlights of the day (so far) are:

    – Waking up early enough and rested enough to get in my workout.
    – A great church service.
    – My favorite breakfast from Starbucks!
    – Seeing friends and family after church.

    The day is only halfway done for me! Have a happy Monday!

  6. As i type this, I am sitting out on our patio, enjoying spring-summer here. That makes me happy, but also spending time with my 10 month old niece… having a great workout with my husband, celebrating a friends 30th, and enjoying a crisp glass of wine!

  7. I also had a massage this weekend! I had a long training run yesterday and my legs were super tight. Not only did she work out some of the kinks but she also put me in a relaxed mood. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

  8. Seeing my mother for the first time since Christmas!! We were coincidentally 2 hours away from each other so I drove to see her in Massachusetts last night for a girls night. Nothing like it!

    I’m excited to see that there’s a Fresh Market near me, I’ll have to check it out!! SImilar to Trader Joe’s?

  9. I also had a pretty amazing weekend…Friday night was baking and a sleepover with a good friend (you’re never too old right?) Saturday catching up with a friend who lives across the country who I haven’t seen in 4 years over lunch…today coffee and a chat with my sister, along with a Costco visit…life is good!

  10. I gutted my closet this weekend too and made a Goodwill trip. It felt good. Dang good. So glad you got some time to relax…I hope you are reaping the benefits and feeling good because of it!

  11. Lots to be happy about! The weather in SF is sunny and warm which makes for perfect outside runs. Attended a friend’s wedding last night and danced my feet off. And made homemade almond butter today (I die). Yum!

  12. My happiest moments in the past 24 hours: Getting closer to completing our itinerary for our Cambodia trip at the end of the month:) A little girl finally “getting” her pirouette in my ballet class that I teach and lastly, I’m leaving to workout for the first time in 2 weeks after recovering from dental/sinus surgery…playlist updated and I’m jumping to get back into it:)!!

  13. i got to spend the weekend away from the city, it doesn’t happen often enough so always really relaxing when it does.

    i love your deck space!

  14. My dog Laney is totally in her element at the dog park too! She likes to keep track of all the other dogs at the dog park and make sure they stay in line!

    And I’m happy because I just PRed in a 5K this weekend!

  15. I got to meet my boyfriend’s daughter over the weekend. She is amazing and beautiful and sweet and kind and I loved having her stay with us for a couple days. I am praising God for bringing so many blessings into my life, and meeting her is at the top of my list today! On a side note, there is a Fresh Market being built near me. Actually, a Whole Foods and Fresh Market are being built about a mile from each other. I already shop at the WF waaaaay on the other side of town, and am now looking forward to having one down the street from me along with a Fresh Market!

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