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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! How’s it going? Here’s a little recap of yesterday””eats and happenings!

My day started with a routine glucose test to screen for gestational diabetes in pregnancy. I couldn’t eat after midnight the night before, so I arrived at the testing center bright and early to get it done. (I’m such a breakfast gal and miss it so much when I don’t have it.)

IMG_7452 (900x675)

The first blood draw was done as soon as I arrived and then I was instructed to drink a super sugary bottle of liquid””and I had just 5 minutes to do it. I was also instructed not to chug the drink because it could make me sick. Well, ok, then. I made it through the first 3/4 of the bottle, no problem, but as I drank the last little bit of liquid, it really started to gross me out. Those last few sips were just too sweet.

photo (17) (640x480)

The drink tasted like melted Freezer Pops and, I eventually got it all down with about a minute to spare. And, after that, just minutes later, I had a serious sugar high. Whoa. I felt woozy, a little buzzed, and super-duper jittery. I wanted to do a bunch of Burpees or punch a punching bag just to get the energy out. It was definitely a weird feeling. Haha!

freezer pops

I had to remain at the testing center for 2 hours, so my blood could be drawn another two times to see how my system dealt with the sugar. The timing actually worked out perfectly because my book edits were due by the end of the day, so I cranked them out and finished just as I was called for my final blood draw.

Side note: My book looks SO GREAT! I received the first draft from the designer the other day and it looks awesome. I love all of the bright colors and images. Seeing it made me so happy, and it totally made those crazy weeks of non-stop work worth it! Now, I really can’t wait to see the final product!

photo (18) (480x640)

When I returned home, Murphy didn’t greet me at the door, which I thought was kind of strange. He’s almost always waiting behind the front door when we come home. So, I went to look for him and found him curled up in the Snoogle. He loves that thing! Look at that face. He looks like he was totally out cold.

photo (19) (640x480)


It was almost lunchtime when I got home, but I was still craving breakfast, so I whipped up a bowl of Oatmeal Minus the Oats (an oldie, but goodie) with chopped dates, walnuts, chia seeds, and a couple of scoops of almond butter. I also made myself a decaf almond milk latte with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top.

IMG_7474 (657x900)


Mid-afternoon, I started to get a little hungry, so I whipped up one of my new favorite snacks””Mal’s too. I actually raved about it to him for a solid week or so before he actually tried it himself. Of course, he loved it when he finally did try it and jokingly said something along the lines of “why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?” Um, yea, Mal. I knew he’d like it!

Anyway, my new snack love: Melba toast with Garlic & Herb cheese from The Laughing Cow with a sliced hardboiled egg and freshly ground pepper on top. It’s sooo good! Please try it. It’s guaranteed to be a new snack favorite!

High protein snack (900x675)


Last night’s dinner: chopped Cobb salads with chunked chicken, hardboiled eggs, bacon, tomato, and cucumber. I also added a big glob of homemade guacamole on top of mine for some added healthy fats. It was a delicious dinner!

IMG_7479 (900x675)

And, after dinner, I ate about 800 handfuls of almonds and chocolate chips.

IMG_1611 (900x900)

So, I briefly mentioned that the hotel where we stayed in Savannah was haunted. And, apparently, it’s not just a little bit haunted, but a whole lot. If you Google The Marshall House, you’ll find all sorts of creepy stories about it. Guests of the hotel report hearing children playing in the hallways (marbles rolling on the wood floors) and seeing a one-armed solider wandering through the lobby. Other stories include strange occurrences that happen in the ladies restroom on the main floor. One particular stall constantly locks itself, which requires the staff to come open it.

Our taxi driver from the airport even told us about a couple he drove that had a haunting experience. They were staying at The Marshall House and one night the TV in their room suddenly shut off, one of the wardrobe doors closed, and then they felt pressure on their bed like someone had just sat down. Um, yea, that definitely put me on edge before arriving at the hotel. Our taxi driver also told us that The Marshall House has been part of all sorts of documentaries about haunted places and it’s included on a number of ghost tours in Savannah. I actually really wanted to do a ghost tour when we were in Savannah until, of course, I discovered that The Marshall House was haunted. I figured I shouldn’t add any more fuel to the fire. Haha!

IMG_7186 (675x900)

Anyway, I do not do well with creepy stuff like ghosts and haunted places. I get all in my head and psych myself out so bad. The first couple of nights at The Marshall House, I was so nervous and barely slept, but, by the third night, I finally calmed down. Thankfully, nothing scary happened to us while we were there, but I was still creeped-out and hyper-aware of every little thing!

Question of the Day

Are you afraid of ghosts?

Have you ever had anything creepy/freaky/spooky happen to you?

