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ATTENTION: I’m looking for some fitness enthusiasts to try out some brand new FREE workouts, all around 30 minutes in duration—dumbbells and bodyweight movements—and offer feedback if interested.


Starting in March, you’ll get free weekly workouts delivered directly to your inbox. You can try them out, 100% risk-free, and send back what you thought about them… whether you liked them (or not) and whether you’d do them again. Or if you just want some short strength workouts to get you ready for spring and summer, then grab them! No strings attached.

#STRONGMADESIMPLE is launching Monday, April 6th, and your feedback would be a huge favor to me! 

If you’re ready to commit to a strength training program and build some muscle, StrongMadeSimple is for you! 

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  1. Hey Tina!

    I’ll give you my feedback!! I LOVE IT!! I look forward to Monday’s when I get the new workout, I seriously am scanning my inbox waiting. The workouts on paper don’t appear to be as full body or as hard as they are. But the results are faster than I had imagined they would be. I have been mixing these workouts in with others I have from Tina and another program I had done for years. I can’t say enough about #Strongmadesimple. I can’t wait to sign up for the full program! Thanks Tina!!

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