“Get Fit for the Pit” with Christmas Abbott

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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On Sunday morning at the CrossFit Games, I had the opportunity to change tires, workout, and chat with Christmas Abbott. No big deal.

Never heard of Christmas Abbott? Well, you’re missing out! She’s super cool. Christmas is an amazing Reebok CrossFit athlete (she’s qualified for the CrossFit Games twice now).

IMG_2921 (600x450)

And she also changes tires for NASCAR pit crews. How cool is that?!?

Christmas Abbott

Our workout with Christmas started with her teaching us how to change a tire on a race car.

IMG_2918 (600x450)

For real.

IMG_2928 (600x450)

I can honestly say changing a race car tire is something I never thought I’d do in my life! It’s actually not as hard as it looks, but in NASCAR races you have to do it really fast. Christmas said she can change two tires in 14 seconds!

IMG_2935 (600x450)

Once we learned how to remove the lug nuts from the tire, it was time for a little competition””and, of course, it was CrossFit-inspired!

IMG_2940 (600x450)

Here’s the WOD we did:

10 Burpees
5 Tire Flips
1 Burpee
Remove tire from car

IMG_2944 (600x450)

IMG_2946 (600x450)

It was awesome!

IMG_2949 (600x450)

Once Christmas demonstrated the workout, we all had a chance to try it for ourselves.

IMG_2951 (600x450)

The Burpees and Tire Flips were no problem for me.


photo (4)

But getting the tire off the car was stressful!


I sort of panicked and struggled with a few of the lug nuts, but, man, it was fun grabbing that tire off the car!

photo (3)

The group with Christmas!

IMG_2962 (600x450)

Fitfluential bloggers with Christmas!

IMG_2964 (600x450)

And here’s a short interview that Ericka, Anne, Gina, and I did with Christmas. We each asked her one question, including what she eats (I love what she says about fat), how she changed her unhealthy lifestyle, how she got into changing tires for NASCAR pit crews, and what’s happening with her new CrossFit box.

Questions of the Day

Have you ever changed a tire?

How knowledgeable/skilled are you when it comes to car repairs/maintenance or do you just go to your local mechanic and hand them your credit card like I do?



  1. That’s so awesome you got to get in there and change a a tire on a race car! What a fun experience. The whole event looks like a ton of fun, especially the workout.
    I’ve never changed a tire before, and don’t think I ever will haha. I’m kind of useless with car stuff.

  2. I definitely have never changed a tire in my life! I saw Christmas do it on YouTube though. Looks like fun!! 🙂 My husband definitely handles anything car or even bike related!!!

  3. Christmas is such a badass! How cool you got to hang with her.

    I really ought to know how to change a tire, but I am totally useless with anything car-related.

  4. Lol me trying to change a tire? The last time I had a flat I went into a panic-frenzy until I realized that AAA existed. That’s such a cool thing to be able to do!

  5. I love your blog and as always, I love your Crossfit posts (you’re my go to blog for all things Crossfit). But I have to admit…although I love this post (and the Yummi post)…I’m checking like crazy to see the actual Games posts (and the after party!) Can’t wait!! 🙂

  6. Oh wow how cool! Christmas is an amazing chick! She worked in Iraq at the same time I was working there and knew her then, she’s come so far its def. inspiring.

  7. My husband recently made me learn how to pump gas, never mind change a tire.

  8. I acutally help out on my BF’s sons dirt late model, changing tires, adding fuel, and just about anything else that is needed. I also cook and take good food to racetrack, no hot dogs and french fries for us. I have a girl crush on Christmas, love her youtube videos.

  9. My husband races dirt stock cars so I’ve changed plenty of tires. I always feel like when racing season starts I need to get in shape FAST if I’m not already. Being apart of a racing team is both mentally & physically challenging. Christmas is a badass!

  10. I don’t have a car anymore and…that is..not easy.

    BUT, I definitely don’t miss visiting the mechanic every 2-4 weeks ….
    My routine was just to hand over the keys and say “do what you gotta do” and hope for the best.

  11. We have the Nascar Hall of Fame in Charlotte and there is an exhibit to change a tire and put gas in the car. Holy hard! Kudos 🙂

  12. I know how to change a headlight and add windshield wiper fluid and that’s it. Anything else on my car and I’m taking it in, I wish I knew more but don’t.

  13. Such a cool workout! I’ve never changed a tire and have no plans to unless I get REALLY stuck! Mechanics all the way! Christmas has the most amazing quads ever…I have quad envy! 🙂

  14. Meeting Christmas = awesome! Unfortunately (or fortunately for experience) I’ve had to change a tire or three in my adult life. I grew up around muscle cars and motorcycles and have helped worked on many, so I like to think I am somewhat knowledgeable, although no expert by any means, so I still leave the major stuff to the guys who get paid to do it. 🙂

  15. My husband works in the service dept of a car dealership, so he is the car guy 🙂 But he used to do dirt track racing and I was part of his “crew”. While I didn’t change tires, I lugged them around a lot!

  16. What’s Christmas’ birthday 😉 If it’s not December 25, it should be.
    I hand my keys over to my dad and say, “my car is making a weird noise somewhere,” or, “it’s bumping when I’m at a stop light.” He takes care of it. I’m lucky!

  17. Looks like fun! Wish I would have know about this because I would have loved to come watch! A group from my box went to The Games. So fun!

  18. I know absolutely nothing about anything to do with my car! Except how to put in windshield liquid, that one I know.

    My husband actually just said the other day that he is going to teach me to change a tire because it’s something I should really know how to do. My response? “isn’t that why we have AAA?”

  19. Quite the experience.
    I was a bit (maybe still am) a smart-alec in high school. When the driver’s ed teacher was trying to teach us how to change a flat, I got called out because I was talking to my friend. I told him I’d just call AAA and wouldn’t need to know how to change it! However, now I think it’s something I should know how to do.

  20. I actually got a flat tire today and promptly called AAA haha i have zero knowledge about cars. The mechanic made it look so easy though!

  21. oh my gosh! I know zero when it comes to cars! I always tell myself I’ll learn how to actually do something but….that never seems to work out!

  22. I’m pretty good at um, filling up the windshield washer fluid when it’s low. That’s about as far as my maintenance expertise takes me. I’m with you when it comes to handing my credit card over to the mechanic!

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