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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

I got to hangout with my friend Caitlin yesterday! She arrived in Boston late on Sunday night for a speaking engagement yesterday morning, so she stayed with me out in the ‘burbs. It was great to see her””even if it was for a short period of time. We always have so much to chat about!


When Caitlin woke up yesterday morning, we both had one thing on our minds: Marylou’s Coffee! Of course, Murphy wanted to come along for the ride.


Caitlin had her very first Marylou’s experience and immediately fell in love. This ish is the bomb.


Back at home, we ate breakfast. I had Teddie peanut butter with sliced banana on gluten-free toast.


Caitlin had eggs and toast, which the pug assumed she’d share with him.


Sorry, Murph. Not for pugs.


After breakfast, Caitlin got ready to drive to her talk. We said goodbye, but made plans to get together in the city later in the day.


I spent the rest of the morning working and then broke for lunch around 11:30 AM. I reheated some leftover meat from Sunday’s crockpot dinner and mixed it with steamed asparagus and Parmigiano Reggiano sprinkled on top. Delish!


I still wanted a little something more to eat, so I made a piece of toast with peanut butter.


After lunch, I headed into Boston for an appointment with my GI doctor.

MGH Crohns and Colitis Center

On the subway ride into the city, I stumbled across a short article in the Metro about free fitness classes at YMCAs throughout Greater Boston during March””just wanted to share! It looks like classes are open to both members and non-members!


So”¦ back to my doctor’s appointment. I guess I should give you guys a colitis update. *Sigh*

I know there are quite a few readers who also struggle with IBD or have loved ones who do, so I’m more than happy to share my experience on CNC, but, at the same time, it’s such a bummer for me to write these kinds of posts because it’s like admitting that my body is winning, and I have zero control over what happens to it. It’s scary. And incredibly frustrating.

Autoimmune Wolf
[image source]


As I’ve previously mentioned, my new GI doctor and his staff are awesome. I started having UC symptoms again around the New Year and haven’t seen much improvement. (TMI: Lots of blood, but I feel fine otherwise.) If anything, things have gotten worse (more blood), so I started Prednisone again last week and had an appointment with my doctor’s nurse practitioner (NP) yesterday. She was amazing and chatted with me for well over an hour. She also answered all of my questions (I had a ton, like I always do) and came up with a game plan to get me better. The first step: having a colonoscopy. FINALLY! You have no idea how happy I was to hear that word yesterday. Colonoscopy = answers (hopefully). I’m sure it’s going to cost a fortune, but it’s definitely necessary so my doctor can see what’s going on. I’ve been struggling with UC stuff since August, so I hope this test will finally provide us with some answers to get me on the path to good health.


After my doctor’s appointment, I met Caitlin for a late lunch at Post 390 in Back Bay.



Post 390 is one of my favorite lunch places, especially during the fall or winter. It’s so cozy inside.


Caitlin and I had plans to take a spinning class after lunch, so we ordered a couple of appetizers to share: French fries and tortilla chips with whipped herb goat cheese and roasted red pepper dip. Both were tasty, and we housed them. I was so hungry!

caitlinhtp at lunch




After lunch, we headed to Healthworks””my old stomping grounds! Remember when I use to work there? Caitlin and I last exercised there together during the 2009 Health Living Summit. Oh, memories!


Caitlin and I took the 45-minute Ride! class together. It was pretty good. There were quite a few new people in the class, so the instructor spent a lot of time stopping the music and explaining things, which kind of killed the energy of the class, but I still enjoyed the workout. It was fun working out with Caitlin too!


After spin class, we grabbed smoothies from the Healthworks café. I ordered the Gingerbread smoothie, which was ridiculously good. I could not stop talking about how much I liked it. Must recreate.


Health News & Views

Brightly-colored juice seemed to be everywhere nowadays, and it’s no wonder since it’s such a nutrient-rich beverage. And, hey, a big glass of fresh juice can really hit the spot, right?With that said, here’s a delicious recipe with a little zing (hello, fresh ginger!) that will make you feel a little bit healthier, starting with your very first sip!

Try This Fresh Beet-Carrot-Ginger Juice Recipe

Questions of the Day

Have you ever made an internet friend who is now your real life friend?

Do you like spinning? What makes a good spin class?

P.S. Last chance to enter the giveaway to win an entry for the Run for the Dream race! I’ll pick two winners this afternoon!



  1. That smoothie sound amazing! Definitely try to recreate it! I would love to try it.
    I love spin classes but I gotta have some variety in the class or I get bored pretty easily. I went to a class yesterday where the instructor did a 10 minute endurance ride, I was so bored at the end of the 10 minutes!

  2. I just commented on Caitlin’s post that I was glad she got to visit with you (and Murphy) in Boston. I got to meet some of my blogger friends in real life for the first time at the Healthy Living Summit in 2011 and I still keep in touch with lots of them. Thanks for sharing pics of your day together. Hope you get some answers on your health issues soon too!

