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Good morning! Happy Hump Day!  :mrgreen:



I wasn’t super hungry when I woke up yesterday morning, so I made some green juice and ate some fruit with a scoop of peanut butter.



Not surprisingly, just a few hours later, my stomach started to grumble. I planned to go to the noon CrossFit class at my box, so I ate lunch (second breakfast?) around 10:45 to give myself a little time to digest. I reheated some Vegetarian Cottage Pie, which was especially delicious as leftovers.



A little while later, I headed to CrossFit. My legs were sore from the previous day, but I didn’t think yesterday’s WOD would be super-duper hard. Boy, was I wrong!

Running with a 14-pound med ball was not fun and incredibly challenging with sore quads. I was running so slow at times and even walked on the last 400. My legs were dead-tired yesterday. On a more positive note, I did all of the Toes-to-Bar! I finished the WOD in 14:55.

For time WOD


After CrossFit, I came home and chowed down on trail mix. I finished the bag.

001 (600x450)


A few hours later, Mal and I enjoyed a little happy hour action on our back porch. I made some guacamole and we broke open a bottle of wine. It was such a beautiful evening, we needed to enjoy it to its fullest!

wine and guacamole

Mal and I (and Murphy) sat on the porch for hours chatting about upcoming plans (Mal’s birthday party) and our addition (we’re building up).

026 (600x450)

When it started to get dark, we headed inside. At this point, I was going to make dinner, but I ate so much guacamole, I wasn’t really hungry. Mal agreed that he wasn’t all that hungry either, but made a comment about how I ate most of the guacamole, so he was going to make himself a sandwich. Ha! What can I say, I really like guacamole.

While Mal and I were watching TV, I had a craving for something sweet, specifically a frosted train sugar cookie from my sister’s shower. It was calling my name from inside the kitchen cabinet!


After I ate the train cookie, I had a few Vienna Fingers, which were also leftover from my sister’s shower. Clearly, my dinner was the picture of health.

027 (600x450)

Obviously, guacamole, wine, and cookies are “healthy” for the mind and soul, right?

Question of the Day

What’s the “healthiest” dinner you’ve ever eaten?



  1. In graduate school I got into the horrible habit of eating a huge bowl of air popped popcorn for dinner. It was quick to make, zero clean up and gave me something to mindlessly eat while I tried to zone out on TV and de-stress!

  2. Happy hour in the backyard is one of my favourite pastimes. I could do that every night! Just such a simple pleasure.

    My healthiest dinner ever was a bottle of wine with some tortilla chips and a girlfriend. Just being honest!

  3. Back when I was first married (in my early 20’s) I used to eat frozen yogurt for dinner. I would stock up on Edy’s or Turkey Hill and easily one or two nights a week a big bowl was my dinner. Not so terrible but chocolate chip cookie dough yogurt/light ice cream was certainly not dinner! I learned that eating that as a meal only left me hungry for real food an hour or two later.

  4. Guacamole and white wine are two of my favorite things. 🙂 In college, I would sometimes eat the most random dinners–like an entire bag of grapes, ha! One of my “healthiest” college dinners included chips and salsa and beer and/or wine while hanging out with my friends, which was usually reserved for Friday nights.

  5. Ha, sounds like a great evening though. 🙂 My healthiest dinner was probably fryo yo or a piece of carrot cake and a glass of wine. These things usually happen on the road/traveling/ holidays because if I’m home and don’t eat a ‘real’ dinner, I usually just eat a scoop of peanut butter and glass of almond milk then head to bed!

    Looks like you are enjoying the juice in your diet. Honestly, I think first pressed at home is much better than any bottled variety. Even if it takes you multiple times to find the perfect combo, the taste tests in between are so worth it.

  6. Cereal. Lots and lots of cereal! And not All Bran–more like frosted mini-wheats. Yikes!
    Or in college a common dinner was pasta (white) covered in butter and garlic salt. I can’t believe my roommates and I thought that was ‘healthy’.

  7. Dinner outside with a bottle of wine is so perfect this time of year! Beautiful weather. And guacamole for dinner sounds a lot like my Saturday night! My roommate and I bough a 5 layer dip from Trader Joe’s and had that with some tortilla chips while sipping on white sangria. Yum. I think I need to do that again soon!

  8. I used to do the grapes thing! Whilst revising at University I would usually have a bag of grapes with my lunch then pop out late afternoon for my second bag – the fruit loop in me thought they would be a healthier snack than biscuits… in a sense, yes, but not two bags worth!? Other “healthy” dinners would be sitting watching tele with a jar peanut butter in one hand and a teaspoon in the other.. or a box of museli/granola – hehe, have since learnt to cook but without such quirks we wouldn’t be quite as unique – I still resort to my loopy ways every so often 😉

  9. I did a CrossFit workout at home once when we lived in our apartment complex that included running with a med ball. The first round or two were okay, but by the third I was seriously considering just chucking the ball into some bushes and retrieving it later.

