Getting After It (Canton Road Race Recap)

This race recap can be summarized in five words: get after it and holy crap.


On Saturday morning, I ran the 8th Annual Canton Road Race at Reebok Corporate Headquarters. When I arrived, I found Elizabeth and then the other Fitfluential ambassadors (Sarah, Robin, Katie, Mattie, and Kelly), who were also running the race.


Reebok provided us with matching outfits (Play Dry Short Sleeve Top in aubergine and Seamless Capri Tights in black), so we had no trouble finding each other.


Before the start of the race, I have to admit, I wasn’t feeling it. It was gray and rainy, and I’d only run 3 miles in the past month, so I wasn’t feeling very fast and I definitely wasn’t expecting to PR or run a sub-24-minute 5K. I planned to have a good time and just run the best race that I could.

When the gun went off, I was still fumbling around with my Timex GPS watch and Pandora on my iPhone, so I didn’t get off to a great start, but, thankfully, things turned around. The first mile of the race was all down hill and my legs felt great, so I flew! At one point, I looked down at my watch and it said 6:47! Whoa.


At the start of mile 2, we ran through a beautiful wooded area in Canton. It was hilly, so my pace slowed down quite a bit. I knew I needed to stay below an 8-minute mile to break 24-minutes, but the two times I glanced down at my watch, it read 8:15 and 8:30, so, at this point, I definitely didn’t think it was possible.


However, right before the final mile marker, I looked at my watch again and my total elapsed time was 15-something. I did some quick math and realized if I could bust out the last mile, I might be able to break 24 minutes.

I figured the final mile couldn’t be any worse than a CrossFit workout, so I got after it and ran my little heart out. My legs and lungs burned and the f-word came to mind about a dozen times, but I didn’t slow my pace. If anything, I ran faster and faster as I approach the finish line. I looked at the clock as I ran over the mats and it said 23:50-something, so I was pretty sure I did it!


After the race, I found Elizabeth and headed inside to Reebok to take advantage of their 25% discount for race participants. I had my eye on the CrossFit Long Sleeve Tee, but I ended up buying Mal a Workout Ready Tech T-Shirt. (He’s been into neon lately.)

When we came back outside, the race results were posted, so I immediately headed over to see my time. Moment of truth.


I did it!!!!! Woohoo! Check it out: 23:51, average pace of 7:40! I even came in 6th place for my age group!


IMG_1644 (750x560)

I still can’t believe I ran a sub-24 5K. After missing it by 23 seconds on my previous attempt, I was starting to worry I might not be able to do it, so I really surprised myself on Saturday, especially since I’ve haven’t been running and flaring for 6 weeks now. Saturday’s race totally made my weekend, and I achieved one of my big goals for 2012. Thank you, Reebok and Fitfluential for helping me make it happen!


  1. Congrats! That must have felt so awesome! I can attest to how hard the hills on the course must be as my hometown of Canton is quite hilly (especially compared to flat, flat Tampa)! But it looks like you went through some pretty wooded and scenic areas, and the cooler weather must have been nice. Under 24:00 after only running a little bit in recent months is great. And I love the color of those shirts!

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