GenoPalate Review and Discount Code

Here’s my GenoPalate review and discount code for Carrots ‘N’ Cake readers!

The folks at GenoPalate reached out to me asking if I wanted to better understand my nutrition recommendations based on my DNA, genes, and how my body optimizes certain macronutrients, calories, vitamins, and minerals. You know how I love testing so, of course, I was in! And I would love for you to try this test for yourself, so read on for my official GenoPalate review and discount code! 

The GenoPalate process 

They start by sending you an at-home testing kit and all you have to do is swab the inside of your cheek to capture cells that they can grab your DNA from. You send it back, they process it, and in return you get a nice report. The report only took about 14 days to receive, and they have an (amazing!) app as well, so you can get your results really easily and quickly. The whole process was so simple!

My GenoPalate macro recommendations

The recommendations on the report are based on your unique DNA, so completely useful to your needs, not just some cookie-cutter suggestions. I did the test right after starting the bean protocol, and the results I got back were really encouraging because I’ve been feeling so good since starting it. But, on the flip side, I was also a little worried that maybe I was eating too many carbs. Oh, Diet Culture, how you’ve so unnecessarily imprinted the mantra ‘eat low-carb’ on all of our lives! 


My GenoPalate results told me that I could actually eat a lot of carbs! It was much more than I thought, and I was really pleased to see that. Since starting the bean protocol, I’ve been feeling so much more energized, and I haven’t seen any weight gain, so it just affirmed for me that I’m on the right track and utilizing my carbs optimally.

My personalized GenoPalate nutrition recommendations

The test actually assigned 60% of my daily caloric intake to carbohydrates, followed by fat, then protein. Which also makes perfect sense because, if I’m being honest, protein is the hardest macro for me. The test still gave me a high enough percent for me to build lean muscle mass, but it’s also not so high that I feel like I have to force-feed myself loads of protein either. It was almost as if my body had been telling me all along what the GenoPalate test proved in just a few days!

So, yes, it’s been a real relief and it’s nice to know my body is doing what it’s supposed to do, sending me important signals and accurate suggestions. I just have to remember to listen!

If you’re someone who has been all over the place with macros and your nutrition, wondering what you should eat, or what you should avoid, then I definitely recommend the GenoPalate test. It’s been super helpful by providing good guidelines, backed by scientific data, specific to me, straight from my own genes and DNA.

GenoPalate review and discount code

In addition, the GenoPalate report is totally comprehensive and analyzes your vitamin and mineral levels too. It reported that my B12, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A were low (which I already knew), but the nice thing is that the report also gave some excellent recommendations regarding the foods I should eat to increase those levels. Sure, your doctor or a general practitioner can run your bloodwork and tell you what’s wrong, but they don’t tell you how to fix it. This part was especially helpful!


Honestly, knowing all of this now makes me look back at when I was hardcore Paleo or doing some other restrictive diet and ask, was I actually maybe doing my body damage by not eating what it needed? I’m really glad to have this information now so I can continue on with the bean protocol and also measure any other nutrition protocols I may do in the future up against the needs I have according to this test.

I think this test is so important for understanding what your body needs so that you can fuel it properly and hopefully avoid any unwanted side-effects that may come as a result of cutting out the essential nutrients your body specifically needs. 

GenoPalate discount code

The folks at GenoPalate are offering some incredible pricing and a discount right now. Click THIS LINK to take advantage of $10 OFF their already great pricing using code carrotsncake at checkout!

I hope you found both my GenoPalate review and discount code to be helpful to your health journey! 🙂

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