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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! How’s it going? Here’s a little recap of yesterday””eats and happenings!

My day started with a routine glucose test to screen for gestational diabetes in pregnancy. I couldn’t eat after midnight the night before, so I arrived at the testing center bright and early to get it done. (I’m such a breakfast gal and miss it so much when I don’t have it.)

IMG_7452 (900x675)

The first blood draw was done as soon as I arrived and then I was instructed to drink a super sugary bottle of liquid””and I had just 5 minutes to do it. I was also instructed not to chug the drink because it could make me sick. Well, ok, then. I made it through the first 3/4 of the bottle, no problem, but as I drank the last little bit of liquid, it really started to gross me out. Those last few sips were just too sweet.

photo (17) (640x480)

The drink tasted like melted Freezer Pops and, I eventually got it all down with about a minute to spare. And, after that, just minutes later, I had a serious sugar high. Whoa. I felt woozy, a little buzzed, and super-duper jittery. I wanted to do a bunch of Burpees or punch a punching bag just to get the energy out. It was definitely a weird feeling. Haha!

freezer pops

I had to remain at the testing center for 2 hours, so my blood could be drawn another two times to see how my system dealt with the sugar. The timing actually worked out perfectly because my book edits were due by the end of the day, so I cranked them out and finished just as I was called for my final blood draw.

Side note: My book looks SO GREAT! I received the first draft from the designer the other day and it looks awesome. I love all of the bright colors and images. Seeing it made me so happy, and it totally made those crazy weeks of non-stop work worth it! Now, I really can’t wait to see the final product!

photo (18) (480x640)

When I returned home, Murphy didn’t greet me at the door, which I thought was kind of strange. He’s almost always waiting behind the front door when we come home. So, I went to look for him and found him curled up in the Snoogle. He loves that thing! Look at that face. He looks like he was totally out cold.

photo (19) (640x480)


It was almost lunchtime when I got home, but I was still craving breakfast, so I whipped up a bowl of Oatmeal Minus the Oats (an oldie, but goodie) with chopped dates, walnuts, chia seeds, and a couple of scoops of almond butter. I also made myself a decaf almond milk latte with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top.

IMG_7474 (657x900)


Mid-afternoon, I started to get a little hungry, so I whipped up one of my new favorite snacks””Mal’s too. I actually raved about it to him for a solid week or so before he actually tried it himself. Of course, he loved it when he finally did try it and jokingly said something along the lines of “why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?” Um, yea, Mal. I knew he’d like it!

Anyway, my new snack love: Melba toast with Garlic & Herb cheese from The Laughing Cow with a sliced hardboiled egg and freshly ground pepper on top. It’s sooo good! Please try it. It’s guaranteed to be a new snack favorite!

High protein snack (900x675)


Last night’s dinner: chopped Cobb salads with chunked chicken, hardboiled eggs, bacon, tomato, and cucumber. I also added a big glob of homemade guacamole on top of mine for some added healthy fats. It was a delicious dinner!

IMG_7479 (900x675)

And, after dinner, I ate about 800 handfuls of almonds and chocolate chips.

IMG_1611 (900x900)

So, I briefly mentioned that the hotel where we stayed in Savannah was haunted. And, apparently, it’s not just a little bit haunted, but a whole lot. If you Google The Marshall House, you’ll find all sorts of creepy stories about it. Guests of the hotel report hearing children playing in the hallways (marbles rolling on the wood floors) and seeing a one-armed solider wandering through the lobby. Other stories include strange occurrences that happen in the ladies restroom on the main floor. One particular stall constantly locks itself, which requires the staff to come open it.

Our taxi driver from the airport even told us about a couple he drove that had a haunting experience. They were staying at The Marshall House and one night the TV in their room suddenly shut off, one of the wardrobe doors closed, and then they felt pressure on their bed like someone had just sat down. Um, yea, that definitely put me on edge before arriving at the hotel. Our taxi driver also told us that The Marshall House has been part of all sorts of documentaries about haunted places and it’s included on a number of ghost tours in Savannah. I actually really wanted to do a ghost tour when we were in Savannah until, of course, I discovered that The Marshall House was haunted. I figured I shouldn’t add any more fuel to the fire. Haha!

IMG_7186 (675x900)

Anyway, I do not do well with creepy stuff like ghosts and haunted places. I get all in my head and psych myself out so bad. The first couple of nights at The Marshall House, I was so nervous and barely slept, but, by the third night, I finally calmed down. Thankfully, nothing scary happened to us while we were there, but I was still creeped-out and hyper-aware of every little thing!

Question of the Day

Are you afraid of ghosts?

Have you ever had anything creepy/freaky/spooky happen to you?

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  1. That breakfast looks HEAVENLY. Laughing cow cheese + bread + eggs is always a favorite lunch of mine, as well.

    I cannot physically imagine staying in that house – I CANNOT handle haunted stuff. I get way too freaked out!

  2. While I’m actually pretty terrified of ghosts, I think they’re super interesting. Part of me wants to experience something paranormal like that, but then the other part thinks I’d be too frightened if it ever happened. I do love to hear other people’s creepy stories though.

    I hope the glucose test results came back good!

  3. My grandfather saw lots of ghosts as a child, apparently, and told us lots of ghost stories growing up. I was always fascinated by them in theory and read lots of ghost books, but yeah, when push comes to shove – I’m pretty freaked out!

    Our house is almost 200 years old, and a friend who came to stay with us commented that our house must have seen lots of people be born, grow up, and even — then I cut her off. 🙂

  4. Growing up in Indian Territory in OK there are haunted places everywhere so ghosts don’t really scare me, its more of respect thing. I have never actually seen a ghost but I have had some of weird experiences (lights flickering, entering into cold rooms, covers being pulled off the bed). As kids we were taught they were family members who passed checking on us or sometimes if that family member had a playful side they were up to their old tricks again. I have heard of encounters of unwanted spirits which involved the tribe’s medicine man to come smudge (burn sage) the home and its residents.

    I went on a haunted tour in New Orleans and loved it. The Hotel Montelone was on the ghost tour and the guide showed us pictures guests had taken of ghosts they saw. I’m totally staying there they next time I visit! I know, I’m weird!

  5. Interesting. I guess offices do it differently. I can eat and my appointment is in the afternoon only for an hour. If i dont pass ill have to do the three hour one. Anyhow, hope you pass with flying colors!!

  6. Ha I am TERRIFIED of ghosts…so much in fact that I though the “6th Sense” was like the scariest movie of all time. I will never be able to use the bathroom in the middle of the night because of that movie! One time my friends convinced me to do a overnight stay at the WV state Penitentiary in wheeling wv. Turns out this place is SUPER haunted …like ghost hunters and MTV’s Scared straight show was filmed there. The entire night I felt like there was a house on my shoulders I was petrified. Luckily the ghosts left me alone probably because they could sense I would die if they appeared in front of me. lol so needless to say, yes I believe in ghosts!

  7. I have had some creepy experiences with ghosts. I wrote a blog post last year about the house we lived in since we had a full haunting experience. Let’s just say it was bad enough we called the police thinking someone broke in and we ended up moving out a month later after we got confirmation from a previous owner that it was haunted.

    Def not something to mess with!

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