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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Yesterday morning was all about golf!

Mal, his dad, and his dad’s two cousins played 18 holes at Glaze Meadow at Black Butte Ranch while my mother-in-law, another one of my father-in-law’s cousins, and I walked the course with them.

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Before I left the house, I made a two-ingredient pancake with blueberries and a few scoops of almond butter on top for breakfast.

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I also took an iced decaf vanilla chai “latte” to go in the car.

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Mal wanted to visit the driving range before his tee time, so we shared a bucket of balls.

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I’m terrible at golf!

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My best shot *might* have gone 75 yards, but at least it was straight!

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The guys did a little putting on the green and then we all got started.

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Mal said I could be his caddy for the day, which meant I “advised” him on which clubs to use. It was actually pretty hilarious because I had no clue what I was talking about, but then I sort of got the hang of it.

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Two members of (peanut) gallery:

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Glaze Meadow was such a gorgeous course!

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By the time we finished 18 holes, I was absolutely starving. Thankfully, there were lots of leftovers in the refrigerator from the previous night’s dinner, so all I had to do was throw them in a bowl. In the mix: a chopped up pork chop, roasted Brussels sprouts and zucchini, avocado, salt, and pepper.

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I still wanted something else to eat, so I microwaved about 3/4 cup of fresh blueberries with a big scoop of almond butter for 90 seconds and then mixed it all together. Holy yum!!! It reminded me of blueberry pie filling. I’m definitely remembering this one!

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A little while later, I snacked on some cucumber slices with salt and pepper. I shared them with Mal while we watched TV before dinner.

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Questions of the Day

Do you play golf? If not, is it a sport you’d like to pick up?

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being really good), how good are you at mini golf?



  1. on a totally non golf related subject, you have awesome legs! Is that from all the running/cross fit you do or do you have a secret? 😀

  2. I “play” golf…if you could call it that. I miss the ball 70% of the time but there is nothing like the sound of the club making contact with the ball! So satisfying!

  3. Golf is never a spot I’ve wanted to try. I feel like its very serious and I can’t be quiet/serious for so long. Mini Golf on the other hand, I’m a pro at (by fluke only) and no one will ccome with me anymore because I always win

    1. It was kind of serious! I noticed that too. I cheered when I hit my first good ball at the driving range and everyone stared at me. Mal was so embarrassed. He can’t bring me anywhere. Haha!

  4. I’ve never been interested in golf (well mini golf!). I just doesn’t interest me, not enough action! lol Hockey on the other hand…! That is a great sport!

    Glad you’re having a good time on your vacation!

  5. I’m awful at golf/mini golf! I have no hand/eye coordination. Oh and I will DEFINITELY be trying that almond butter/blueberry snack. Two of my favorite foods= yes please!

  6. I do not play golf, and really don’t have any interest in it. I know I probably should (life skill, my mom says), but it seems soooo boring. Worse though–watching it on TV! Brutal.

    Mini-golf is different–I don’t mind that. It’s all in good fun, and doesn’t take nearly as much talent. 🙂

  7. I’ve never played rounds of golf, but when I was in Colorado Springs visiting family, my cousin’s wife took me out with her friends to a driving range. I whacked my foot several times, but by the end of the night, I was actually getting it past the second hill.

  8. It looks like the weather was SOOOO nice!! And the greens there look just so … well … green! haha. 🙂
    I’m a TERRIBLE mini-putter (I’m totally the one who holds up the line trying 8 times to sink her putt from 4 inches away) but I still really enjoy glow-in-the-dark mini putt for some reason. (The blacklights seem to calm me and I get less frustrated at my ineptitude …) So fun!!

  9. I’m so horrible at gold! 50 yards sounds impressive to me lol. And it looks like it was such a gorgeous day!

    That chai “latte” looks really good… has it hard for you to give up your iced coffees? I’m impressed by your commitment to achieving health through lifestyle changes rather than medication. You look fantastic! Keep it up 🙂

  10. Absolutely horrible at gold and mini golf. I don’t even register on a scale of 1-10. The sad thing is that I really, really want to be good at golf but just haven’t had the time to focus on it. Maybe when I retire…

  11. My husband golfs all the time. I have golfed once my whole life 🙂 I bought a set of golf clubs in a pink bag for $10 at a garage sale, and I have not used them yet!

  12. I took golf lessons this summer and I had a great time! It’s not an easy sport at all and the only way to get good at it is to play. I’m not good at it at all but I do love being outside on the course!

  13. Mini golf — uhhh… that’d definitely be a 1!!! Just not my sport!! I don’t see myself ever being a golfer, but I could caddy. I’d need a good outfit though. Aren’t golf courses just for running cross country? lol. 🙂

  14. I’m sooo trying the berries with almond butter (by the way im already addicted to almond butter too u.u)

  15. I just started taking golf lessons earlier this summer and I’m having a blast even if I can’t hit it far and sometimes not straight. It’s a great excuse to spend some time outside in a gorgeous setting though!

  16. I’ve played golf a couple of times and I always have a lot of fun! It is relaxing, and when you connect with a drive and it goes really far, its an awesome feeling. Walking the course and just viewing the scenery looks enjoyable too though. Mini golf I’d have to say I’m about a 6, its hard! I wish I like blueberries enough to eat them on their own, but for some reason the texture weirds be out and I only like them cooked in things; like that pancake, now that looks like a yummy 2 ingredient pancake for sure.

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