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    1. I don’t know. I just did it yesterday morning, so I assume it’ll take a little while for my doctor to get the results and let me know! 🙂

  1. I so wanted to go on a ghost tour when I was in Savannah last year too but my sisters-in-law were not feeling it.

    We had rented a house and the only ghostly thing we encountered is I swore I saw a cat walking down the hallway one night. I was the only one that saw it. Ghost cat not so bad. Ghost child rolling marbles or one armed soldier? I would have ran the whole way back to Nebraska!

  2. I’ll do ghost tours and stuff.. but I do get creeped out fairly easily. I’ve turned down a few offers to do those Zombie 5Ks…. and I did lash out at one at King Dominion’s haunted fest one year… with a water bottle… (sorry to whomever you may be).

    I do not like golf courses at night… they creep me out!! I don’t like driving by them at night either. In high school a friend and I went walking around one at night thinking it would be fun, and we saw something really large attached to a tree, and it looked like it moved, but we couldn’t see any details.. just a large black shape. I turned around and sat in the car until we could leave. I did get myself once though, I was riding my bike home from a friend’s house (two years ago) and my cruiser is really creaky…. so you can imagine the embarassment with that one.

  3. ghost stuff can freak me out too. most of the time i’m pretty good about not letting it get to me, but sometimes i’ll give myself so much anxiety!

    my hometown has a historical village with a bunch of famous homes, and there were TONS of stories about people seeing persons, or things moving and being out of place. creepy!!

  4. Ghosts definitely creep me out. I don’t watch any horror movies at all, because I have such an overactive imagination. My husband has all sorts of creepy stories from when he worked at a haunted mansion as an overnight security guard. Spooky!

  5. I am a total wimp when it comes to ghost and spooks. I’m with you, I would have been freaked out to stay at the hotel, especially at night!

  6. Oh, I don’t envy you, my gestational diabetes test was non-fasting.
    I love the garlic herb Laughing cow on toast. People keep teasing me that it must be because I am pregnant, but I swear that’s not it! I am definitely trying it with a hard boiled egg.
    Also, my husband wanted to do a ghost tour on our baby-moon in Charleston, SC couple of years ago. I said no, lol.

  7. Whenever I make oats with egg whites or oatmeal minus the oats the egg whites stick to the bottom of the pot and leave a residue that’s impossible to get off. Any tips to prevent this? Is it because I’m using carton egg whites?

  8. Murphy is just too cute, way too cute! Our dog is always at the door when we get home too I’d be totally freaked out if he didn’t greet me with his wiggly butt.

    As for ghosts, I was watching a ghost show on TV and they said that to see you ghosts you have to be open to seeing them so that’s probably why they didn’t bug you. I saw it on TV, it has to be factual right? 🙂

  9. That glucose test sounds intense. It seems really counter-intuitive to say drink this in under 5 min but don’t chug. But it sounds like you did just fine!

    The ghost stories sound so freaky! I think I would end up scaring myself and not be able to sleep!

  10. oh my god, I would be scared to DEATH! Seriously! I’m fine with ghost tours and walking around to see places like that, but when it comes to where I’m sleeping, I cant’ handle it. Mostly because I wake up at least once or twice every night to pee and it scares me to death to have to walk to the bathroom and pass mirrors when I think I’m somewhere creepy.

  11. I’m sorry that it was tough for you to sleep at the hotel those first few nights. I really like haunted places but I’d have trouble sleeping too. I like visiting haunted places but I’ve had some weird paranormal experiences at night and those are really creepy. One was in a room where people have had weird things happen to them and my first night my bed started shaking violently and the next night it felt like someone sat on it. In the same place I kept seeing this weird shimmery mist floating around and I later found out that someone else saw the same thing a few days earlier. We started asking around and found out the place had a history of hauntings, especially because it was on Civil War ground and was later a hospital. Freaky but cool.

  12. I grew up in a house that definitely has some ghosts hanging around, so I think I’ve just come to accept it. As long as they’re nice, they can stay haha!

  13. Oh man. I would have hightailed right out of there… just hearing those stories creeps me out across the country! Haha. I am so not a scary/ghost person at all. I hate scary movies so much b/c I get way too involved & freaked out in daily life after the show or whatever is over.

    That snack looks awesome! I loved eggs with cheese during my pregnancy too!

  14. Your cobb salad looks really good. I’ve been in the mood for a good salad. That glucose drink actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but yes, those last few sips are nasty. It’s nice to get that little test out of the way! One step closer…

  15. Ghost completely freak me out! When I visited Savannah when I was little, we stayed in a hotel that was haunted too. It may have been the Marshall House, I cannot remember. We heard all kinds of stories.

