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Is it too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes? For Murphy?

Every October, I try to find Murphy the perfect Halloween costume. In the past, we’ve tried a lobster, shark, and spider costume, but none of them worked, mostly because his curly pug tail got in the way and the costume didn’t fit properly. Last year, I finally found a simple costume that worked just fine, but I’m always on the hunt for fun pug costumes.

With that said, here are some funny pug costumes (images that family, friends, and readers have sent me over the past couple of weeks). Enjoy! I hope they make you smile!

pug teen wolf








This morning’s breakfast was some reheated plantain pancakes with almond butter and maple syrup. Delish! Having a huge batch of these waiting in the refrigerator is the best thing ever. Breakfast in seconds!


After breakfast, I whipped up a glass of Everyday Green Juice. I <3 green juice.


New Cheesy Fall Recipe

Check out my new post on The Laughing Cow blog””it’s a delicious one: Cheesy Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Roasted Garlic & Hazelnuts!

Cheesy Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Roasted Garlic & Hazelnuts

Questions of the Day

Are you dressing up your pet for Halloween?

Pug people: What’s your pug wearing for Halloween this year?

What ingredients/flavors do you like in your mashed potatoes?

P.S. For the pug lovers: 30 Ways to Show Your Love for Pugs! <— Some of these items are ridiculous! Haha!



  1. The Teen Wolf Pug costume is killing me! And the Yoda one. Pugs just always have that look like, “What are you doing to me?”-Priceless!!

  2. I use nutritional yeast for a vegan friendly cheesy protein hit!!! Dijon mustard is great too and also basil pesto! If you love your green juices you should totally try a Wheatgrass shot in there if you have a masticating juicer!

  3. My BF isn’t too into the idea, but I’m considering dressing our lab up…at least with some sort of ears or pumpkin shirt! He looks SO adorable.

    The Laughing Cow recipe looks delicious. I’m headed over to Pin It! I like mashed potatoes pretty pure with a little butter. But with sweet potatoes, I like the works: marshmallows, brown sugar, the works!

  4. This post made my day! I have never seen a funnier animal costume than that pug Teen Wolf. It brought tears to my eyes, and I had to call my boyfriend over to see how hilarious it was. Thanks for sharing these!

  5. The pug costumes are too funny. Bentley, my goldendoodle, was a turtle for a few years. Well, actually a few minutes of a few years as he wasn’t the biggest fan. He’s going to the groomer today to get his haircut and the bandana he get’s will probably be as close to a costume as he will want this yet. Cheesy sweet potatoes sound good!

  6. Those costumes are pure awesomeness. I’ve been trying to search for the perfect costume for my dog this Halloween since we just got her.
    Kind of excited for that.

  7. That Teen Wolf costume is so funny!

    I usually just keep my mashed potatoes simple. Garlic and pepper, milk and butter. Recently, I’ve added a bit of cream cheese to them……I personally LOVE sweet potatoes, but I rarely make them mashed. Sweet potato casserole is one of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes though!

  8. LOL I love the Teen Wolf costume!

    I’ve been following your blog for about 2 years so I bet Murphy will look fabulous in any costume lol 🙂

  9. What flavors DON’T I like in my mashed potatoes is a better question! 🙂 My college roommate got married over the weekend and the cocktail featured a mashed potato bar….I put some chili and cheddar cheese on mine!

  10. I have three dogs, two cats and two horses. Maybe they could be the seven dwarfs!! One year my 24 lb. black cat went to a pet parade as Count Catula!! Love all the pug costumes. My boxer gets those priceless looks too.

  11. Oh my gosh!!! The pictures made me laugh so hard!!! You’re not crazy for thinking of costumes already! We thought of Rango’s months ago. lol

    Rango is a black pug, so we’re painting one white stripe down his back and he’s going to be Pepe Le Pew (with the “pug smell” we thought it was a perfect fit!)

  12. I dress dobby every year, last year I tried a store bought costume – it was a no go (he wouldn’t move) he has to have custom made! Young urban puppy on etsy (love her) this year he’s a minion

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHA omg those pictures. The top 3: Yoda, teen wolf, and t-Rex. I die. We can’t dress up my pup because he won’t wear it and we feel bad but I manage to stick a Santa hat on him and get a picture on Christmas lol

  14. Awkward giggle fit at my desk over those pups! Just a local FYI: Did you know that Derby Street is hosting a Doggy Costume Contest at Hidden Pond, behind Whole Foods on Sunday, October 27th? It’s from 12:30-1:30pm, and the “fee” is a can of dog food or a dog toy to donate for the Scituate Animal Shelter!!

  15. Those pug pictures are too cute! I think my favorite would have to be a tie between the Yoda and seal costumes. 🙂

    I LOVE dressing up my dogs for Halloween. Last year, I ordered awesome dinosaur outfits for them online but they ended up being a little too small so we had to default to the previous year’s costumes. I’m on the search for something great for this year!

  16. I have a chocolate lab the most we do is a Halloween bandana. I think Murphy looks great a seal.
    I like my mashed potatoes plain with Yukon gold potatoes and butter, salt and milk.

  17. It is def not too early to talk Halloween – it is October, after all! Those pics are too cute – I LOL’d with the Teen Wolf one! No costume for my little princess…she doesn’t like being dressed up…and I really can’t blame her! lol Cheesy mashed sweet potatoes – yes please!! Those sound amazing 🙂
    -Sammy @

  18. Oh my gosh the pug Yoda. We ALWAYS call Gus yoda because his ears go out like Yoda’s when he gets excited. Do you think they have these for German Shepherds? ha

  19. Bahaha! I love those so much, especially Teen Wolf. And the dinosaur. And the seal. No wait, I love them all. My cats will not let me even put antlers on them for Christmas, so I guess I have to just enjoy other’s pictures.

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