Guest Post: Hungry Yogini’s Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

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Traveling and eating healthy don’t always go hand in hand. Many associate road trips with convenience foods that are less than healthy but easy for a weekend trip. This past weekend, I took a 6 hour road trip to Peachtree City, GA for three long days of meetings. Think lots of sitting, boxed lunches, and long hours. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it’s easy to make a few preparations to ensure that you will feel healthy and fit while on the road! Here are the strategies I used this past weekend to stay healthy on the road.

1. Be Prepared.
Packing snacks and quick grab and go lunches are a great way to make a healthier choice while traveling as well as save money. I always bring along extra energy bars such as Clif bars, Z-bars, and Larabars and mixed cereal in Ziploc bags. Dried fruit and nut mixes would work wonderfully too. These things don’t take up much space in your bag and won’t go bad if you end up not eating them. Also, a small cooler is a good idea for water or things like soy milk or yogurt for a quick breakfast. This is a great way to prevent snacking on less healthy fare such as packaged muffins, pastries, chips and other foods that are found at many convenience stores along the road.

2. Move when you can

Many times, travel schedules don’t allow for a full workout routine. For those on a business trip, you are often stuck in meetings and appointments all day which means a lot of desk time. If you are traveling for pleasure, it may interrupt your day of fun by trying to fit in a full workout. The solution: Move when you can. If you have an extra 15 minutes between meetings, take a walk or stretch break. If you are out sightseeing, walk to as many places as you can. Hotel on the second or third floor? Take the stairs! Little activities like this throughout the day will add up and keep you on track.

3. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is very important when you are traveling. Many turn to coffee, soda (diet and regular), and sugary energy drinks to stay alert and energized, which only cause dehydration and fatigue. Drinking a lot of water is a much more efficient and healthy way to feel full of energy and keep your metabolism going. Take a reusable bottle such as a SIGG bottle, Nalgene, or Camelbak and refill it at water fountains to save money on bottled water.

4. Enjoy yourself!

Part of having a healthy diet is letting go of the “All or Nothing” mentality. Food is a source of pleasure and enjoyment. If you are out to dinner while on your trip, don’t fret! Enjoy yourself. If you want that tasty sounding pasta dish, or something delicious like the Chicken Bryan from Carrabba’s I indulged in while on my trip, go for it! Maybe you can choose a lighter side or skip the extra bread or dessert with your decadent choice. One meal, one day, or one weekend of indulgence isn’t going to throw you off course. You are human after all! Enjoy yourself and find pleasure in food. It’s good for your soul!

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  1. Great ideas to get moving on your business/pleasure travels! I think that allowing yourself to enjoy food a little bit while traveling is just as important as making sure you pack healthy snacks, and portable meals, etc. When you are on vacation you don’t remember all of the healthy snacks that you packed but the wonderful meals that you shared with your family and friends.

  2. Loved your tips! And I just posted about making homemade granola bars! Even though they need to be kept in a cool lunchbox, they are much cheaper than buying bars at the store and they turned out yummy.


  3. Thanks to Courtney for putting together this post–I will be travelling this weekend, and it never hurts to have a few reminders on how to stay healthy.

    Love the Vera bag!

  4. Thanks for the tips – I’m about to go to DC and Vegas in about a week so I need to pack items for the flight and constant waiting around in airports. I tried this method out when I went on a road trip to NYC for the weekend, and it worked out great! I had tons of fruit, Larabars, and crackers and it really made a difference – it also is a major money saver.

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