Get Your Fudge Babies!

Today’s the day! It’s your chance to win a batch of Katie’s famous Fudge Babies!!! :mrgreen:

Katie offered to bake a batch of her (customizable) Fudge Babies for a “Last Chance Bake Sale” to help Mal and me raise money for Team In Training. Katie has a connection to leukemia and really wanted to help us out, so we were more than happy to take her up on her offer and raise money for leukemia and lymphoma research in anyway that we can.


Before you start bidding, please review the full Rules & Logistics. All funds raised from the Last Chance Bake Sale will go directly to Team in Training to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. All bids must be emailed to CHRISTINA.HAUPERT@GMAIL.COM with ‘Fudge Babies’ in the subject line. Bids left in the comments section will not be counted. The Last Chance Bake Sale is only open to US residents.

I will update the ”˜bid section’ on the bottom of this post throughout the day, so you can see the current high bid. Bidding will run from now until this evening, Monday, September 27 at 11:59 EST. I will announce the winner tomorrow morning.

A few quick reminders:

  • All bids must be emailed to CHRISTINA.HAUPERT@GMAIL.COM.
  • The funds from winning bid must be posted to our TNT fundraising page within 24 hours of receiving the winning confirmation email or next bidder automatically wins.
  • The winning bidder can expect to have their Fudge Babies shipped out within three (3) days of the bake sale.

Ok, I think that’s it. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Let the bidding begin!!! :mrgreen:

Better Than the Original?

Ok, the photo below is a bit misleading. I didn’t eat Beans on Toast for breakfast this morning. Instead, this photo is an example of a restaurant recreation gone wrong.

Back in December, Mal and I visited Ashland, Oregon and enjoyed lunch at The Black Sheep where I ordered Beans on Toast. It tasted very delicious and inspired a similar meal back home.


Unfortunately, my Beans on Toast recreation totally bombed. It was edible, but not at all like the original. 😕


So, now, when it comes to recreating restaurant meals, I leave the cooking to the experts. I’m actually not much of a chef, which means any meal that you see on CNC is easy to make. Trust me, I don’t get fancy in the kitchen! However, when it comes to baked goods and coffee drinks, I can usually hold my own! 😉

So, when I saw this delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte on Mama Pea’s blog, I immediately wanted to recreate the yummy Iced Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte that I spend nearly $4 on each week at Starbucks.


Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte

Makes 1


  • 1 cup strongly brewed iced coffee  (I used cinnamon flavored)
  • 1/2 cup vanilla soy milk
  • 2 tablespoons canned pumpkin
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • Shake of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger (to taste)


  • Combine all ingredients in a shaker (or water bottle with tight lid).
  • Shake vigorously until blended well.
  • Pour over ice.
  • Enjoy!


Along with my Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte, I enjoyed some fresh strawberries.


And a fried egg and whole wheat toast with Teddie Peanut Butter.


Question of the Day

Have you ever recreated something you ate at a restaurant? How did it turn out? Was it better than the original?

P.S. For the locals: The 1st Annual Boston Local Food Festival is this Saturday, October 2nd. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss it this year, but it’s a great opportunity to support Boston restaurants, chefs, and food trucks that are sourcing from local farms.


  1. I loved pumpkin lattes but I’m with you 100% I rarely spend the money on it. I can’t wait to try it out!

    It’s always fun re-creating restaurant dishes but I always get disappointed so I have learned to stay away. I think I’m a decent cook but some things are just meant to be left alone with me

  2. My best recreation was a taco salad I had at the Candle Cafe. I did a pretty good job, though I think the real deal is still better!! There’s also a tempeh walnut lentil burger I’m dying to recreate…

    Hope you have a great start to your week!

  3. Yummm! I’ve been making my own PSLs lately as well – and every time I have one I marvel at all the money I’m saving lol!!
    When I go out to restaurants I tend to order fish – usually salmon or ahi tuna. I’ve tried recreating salmon a few times but it never quite tastes the same. I don’t mind practicing though!

  4. I have a pot of coffee going for EXACTLY that reason. My own pumpkin spiced latte. LOL

    I think we have more in common than just the names. 😉 Which, after seeing your email as your full name Christina – I have to ask…do family and others call you Christina? My parents and some friends call me Christina, but to my husband, my sister, many other friends, and in writing I’m Tina. LOL

  5. Is beans on toast quite unusual in the usa? In England, beans on toast is like, something lots of people eat every day!
    I’ve never tried to recreate something..I would never be able to do it justice :p

  6. Thank you for the recipe! We don’t have any Starbucks or coffee shops here in Canberra that do pumpkin drinks, so at least I can ostensibly make my own! 😀

  7. Those fudge babies are too cute 🙂 I hope you get good bids today!

    The original beans/toast looks so good, but yours looks like beans covered in Velveeta? I’m hoping that isn’t what it was?

    The only foods I’ve tried to recreate are the burgers from Red Robin — and they taste ok, but nothing is as good as the original!

