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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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It’s that time of year again! Time to set some goals for the new year! Last year (goals for 2011), like previous years (goals for 2010 and goals for 2009), I wrote a post about my goals for the previous year and assessed whether I achieved them or not. Let’s see how I did for 2011!

My (revised) goals for 2011:

My goals for 2012:

  • Run a sub 25-minute 5K
  • Do three unassisted pull-ups
  • Redo my office
  • Fix the fence in our backyard
  • Complete the NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification

I’m still thinking about what else I want to achieve this year, so I might add one or two additional goals for 2012. I also haven’t checked out my Life’s To Do List yet, so maybe one of those will jump out at me.


This morning’s breakfast was an egg white patty on a toasted whole wheat Sandwich Thin with grape tomatoes, clementines, and iced coffee with soy milk on the side. Mal and I are leaving for Seattle tomorrow, so I’m trying to eat up all of the produce in our house so it doesn’t spoil.

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Question of the Day

What are your goals for 2012?



  1. Become debt free (that’s my husband and I’s goal) My personal is to work out at least 3 or 4 times a week consistently!

  2. Your goals and what you were able to check off your list is awesome! The races, getting to a healthy place with the things you felt you wanted to improve on, and the travel, and taking care of the financial things…all so important!

    For 2012 I want to win the lottery 🙂 That’s my goal.

  3. Great goals and accomplishments! I’m sitting here working on mine now. I’m thinking it’s gonna be more hot yoga and spin classes. I was thinking about kicking my sugar habit too- but then I decided that would make me too crabby haha. We can all have our weaknesses, right?!

  4. It’s awesome to see that you accomplished your 2011 goals!! I need to think a little about what my 2012 goals will be. I definitely want to run another half-marathon, and I want to increase my strength through more weight training. I would love to try to curb my sweet tooth, but I don’t know if that’s a goal I can accomplish anytime soon! 😉

  5. I have a few triathlons and road races on the list. I am hoping for a PR half marathon. My other goal (which I have been talking about to only a few people) is to get my personal training certificate. You definitely have me interested in this nutrition expert as well.

    I definitely met my 2011 goals of starting a blog, running a marathon (my frist!) and getting a new hobby!

  6. I was just thinking about my 2012 goals this morning. A few – visit my grandma two times this year (pre/post baby), complete a “Start Here Book” or “Family Binder” (that lays out finances, accounts, etc… should anything happen to either one of us, the other will have a complete guide as to accounts, investments, etc etc), more water and more physical activity, and prayer time at least 3 mornings a week.

    Tina – Do you revisit your yearly goals every few months? Hang them on your fridge? How do you keep assessment of where you are in meeting your goals? Trying to come up with a system that will keep me on track!

  7. Awesome list, and great job accomplishing all of your past year’s goals. I just did a post about my 2011 goals which I did well on. And I’m in the middle of forming my 2012 goals. I’m big on goals and I love reflecting back on the year to see how they all went!

  8. Ooh I’ve got lots coming up for 2012 and will post them all on the first Monday in January, but I love yours! And great job in 2011!! You did really well, especially on the marathons! I’m excited for the new year… I know it’s a little cheesy and cliche but new years always motivate me to do new things!

  9. 6 out 10 of my REVISED 2011 … striving for a 9 in 2012!

    2012 in process and changing …
    1. Run a Half Marathon
    2. Run two 5Ks
    3. Run a 5K with Dante even if it is not an official race.
    4. Read 12 books!
    5. Go to an official class of something! (Food Photography … hopefully!)
    6. Go on a personal retreat!
    7. Volunteer in 3 events!
    8. Go to two openings! WORK
    9. Make a new recipe every month.
    10. ?

    I like making 10 because I can get a good percentage on completion.

  10. For me, I would say my fitness goals for 2012 is to speed up my running and challenge myself to break a nine minute mile pace. I usually focus on how far I can run as opposed to how fast so speedwork will provide a nice challenge. Another goal is to get back into yoga and to take some time each day to reflect on life and all the blessings I’ve been given. I want to leave work at work and enjoy every other moment in its own right!