  10. Last weekend I had a craving for something sweet, but the only thing I had was a “cookies n cream” Hersheys bar left over from my xmas stocking. I had a nibble and it tasted so good. I ended up crumbling up the whole thing and putting it in a bowl of cereal…screw berries and banana. It was the perfect topping. Delicious, but not so healthy. oh well! That will happen every once in a while

  11. My “healthiest” dinner was a bowl of ice cream followed later by peanut butter toast and milk… best dinner ever!

  12. Guacamole is so good, I frequently fill up on it before my meal at Mexican restaurants. Sunday night my ‘dinner’ consisted of kettle corn and fudge left from the horse show I had been at all day.

  13. My “healthiest” dinner would have been while I was still in college visiting a friend back home. I ate an entire pint of ben & jerry’s. I haven’t managed that feat again, and I don’t think I could now with out feeling sick.

  14. Oh trust me, there are nights when I have guacamole and chips for dinner too 😉 It happens to the best of us! Last night, I went to the cubs game and I had nachos and peanuts. So awful but it only happens a few times a year so I’m okay with it!

  15. Chocolate-covered cashews, a spoonfull of peanut butter, and random chocolate chips. That’s healthy and balanced right? 🙂 I think it was one of those nights where I wanted chocolate and was in a hurry so I grabbed the spoonful of pb just to get some protein and then dashed out the door. Definitely not balanced but it was pretty tasty! 🙂

    A house addition? Fun stuff! You two have made so many improvements already. I bet this is super exciting!

  16. Last Wed.our power went out at dinner time. We even had the oven preheating to make Turkey meatloaf, but it was 8pm and we were getting hangry.. I ended up mashing up an avacado with salsa, and had with Black bean tortillas, and that, was our dinner.

  17. Ah yes, it happens to us all! A couple of weekends ago we got together with friends and I ate caramel popcorn, special k bars, and tried to “even things out” by making myself a mini salad with chicken. Mostly my dinner was sugar and more sugar.

  18. those type of dinners happen all too often around here…last night was a root beer float, a few hours later a bowl of cereal, and just before bed handful of blueberries. Sometimes there’s more important things than a proper, healthy meal 🙂

  19. Homemade peanut butter ice cream from a local creamery! It was the most delicious dinner and a nice treat!!!

  20. My 2-year-old baby boy is the happiest child on the face of the planet and sometimes all he wants for supper is cookies…so we let him…and we just have them too…And then we’re all happy 🙂

  21. When I lived with my best friend we used to dine on wine, chips and salsa every Thursday night. It was fun to veg out, sit on the kitchen counter and “snack”!

    Lately, my dinners have been weird as well. Last night I had a few steak tips, a few grilled veggies and a yogurt bowl. Very odd, I know!

  22. I have to admit, I have had cookies and wine for dinner before as well! I’d say my “healthiest” dinner would be a big bowl of moose tracks icecream followed by a glass of wine and popcorn!

  23. my healthiest dinner was a couple weeks ago… I ate half a roll of cookie dough. BAD BAD BAD but soooo good. darn you, PMDD!

    on another note, my husband has been doing CrossFit for the past 3 weeks. he LOVES it. I have to trick him into talk about something BESIDES CrossFit, now!

  24. That’s a toss up…it would either be splitting a bag of Tostitos & salsa and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s with a girlfirend on vacation (but it was vacation so it doesn’t count, right??) or getting blizzards from DQ with my husband. (That was not vacation..haha)

  25. Back in the day, I had been known to eat a half box of cereal for dinner. And I’m not talking Kashi… I mean like fruity pebbles or cinnamon toast crunch. Talk about sugar bomb!!

  26. Your meals looks perfectly delicious and I’d agree on CrossFit for lunch since it satisfies my tummy whenever it grumbles too. Grilled veggies and a bowl of yogurt is the best dinner for me.

  27. I have those days sometimes where I’m in the snack mood. Last week I snacked myself into a hummus and veggies coma when I got home from work one day. I didn’t hate it 🙂

  28. Pretty sure my “snack dinners” are the oddest I eat – banana on toast and guac and chips, then later veggies and hummus and a small bowl of cereal…for those times when I literally can’t decide what to eat. And, of course, a bottle of wine always helps 😉

  29. This sounds pretty close to the “healthy” dinner my mom and I ate last night. My dad is out of town (he would never settle for less than a standard meal), so we just shared a huge container of hummus with pita chips, a bottle of wine, and ice cream while we watched movies. Sometimes those kind of dinners are fine by me!

  30. I usually cook a relatively healthy and well balanced dinner every night but I was so tired on Monday that I ended up snacking on trail mix and pretzels and calling it dinner.

  31. chips with salsa and guacamole or a big bowl of cereal – these are my go-to ‘healthy, I don’t want to cook’ meals.

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