  3. The carrot beet ginger juice recipe doesn’t have any carrot in it?? Replace the apple with a couple of carrots-maybe?

  4. I love fresh juice! My boyfriend and I try to juice at least 3 times a week. Actually, last night we made a carrot, beet, ginger, apple and kiwi juice. Delicious 🙂

    Glad you and Caitlin had a great hangout!

  5. I used to hate spinning until I took a course at my gym with the most fantastic instructor! She has fantastic, new music all the time, and does drills, sprints, hills, ect. to keep the class flying. The hour always zooms by and I am dripping with sweat!
    I’m so sorry to hear about your UC coming back but hopefully you’ll get some answers!!

  6. I wish I had a Mary Lou’s closer to my house, love their fun flavors!! Yes, I’ve met several people through blogging 🙂 Just met up with one last week for lunch in Boston, we both spend time on Nantucket in the summer and get together quite frequently there! Blogging os a great way to connect to people with similar interests!

    Hope you get some answers from the colonoscopy…good luck.

  7. Hey Tina! Just thought I would let you know that there is no carrot in your recipe for the juice on Health.com. How many carrots would you recommend using?

  8. Aw I’m so sorry to hear your GI issue isn’t progressing as you’d hoped it might. I have a chronic illness too that docs suggested I could control through diet modifications. My diet changes also didn’t hold the power to curing my chronic issue so I understand the frustration that comes with it! Keep trying your best and following their instructions, it’s all you can do, you’re in wonderful hands and they’ll help you through it : ) Hugs.

  9. I do spinning three mornings a week! I LOVE it! It’s totally down to the instructor and then the good music. I like a mix of resistance work with some sprinting interval tracks! If you want to come to one when you’re in Ireland give me a shout 🙂 On the health front have they never given you a colonoscopy before? Have you ever seen a nutritional therapist (as opposed to a dietitian)?

  10. I LOVE to spin. I think a really great instructor either makes or breaks the class. I’ve had both, and the combination of that and a kick butt playlist it what determines whether I go back or not 🙂

  11. Two lovely ladies living it up in Boston! So glad you got to see Caitlin and you guys enjoyed yourselves! PS- I MISS BOSTON like crazy! 🙂 I think I’ll be planning a trip there next fall.

  12. Yum, that gingerbread smoothie looks really good! Glad you posted a pic of the ingredients so I can recreate it. I’ve only tried spinning one time because I like running for cardio and the bike actually hurt my knees. Is that normal? I thought it would be low impact but for some reason the motion of the stationary bike isn’t good on my knees.

  13. Music and variety definitely make or break a spin class for me. If the music isn’t varied (there is one instructor at my gym who ONLY plays oldies, which gets old), or we’re ONLY sprinting or climbing the whole time, I get so bored!

  14. Hope you get some relief soon! My local Mary Lou’s has a walk up window and I got to get coffee while walking my dog on Sunday- caffeine for the win.

  15. I do like spinning! I didn’t used to but since joining Lifetime Fitness this winter, I decided to take it up as crosstraining from running. Today was my favorite class of the week, I never miss Tuesday spin. What makes a great class to me is an instructor who plays great music and keeps the class interesting. The instructor today has you constantly engaged, constantly changing your position, resistance level and intensity that the time flies. I enjoy also when he adds arms into the mix so you feel like you are getting a total body workout and forget you are even on a bike!

  16. I’ve never had an internet friend who became a friend in real life, but I read about your weekend on Caitlin’s blog the other day, and I think it’s so neat that the two of you are genuine friends now! That’s one of the very rewarding aspects I find about healthy living blogging 🙂

    Your lunch spot, Post 390, looked super cozy – I love a restaurant with a big fireplace to enjoy 🙂

    And that’s awesome that your local YMCA’s are offering free fitness classes! I hope it really motivates people in the community to get moving!

  17. I am actually having an endoscopy in two weeks to diagnose suspected Celiac disease. It is NO fun when you feel like your body is working against you, especially when you try so hard to keep it healthy! I hope your colonoscopy goes well and that you get some answers!

    I haven’t tried a spin class, but I need to. I hear they are super fun. 🙂

  18. Spin class is one of my favorite workouts! I go twice per week from October-April. The multisport club I go to closes down for the summer months and do group rides outside instead. Plus other stuff like run groups, open water swim sessions and triathlon focused training.

  19. I’m sorry about your illness, but thank you for sharing your journey. The more awareness that can be brought to any issue someone might face, the more we can learn and get the help we need when we need it.

    And OMG, that wolf meme is hilarious. I had to stifle a laugh.

    I haven’t been to a spinning class in years, but for me the music will make or break it. Please, please, no 80’s!

  20. I am a Spin instructor and I obviously LOVE Spin – it’s an amazing workout and there’s so much you can do on a bike that people don’t realize. Keep it up! 🙂

  21. I’m sorry to hear about your IBD 🙁

    Just wanted to share that I was having HORRIBLE and undiagnosable stomach symptoms (colonoscopy was inconclusive as well as a bunch of other tests) until my doctor recommended the Low FODMAP diet. It’s brand new and not many people (dieticians or doctors) know much about it, but it’s science based, VERY specific, and has totally fixed my symptoms! I’d recommend trying it out it works for IBD and IBS

    1. @julia: Julia, by any chance do you live in NY? I am really in need of finding a GOOD doctor, someone who will not just push medicine.

