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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Today’s 50 degree weather put me in such a great mood! I’ve felt motivated, enthusiastic, and jovial all day long. In fact, Mal and I agreed that today felt more like a Friday than a Sunday. We decided to open a bottle of wine to further enjoy the day! :mrgreen:

I sipped on a small glass of Gnarly Head Chardonnay while cooking dinner. 

Tonight’s dinner was inspired by a pasta recipe from Real Simple. One of the key ingredients for the meal was chicken broth, which was used instead of water to cook the pasta. The chicken broth added a TON of flavor to the linguine. 

Instead of chick peas, like the recipe called for, I added broccoli florets that I steamed in chicken broth mixed with minced garlic. The broccoli also had tons of flavor! 

Finally, I stirred in sliced almonds and topped the pasta with a little olive oil and fresh Parmesan from Whole Foods. Using fresh Parmesan made all the difference! 

With vino… 

Have a nice evening, bloggies! Back to the grind tomorrow!



  1. I think it’s so funny how weather is relative. If it’s 50 degrees in Boston in January, it’s time for the flip flops. If it’s 50 degrees in So Cal (ever) we break out our sweaters and scarves and whine about it. I went to college in upstate NY so I remember the cold and the snow well. I’d come home for winter break and within 3 days I’d be a weather baby again!

  2. Yummy pasta dinner! It is so amazing how weather can affect our moods. It was in the 60s here today and I was in the best mood ever!

  3. That’s almost exactly what I had for dinner!

    2oz linguini
    1 cup broccoli florets
    olive oil to dress
    thyme to taste
    .5 oz of parmeggiano regiano

    The thyme really adds something!

  4. I don’t do nearly enough cooking with broth! I get nervous about using up a carton before it goes bad, but I think the yummy flavor it adds is worth it. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. dinner looks great! the nice weather here has kept me in a good mood, too 🙂

    I saw a House Hunters episode today and this couple had 2 PUGS! I wondered if you were watching 🙂

  6. Hey T! Doug and I agreed with you and Mal. We opened a bottle just now with some cheese and crackers. Your broccoli dish looks much healthier. 😉 Nothing like a good white wine on a Sunday. Have a good week!

  7. Great trick on cooking the pasta! I love dinners like this that are simple yet satisfying.
    I started subscribing to Real Simple when I was 13, I think. Yeah, I was one of the cool kids in Jr. High, right? Riiiiiiight.

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