  8. The pumpkin spice latte looks yummy! Too bad I don’t have the tools to make one with me here in France! I’ve recreated a few restaurant dishes at home with success. My favorite, which I think is better than the restaurant version, is modeled off the Garden Fresco burrito at a Mexican restaurant near my mother’s house. It’s super simple:
    -saute chopped onion, peppers (red, green, and orange), carrot, and celery until tender
    -scoop filling into tortilla of choice and place in a casserole dish (I usually get 8-9 in there
    -pour 3/4 of a jar of salsa verde over the filled tortillas and bake in oven at 325 for about 15 minutes
    *I do mine without cheese but it’s also very good with Queso Fresco or any other white cheese, if you like. Delicious!

  9. Sorry about dinner. That stinks. We have to recreate a lot here since I can’t have dairy or soy and my husband can’t have gluten now. We get pretty close sometimes and sometimes we even make it better! I love playing with food so I love a good challenge!

  10. Usually my restaurant creations are a tiny bit off the mark. Especially with stuff like beans on toast! It’s tough to guess all the seasonings sometimes.

    I’m better at recreating baked goods at home. Enjoy that latte!

  11. Ive never had a pumpkin latte, I dont think they make then here in Australia. DO you think that if I steamed and mashed my own pumpkin I could get the same result?!
    Pumpkin and coffee – 2 of my favourite addictions mixed togetehr sounds too amazing to be true!!!

    A few nights ago I had delicious grilled fish and salad. The night after, I had to have it again and recreatedit myself at home on the BBQ. Was delicious!

  12. yes ! it was spaghetti squash with a type of romesco sauce topped with almond encrusted chevre. it was at this cute nook in Richmond called Ipanema. I tried recreating it at home (sans chevre–though it was the best part), with.. some success. Definitely not as flavorful as the restaurant dish, but… delicious, none the less. Anything with romesco inevitably is.

  13. Yes! I once created a pizza that we got at a place called Emma’s– a great, little spot in Kendall square. It was whole wheat pizza with a rosemary sauce with spinach, artichoke and sweet potato. My recreation turned out pretty good! Not the same, but definitely reminiscent of the real thing…

  14. My husband and I try to recrate things often. We really enjoy going out to dinner, but we love eating at home and being able to control the ingredients that go into our meals!

  15. I had almost the same exact breakfast! Weird 🙂

    I LOVE your iced pumpkin spice latte idea! I’ve been adding pumpkin pie spice to my coffee, but never thought to add *actual* pumpkin. Definitely trying that tomorrow 🙂

  16. This weekend I made a “Tofu Scram” after my favorite breakfast dish at Penny Cluse, a fantasic breakfast place in Burlington, VT. While it came out quite good, it’s better at Penny Cluse.

  17. I’ve tried to recreate a cake, and I consider myself a decent baker. It’s a chocolate date cake. The most delicious cake I’ve ever had. They serve it at a restaurant in Brooklyn called Moto. Everytime we go my boyfriend orders that before drinks or entrees. Anywho, I tried to recreate it for his birthday and it was not even close. I went with a recipe online and the ingredients sounded right, but it was not the gooey, fudgey cake we know and love. I’ve actually been thinking about emailing the restaurant for the recipe. I need it in my life!

  18. I made a salad over field greens+raw spinach w/ slices of grilled chicken breast, thinly sliced strawberries (kind of like how they would look if you sliced them in an hard boiled egg slicer), balsamic reduction of balsamic vinegar and sugar, drizzle of Olive Oil, fresh torn basil leaves from the garden, some diced tomatoes, and S+P… decadent. Came at the perfect time – me and my beau were in a fight and I was all like, “Dinners ready,” and then, basically, we were made up with the first bite. 🙂

  19. I’ve tried recreating things from bakeries and what not but not so much stuff from restaurants. Sometimes the goodies turn out wayyy different (but still pretty tasty!) than the original..and sometimes it turns out better 😛 It’s always fun to give recreating a try .

  20. I’ve always WANTED to recreate my favorite meal from Crazy Bowls & Wraps. Its just brown rice, mixed veggies, and steamed tofu (easy enough) but I can’t figure out the Jalepeno Cilantro sauce. It’s non fat and kinda thick…any thoughts??

  21. Tina – that iced pumpkin spice latte looks delicious!! I love the one from Starbucks, but much like you hate spending $4 or MORE a week on them! Also, I live around Baltimore, and there is a coffee shop called Baltimore Coffee and Tea – they have a delicious pumpkin spice coffee!!! You should check it out!

  22. That looks awesome! Although I feel like 1/2 cup soymilk would make it taste more milk-y than coffee-like? Or is your coffee just REALLY strong 😉

  23. I have recreated a restaurant dish- a salad from the Sunset Grill in Allston, and it’s just as delish! 😉

  24. Beans and toast seems like a really weird combination to me, but I’ll have to try it sometime!

    I have never tried to recreate anything except when I was younger I tried to make my own orange julius. Didn’t work!

    Right now I really want to recreate the bean and cilantro salad that sweet tomatoes (soup plantation) has going on. It is amazing!

  25. When I’ve tried to remake things I’ve had while out, I usually end up with something that was meant to be like the rest. version, but ends up being my own creation. Does that even make sense ? Kind of like it was my inspiration, but doesn’t end up tasting anything like the orig.

    I like your breakfast this morning. I think I need to go make and egg and some toast!

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