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Like my post title? 😉 It pretty much says it all! Mal is waiting (im)patiently for me to finish blogging so that we can watch last night’s episode of Lost, so I am going to whiz right through dinner. 

Tonight’s dinner was one of my favorite go-to meals: homemade pizza + salad

Mal and I tagged-teamed the dinner responsibilities tonight: I rolled-out the whole wheat pizza dough and Mal added the toppings for Hawaiian pizza (mozzarella, ham, and pineapple). While the pizza was cooking, I threw together the salads. 

Salad ingredients: arugula, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and Garlicky Pinto Beans, all topped with balsamic vinegar. 

Pizza + salad…

Dessert is an Oatmeal Raisin Bar and a small glass of vanilla soy milk, which I plan to greatly enjoy on the couch in my PJs with my husband! :mrgreen:

Lost time!!! What’s your television show “obsession”?



  1. LOVE LOST!!!!! It’s my fave show! OBSESSION, if you will. It wasn’t new last night, though!! just a stupid recap episode disguised as new!

    let me ask you this: are you team Sawyer or team Jack? cuz you can’t be both!

    i’m 100% team Sawyer 😉

    My other obsession was arrested development, but it is now off the air ;(

    i also love the Office and Greys (yea, i’m still a sucker for Grey’s even though it isn’t what it used to be!)

  2. Cool pizza and salad! I love Hawaiian pizza. I don’t really have a TV obsession. But I did recently get the first season of Gossip Girls from Netflex. I’m loving it.

  3. yum-o! It’s funny, just a few days ago I was looking through your baked good recipes for ideas and I was really intrigued by the oatmeal bar recipe, a couple days later you made it again!

  4. I skipped last nights Lost because it was a recap 🙁 BOO!! I do LOVE that show though! My other favorites are Real Housewives, The Office, and 30 Rock!

  5. I ordered the first season of lost from Netflix so I could see what all the excitement was about; my friend is obsessed with it! right now I like to watch Biggest Loser/American Idol on Tuesdays and I always like 30 Rock.

  6. The NBC Thursday night lineup, Monday CBS lineup and of course Lost. I was really into Hero’s but not so much right now.

  7. Lost is definitely my obsession too. Let me know what you thought of the recap. I forgot a new ep wasn’t going to be on 🙁

    Those garlicky beans have gone a long way this week! Don’t you love food like that? Beans are the best.

  8. lovely title.. pizza and salad is a great go-to meal – nice choice!! my tv obsessions (wayyyy to many) are The Hills, Law & Order SVU, keeping up with the kardashians, CSI: Miami, Entourage, the view… ok i need to treat my addiction lol

  9. I love serving salad along with pizza – the salad volume fills me up so I don’t go overboard with pizza slices 🙂

    Shows I’m currently watching: The Tudors on Showtime & In Treatment on HBO. It’s so convenient to just watch ’em On Demand whenever I have the time.

  10. what is your (and Mal’s) trick to rolling out pizza dough?? my bf and i tried it once and each time we rolled it out it shrunk up again. the end result was a misshaped piece of dough about half the size of what it should have been. it looked no where near as good as yours looks!

    and i’m totally addicted to lost too! i’m playing catch up cause i just started watching it and i just finished season one. i’ve got a ways to go!

  11. I love Desperate Housewives, it’s the ONLY show that I can’t miss, I’m on the couch every Sunday at nine, and the boyfriend knows not to talk until commercials! 😉

  12. Lie to Me is one of my favorite new shows, but I’ve always been a die-hard fan of LOST, 30 Rock, the Office, and 24.

  13. Yum that pizza looks like something meant for summer, which means summer is surely on its way! BTW, what kind of pizza dough do you use for your pizzas?! Thanks =)

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