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Hey there! I had an appointment with my GI doctor yesterday afternoon, so let’s get right to it so I can fill ya in on how things went!


Lunch was a repeat of the previous night’s dinner (Make-Your-Own Taco Salads), but instead of romaine lettuce, I used sautéed kale for a more nutritious option. I’m really digging salsa lately, so a big scoop of it definitely added a little something-something to the meal. It’s funny how salsa does that!

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After lunch, I headed into Boston for my doctor’s appointment. I gave myself plenty of time to get there and arrived about 15 minutes early, so I popped into Whole Foods to kill some time and look for a snack.


I wandered around, checking out my options, but nothing really caught my attention. I wanted some fried plantains from the hot bar, but I didn’t see any. Bummer. Those are my favorite snack ever from Whole Foods. Instead, I ended up buying a bottle of Kombucha and drinking about 1/3 of it before my appointment.

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At my appointment, I first met with a MGH fellow, who told me all about a couple of IBD studies that the hospital is conducting and then asked me if I was interested in participating. Of course, I was interested in participating and happily signed on for both. Both studies will be looking at genes and biological markers and whether they can predict the course of Crohn’s and colitis over time. Additionally, investigators will see how these diseases respond to different medications.

Yesterday, my involvement in these studies involved answering a number of questionnaires and submitting blood and urine samples. In the coming months, I’ll be contacted up to 4 times for follow-up questions, visits, and more samples. I won’t get any sort of results or feedback for my participation, but I am more than happy to provide information that will help doctors understand the cause of IBD and how best to treat people with these diseases.

IMG_5480 (750x563)

Once I finished all of the study stuff (I was at MGH for almost 3 hours yesterday), I met with my doctor, who is truly the greatest guy ever. He was totally running behind with his schedule and then things took longer than expected with the study stuff, but he didn’t rush our meeting at all. In fact, we talked for quite a long time. I always felt like my old GI doctor wanted to get me in and out of his office as fast as he could, so I always felt anxious and hesitated to ask my questions. Meeting with my new doctor is a completely different experience. He really listens and focuses on me and my individual situation. Yesterday, for example, my doctor spent a ton of time looking at my records (from my previous doctor) and medication history while asking me about my current condition and then creating a plan of attack for the future. My old doctor seemed like he grouped me in box with other 30-something colitis patients and then prescribed me more drugs just so he could get me out of his hair. I know I’ve said this before, but I am so glad I switched doctors. It’s made a huge difference in how I look at this disease and attempt to manage it. I also really trust my new doctor and his plans for getting (and keeping) me healthy.

The next big step in getting me healthy is completely weaning me off Prednisone, which I have been taking since August. I’ve been up and down on the dosage a few times now, but I’ve successfully made it down to 15mg without a flare this time. Unfortunately, according to my doctor, going from 15mg to 0mg is a really tough transition since my body is so used to having steroids to keep it healthy. My doctor has additional meds on-call in case I start to flare, but the next few weeks might be an adventure. Let’s hope for the best!



After my appointment, I headed home and threw together a quick dinner. It was supposed to be Mustard-Glazed Chicken with Candied Carrots (both recipes from Practical Paleo), but I sort of did my own thing. I cooked the chicken with the mustard glaze, but then chopped it up and mixed it with brown rice, roasted broccoli and carrots. It turned out pretty well!

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After dinner, I enjoyed a couple of mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

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Health News & Views

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  1. I’ve only heard of Tabata through your blog! And I incorporated that idea when I led a workout class and it totally made everyone sore for the next couple of days. It’s crazy how much harder you can push yourself when you say, “It’s only 20 seconds…”
    Thanks for the 15-minute workout!

  2. I never seem to mind waiting for a doctor who is running late if, when he/she is seeing me, I feel like I am their only patient.

  3. I hope things continue to go well for you and I’m glad you found a doctor you like so much! I’ve had GI issues for the past year and have tried two different doctors so far – I still haven’t found one I feel like will give me the attention I need. They’re so quick to assume it’s one thing or the other without any in depth conversations with me. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with the next one!

  4. You can’t not end the way without a little sugar (woah on the double negatives)… glad your appointment went well! Have a great wednesday 🙂

  5. Fingers crossed for you getting off the meds; many have done it before so you will get there, hopefully with no more flares! Really interested to hear out it goes for you so definitely keep us posted! Also checked out the tabata workout, it’s a great one! 🙂

  6. My husband talks about Tabata all the time. He’s an at home crossfitter. I was wondering why it sounded so familiar. I tune him out when he talks about that stuff 😉 Maybe I should have listened to him more because it sounds like fun!

  7. Glad you like your doctor. I love my doc for the same reason…,never feel rushed and she cares about every detail of my life. Such a difference.
    I had a question about the paleo challenge you did last month. I know you said you didn’t participate the way you had planned but what about the people at your box that finished the month. How did they do and I’m more interested in how it affected them with their fitness. Are they going to stick with it?

  8. Ugh I am on steroids right now for my dermatitis and it sucks. I tried everything natural to help it and nothing helps so steroids it is!

    I love tabata workouts and did a tabata style spinning class the other day which was great!

  9. Sorry if this is too personal, but does the Prednisone make you crazy? My mom was on it for a while and, to be blunt, she was a raging bitch on it! I have another friend on it and it is making her a little nutty too. Have you felt any changes in your mood since being on it?

  10. Hey Tina,
    I was just wondering, what did you mean when you said your doc had additional meds on-call if you started to flare? It was my understanding that you’d just go back up to your previous dosage and am intrigued by how he would in turn treat you.

  11. As a medical researcher, I appreciate that you shared your experience joining a clinical trial. These studies are essential for society’s understanding of disease and for the development of new treatments in the future! I hope that you share some of the follow-up as well.

  12. glad to hear you are weaning off of prednisone! i recently stopped taking mine altogether after tapering down from 20mg. if you are at 15 now, try cutting in half or weaning to 10 (depends on pill size) and then every few weeks cutting them again. I eventually took 2.5 for a while and have now stopped altogether. I hope your colitis stays under control without the steroids, and it sounds like you have a great doctor to support you–that is so important!

  13. First, congrats and hurray for finding a doctor you like so much and for having some success in your treatment – I hope it all continues. Second, I was just wondering what your thoughts are on Kombucha. Obviously you drink it, as you’ve mentioned in a few posts recently, so what are your thoughts on the negative reviews/warnings out there about it? Thanks so much!

    1. From what I’ve read, you’d have to drink improperly-brewed Kombucha or a crapload of it, and I’m not pregnant. What are you referring to specifically?

  14. Congrats! I work in clinical trials at MGH. Participating is such a great way to help others. Many people also report better, more consistent care when taking part in the study. Hope it helps you and others with colitis!

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