  22. I was just watching this show on the Cooking Channel called The Food Hospital and the dietician recommended a Low FODMAP diet for a girl with colitis. She said within a few days her symptoms had completely disappeared. I thought of you! Worth a shot maybe.

  23. I have learned to love spinning the past few months DUE TO crohns/colitis related joint pain (sacroiliitis) which came out of nowhere. I just found out that joint pain and colitis can be related. I used to run marathons, now I am only able to spin. A great instructor and upbeat music makes all the difference! I hope joint pain never happens to you. I hope you get answers and proper treatment after your colonoscopy.

  24. I absolutely love spinning! I started back in 2007 on deployment and I cannot get enough of it. I recently started back and I still enjoy it more than any group exercise out there. The only downfall is my junk in the trunk on the seat and the pain it causes after taking a break for a couple weeks. A good spin class consists of determination and and a driven instructor who provides lots of variety. Maybe you could come up with a good spinning ride for us to do in a group or independent?

  25. I totally know where you’re coming from on the Colitis front. I’ve been struggling with symptoms on and off for the past year and a half. I was diagnosed, had about 3 colonoscopies within a year and still dealing with symptoms (very stress/no sleep/environment driven). Hoping you get some answers with the colonoscopy!! I suggest cutting down on solid foods a day or so prior to the “cleanse”, especially if you are dealing with umm, issues. Best of luck!!

  26. My Dad also suffers from ulcerative colitis, and the steroids he was on were rapidly damaging his body. He is on a new drug called remmicade. Have you heard of this? For him it has been a god-send, and he has been in remission for over a year (he was previously in the hospital 3 times, for more than a week each time). The drug is very very costly (I think somewhere in the ballpark of $40,000 a year), but we luckily live in Canada, and my Mom’s health plan covers the extra cost. Humira is a similar drug. Just thought I would mention these alternative treatments to you. All the best, I know that this disease is never easy to deal with.

  27. Sounds like a fun day! I do have Internet friends who have become real life friends. And yesterday just met one locally after knowing her online since 2001 crazy we live so close!

    We absolutely love spinning! Used to go to spin classes and loved it but we remodeled our garage into a home gym and the first thing we started out with was 2 spin bikes. I try to spin at least 3x a week. The one thing I did not like about the spin class at our last gym was that they turned off the lights. Worst rides ever! So thankful we have a home gym.

  28. Sorry to hear about the ongoing GI issues. I’m actually going through unexplained GI stuff myself and am wanting to have a colonoscopy for more answers. I just had an endoscopy with biopsies that didn’t result in answers for my constant bloating/gas and low iron. I have iron deficiency anemia and it takes a lot to bust through the fatigued feeling everyday. Warming up for a workout is sometimes the hardest part.

    I’ve gotten to fear eating sometimes just b/c it usually results in rumbling from within. Anyway, no fun, but it’s interesting to read your journey through this and helpful too. My GI doc wants to do one other “crappy” test before commiting to a colonoscopy, so we’ll see how that goes.

    Have you heard of Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO)? The symptoms are similar to many other diseases and it’s hard to diagnose, but I feel it might be something to look into. I am not a celiac, and no blood, but something is not allowing me to absorb nutrients and making me anemic. Besides that I have a healthy diet of whole foods that I cook myself for all meals. Okay, I’ve rambled enough…..hope you get answers and soon!! Thank you for sharing this info!

  29. Hey Tina! I just had a colonoscopy 2 weeks ago for the same types of symptoms. If you have ANY questions don’t hesitate to email me. I was surprised at the after insurance cost being so high, but it was worth it to get some answers. The prep was the worst part honestly. And I woke up asking for girl scout cookies lol.

  30. Sad to hear that UC is being a jerkface again, but glad that some answers should be on the horizon.

    …Are you (and Mal) going crazy about the CF Open yet?!?!?! I told myself I wasn’t going to sign up (I haven’t been doing CF for a year yet, and I’m trying to focus on some strength and skill goals right now)… but then, somehow, I did. And then I said “well, I’ll just be laid back about it and casual. Try hard, but have fun.” Famous last words, because I’m super competitive — so it’s gonna be a super fun ride that I’ll have to keep reminding myself isn’t my main goal. 🙂 Please tell me your household (and box!) is going crazy too!

  31. I have some great friends I’ve met through blogging as well…I love that!

    I was diagnosed with UC 10 years ago and go through times of good, but definitely more times of bad. I’m surprised they waited this long to give you a colonoscopy (I’ve had 3 and I’m about to have my 4th) and I hope this will help give you more answers about what parts of your colon this is effecting. I know that any sort of protein powder or shakes give me horrible flares. I saw that was in your Gingerbread smoothie, but you might want to be cautious of that. I’ve also had a food sensitivity test done and have a severe sensitivity to eggs…boooo!

    I hope you get some answers with the test and best of luck. While this disease is anything but fun, you can still maintain a pretty normal lifestyle if you can try to manage your flares. Hey I just ran a marathon!

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