    I grew up on a old farm and we were told that it was haunted as well. It still freaks me out!

  16. My parent’s house on the Cape was haunted. It was origianlly built for Henry Fonda’s brother Peter. Don’t know who was haunting but you could hear voices in other rooms, closet doors would open, huge planters ( 25 lbs) would shake and almost fall over. My Mom didn’t believe until she saw a whifle ball on a rug between her & the dog start to roll and “play” with the dog She believed then! Freaked me out a kid. I slept with my closet light on!

  17. I don’t like ghosts AT ALL, they completely freak me out! The house I lived in with my sister, (the house my dad actually grew up in), was totally haunted and weird stuff happened all the time. We had an onion ‘jump’ if you will, out of a bowl and onto the floor, toilet seats fall, and one time we came home and one of the cupboard doors in the kitchen was completely unhinged and on the floor. so, so weird! I’m glad I no longer live there. 🙂

  18. My parents house has had some weird things happen in it, for example one night we smelled cigar smoke in the den when no one in my family even smokes. A few nights we have heard the stairs creaking like someone is on them! Once my mom swear she heard her name being called inside the house even when no one was home! It use to really really really really freak me out. My parents house is about 110 years old so I understand their is going to be freaking things, but I hate scary things!!!

  19. I’m guessing you guys didn’t do a ghost tour while in Savannah? My sister lived there for about five years, so I went down to visit multiple times. While I was there, we went on a lot of the tours – they were so interesting but definitely creepy. One thing I learned is that near the big cemetery downtown, under the streets are bodies that they never dug up. The cemetery used to be bigger, but needed more room for streets/buildings so they just built over it. Creepy.

  20. eww that drink is so gross, and its worse if your not a soda drinker. I had to do it when I was on prednisone which is what was making my sugar levels high. my BFF lived in a house that was built in the 1800’s and the lights would always flicker, since her mom sold it a few people have bought it and tried to renovate it and always give up and resell and swear because of the ghosts. they seemed like friendly ones but sometimes ghosts in houses don’t like when you start to renovate a house. I was more scared of the bats in the attic then the ghosts lol!

  21. OMG! My little dog loves my maternity pillow too! Every time I get up, she immediately moves to the pillow and gets all snuggled in.

  22. I had to do a glucose test before, too (for ? of PCOS). It was disgusting!

    Will have to try that oatmeal this weekend. Been trying to mix up my weekend breakfasts! Does it hold you over for a long time?

    I am definitely afraid of ghosts even though I pretty much don’t believe in them. Sounds silly, I know. The idea of them freaks me out, but I don’t really think they exist. Although I had a weird experience once when I was staying at a bed and breakfast in Jackson, NH. They had candles in the windows (the kind people put up for Christmas) and one of them went back on in the middle of the night and then flickered on and off. We had only unscrewed the bulbs, not unplugged them, so as soon as I tip toed over to the window and quickly pulled the plug out of the socket, it stopped. 🙂 My husband claims he’s seen at ghost at an old cottage on Martha’s Vineyard and his cousin’s child supposedly sees dead family members, but I think don’t believe he actually sees them, but imagines them, you know? But that’s just me.

    Spirits, however, I believe in. As in people that have passed away, but who you feel around you from time to time. Not in a ghost way, but in a memory way. I know I’m weird in the way I think about this stuff, but it makes sense to me. 😉

  23. Could you eat while you waited the 2 hours for blood work? I would have been absolutely MAD if I had to wait two hours on top of skipping breakfast!

  24. There is a haunted tour of the Denver Botanic Gardens, which used to be a grave yard. Didn’t get creeped out at all during a Halloween tour. It didn’t even feel or look scary because it looks so nice now. Kinda disappointing.

  25. 100 cal popcorn with a few craisins and chocolate chips thrown in . awesome snack by the way.

    ghosts–have had some strange run ins both in Savannah and at home. If you feel a ghostly weirdness, just tell them to “get out and leave you alone. they are not welcome”. we did this once when things felt really weird and the blinds lifted away from the open window as if someone lifted them so they could float out..i kid you not.

  26. My great-aunt died in my parent’s house before they moved into it and they used to tease me about it constantly when I was little to freak me out. Like if we heard creaks, my parents would say, oh there’s Aunt Amanda checking out the addition we put on the house. Creepy. Even today if I have to go into the basement, you better believe every single light is on. I hate it, but at the same time I kinda like to be scared. I think I would want to stay at Marshall House, but just for a night.. and if I heard something I would probably flip out 😀

  27. Maybe i missed this but did you fail the first glucose test? Mine is not a fasting one and hour unless you dont.pass then you have to come back.for testing like yours. Tjis is my second pregnancy and i never had to fast or do a long one like yours.

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