  11. Way to achieve your goals in 2011. That is awesome. Excellent goals for 2012 as well.

    For me it is to complete my first Ironman in May and then finish my second faster than my first in November. In between it is to set a PR of 5 hours at the half-ironman distance and I have 3 chances to do that (May, August, October)

  12. I love that you’re calling these goals and not resolutions (something that I just started doing this year, too). I want to PR at my second half marathon and finish my master’s program this year. I think they’re both realistic, but we’ll see!!

  13. I haven’t made my 2012 goals yet but I need to! I love new years for that very reason. I think one of my goals will be to write more consistently; I always feel more at ease after I journal for a bit.

  14. wooowhoo for unassisted pull-ups! 😀 I actually don’t really make new years’ resolutions~well, I guess one “general” one that I always hope and pray for is continuous growth in my life!! Particularly character 🙂
    this is random! But last night you were in my dream (and we haven’t met in real life) and you, 2 other people, and I were on a quest to accomplish something haha. You were really quiet the whole time!

  15. I love making goals for the new year. Last year I chose to eat more natural, less processed foods and I’ve really been working on it and feel I did pretty well with it. This year I’m definitely going to include a goal about trying new recipes with new vegetables/foods I’ve never really played around with. Kinda fun!

  16. Congrats on meeting your goals for 2011! I have always mentally set goals in my head, but I have never written them down. I love lists, so it’s surprising that I don’t have a goal list.
    1) Devote more time to devotion/quiet time during the week.
    2) Run my first 5K (scheduled for March 2012)
    3) Run a 10K (I’ve done this on a treadmill, but I want to do it at an actual race.
    4) Run a half marathon.
    5) lower my sugar intake
    6) lower my coffee intake (this one will be difficult) :/

    Have a great day!

  17. Hey Christina! I got your book for Christmas and have only read a couple of chapters but I already love it! I am a new reader of your blog and can’t wait to learn more about you.
    I heard about your book through some of my fellow bloggers and I just want to thank you for the inspiration that you send out!

  18. During 2012 I hope to continue finding new ways to simplify my life, from padding our early retirement fund by tracking and eliminating unnecessary expenses and things we don’t use to spending more time “unplugged” (curb iPad time, less mindless t.v. viewing, etc..). I want to be more present in the here and now, rather than just letting life happen to me.

  19. I don’t really have goals for this year or next. I know I made some for this year so I will have to check. LOL. There are things I want to do next year like track how many miles I run, track my spending (and kick that shopping habit), get back to my “feel great weight” as you call it too!

  20. Great job on your goals! I don’t think I really completed a lot of my goals. I’ll have to look back.

    I would love to complete a sub-5-hour marathon in 2012. I think I have it in me! 🙂

  21. i’m glad you posted this because honestly i haven’t even thought of what i want to accomplish in my next year. so much has happened this year i got wound up in the drama of it. it’s about time i sat and actually thought about what i want to accomplish and work to achieve my goals!.

    good luck on your 2012 goals!!

  22. Hm, I’m still making a list of 2012 goals but so far: save $$$, set a wedding date, tone up, to stay as healthy as possible [to keep my Lupus and anemia under control], and to get a puppy!

  23. Awesome goals! I’ve started my goal list too! I’ve signed up for my first marathon (eeeeeeek! Vermon City), we hope to buy a new house, I’d like to volunteer in the kids classrooms, and finish up this other degree I started. Oh, a sub 25 in a 5K would be a good one too… I did 25:12 last Spring, d’oh!! Good luck with your goals for 2012!

  24. I love goals!! I don’t set ones for the year though, we do the “101 Things to Do in 1001 Days” a right-now bucket list, and we’re slowly chipping things off. I start a new job in Feb (yay) so my goals include to keep up with that, to visit Singapore, introduce our families to our current home, S. Korea! And to keep finding great things to do in Seoul:)

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