Girls’ Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

Hi, guys! Happy Monday to you! How was your weekend?

Mine was quite awesome and kicked off with a FUN girls’ night on Martha’s Vineyard. One of our friends from CrossFit has an incredible house there and invited a group of us to spend the night. It was SUCH a great time with a seriously wonderful group of women! In CNC fashion, let’s do a High, Low, High post to recap! 🙂

HIGH: Taking a SoulCycle class together! There was a pop-up on Martha’s Vineyard, so we started our visit with a seriously sweaty workout!

LOW: The instructor was good, but he wasn’t all about the “party on a bike.” He was actually pretty chill, so the newbie ladies didn’t get quite the experience that the veterans raved about. Even still, we got our sweat on before going into vacation mode!

HIGH: Heading out on a catamaran for an afternoon sailing adventure! My gosh, it was a blast! 🙂

LOW: Losing my Nantucket hat (pictured below) to the sea. It flew right off my head into the ocean! Whomp whomp. We joked that the Vineyard was angry at me for wearing it. Ha!

HIGH: Enjoying iced coffee and lots of girl talk back at the house. It was so nice to chat with these ladies and get to know them outside of the gym.

HIGH: Going out for an epic night in Edgartown! We started with dinner and drinks at The Port Hunter and then danced the night away at Atlantic. Good times!

FYI: My romper is from Stitch Fix, but I found one that’s from the same brand and very similar!

HIGH: Waking up on Martha’s Vineyard, drinking coffee, and recapping the night before – so many funny stories! 🙂

Question of the Day

Have you ever been to Martha’s Vineyard? If so, what’s your favorite restaurant and activity to do? 



  1. LOVE that jumpsuit you’re wearing in the bottom picture. Where is it from? It looks super comfy, but perfect for a night out when it’s 10000 degrees!

  2. ahhhh i’m from martha’s vineyard!! i miss my home. I learned out to sail at that yacht club behind mad max. we locals actually hated mad max because they don’t “sail”, there are things in the sail to keep it from luffing heheh. my house was on south summer, near port hunter. uggghhh i love seeing these pictures and also hate it bc i am homesick, particularly during the summer. I hope you loved my island!!

  3. Nice romper – I own the same one 🙂 thank you, Stitch Fix!
    You can totally dress it up or down, and it is one of the most comfortable things I have ever purchased.

    I went to Martha’s Vineyard a LONG time ago, and it was truly lovely. We had a bonfire on the beach at one point, and I made a serious point to swim in the ocean. Once a beach girl, always a beach girl.

  4. We just got to go on a catamaran in Jamaica and my daughter lost her hat to the sea too! It’s since been replaced but she’s 10 and was crying her eyes out

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