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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I’m back from Mexico and so glad to be home. It was an amazing trip, and I am so excited to tell you guys about it. I was, however, in full-on vacation mode, so I didn’t snap a ton of photos, but, of course, being a blogger at heart, I couldn’t resist and have a bunch of share. That said, here are some highlights from my girls’ weekend in Cancun!


We stayed at the Grand Park Royal Cancún Caribe, an all-inclusive resort, right on the beach, about 20 minutes from the airport. It was a beautiful place and the staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. I’m not exaggerating, we must have said at least a dozen times: “Everyone is so nice here.”

IMG_2277 (800x600)

The four us stayed in a villa right on the beach.

IMG_2331 (800x600)

And each one came with its own private cabana. Pretty fancy, huh?

IMG_2267 (600x800)

Hello, Mr. Iguana! I saw quite a few of them””both big and small””during my stay. They roamed free around the resort.

IMG_2273 (800x600)

There were a couple of pools with swim-up bars and plenty of space to lounge.

IMG_2293 (800x600)

We spent all day Saturday and Sunday, hanging out by the pool, reading, relaxing, and drinking cocktails. Vacation = the best.

IMG_2302 (800x600)

IMG_2280 (800x600)

There was also a cool rooftop lounge where we grabbed drinks after dinner one night.

IMG_2298 (800x600)


The food was really good for an all-inclusive resort and there were plenty of healthy options.

IMG_2300 (800x600)

And, of course, plenty of not-so-healthy options!

IMG_2316 (800x800)

I’m pretty sure I ate dessert with just about every meal.

IMG_2334 (800x600)

The resort also offered various themed restaurants for dinner, including Italian and Asian cuisines.

IMG_2271 (800x600)

The Chicken Picata was bomb.

IMG_2297 (800x600)


Oooooh, the drinks. The cocktails were definitely flowing in Cancun.

IMG_2283 (800x600)

IMG_2314 (561x800)


No rest days on vacation! We hit it hard for workouts every morning, which is my favorite way to start the day. There is just something about a tough workout before a full day of total indulgence. 

IMG_2276 (740x740)

The first day, we used the gym to do a workout.

Grand Park Royal Workout

The second morning, we ran along the ocean and then did a beach workout.

Cancun Beach WOD

IMG_2268 (600x800)


I had such a wonderful time with these ladies. They’re a fun crew and we definitely had some good laughs together!

IMG_2295 (800x600)

IMG_2336 (800x450)

IMG_2338 (800x450)

IMG_2325 (640x640)

IMG_2319 (800x450)

All in all, it was an awesome vacation!! 
IMG_2324 (552x800)

Questions of the Day

Have you ever stayed at an all-inclusive resort? What’d you think?

Do you exercise on vacation?



  1. I think going on a run is the perfect way to explore a new city in a short amount of time, so yes, I try to fit in a run or try out a new workout class that I don’t have at home. I LOVE all inclusive resorts!

  2. The best thing about staying at all-inclusive resorts is that you don’t need to bring a wallet with you anywhere! My hubby and I went to an all-inclusive Sandals in Jamaica for our honeymoon and last year went to an adults-only all-inclusive in Cabo, which was awesome. I love to vacation that way. Stress free!! 🙂

  3. You look like an athlete through and through, Tina. Your hard work really shows in your strong body.
    You’ve inspired me to do that beach WOD this week…sadly in my basement.

  4. i am going to my first all inclusive this June to Costa Rica, they have water classes and a great gym, paddle boarding and kayaking and some hiking, i love to do something active and also have plenty of time to chill out

  5. What a fun vacay! I love seeing new moms take a couple days for themselves!! You’re reminding me that I need to do a girls getaway soon! (Well I suppose I should pop this baby #3 out soon and then, ya know, wait a few months haha. Speaking of that, I looked back on your body after baby posts for some inspiration. You’re a great healthy role model.)

    I am curious, do you know your body fat percentage? Obviously you are quite lean. I’m an RD, so I always find it an interesting fact/indicator of health that gets overlooked in favor of BMI, weight, etc.

  6. I’ve never been to an all inclusive but I heard food is the tough part. I also definitely need a beach vacation now.

  7. Never stayed at all-inclusive but took a cruise last June. It’s fairly all-inclusive minus the alcohol, but I’m not a huge drinker so I was okay to just buy a drink on the occasion I wanted one.

    I usually try to exercise at least every other day on vacation. On the cruise I did treadmill runs/lifting on our days at sea. Didn’t worry about it on shore excursion days.

    Leaving in 12 hrs for a trip to Seattle and plan on getting at least a few runs in on the island we are staying at, as well as 2-3 moderately strenuous hikes in the Olympic National Forest.

  8. We’ve never tried an all-inclusive, we like to explore so not sure it would be the best route for us.

    I workout on vacation, I love checking out hotel fitness centers 🙂

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