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Last night, I got sucked into reading my own blog. You know, the “You May Also Like” images at the bottom of each post? Well, I clicked on one of them and started reading an old post. That post brought up a bunch of different “You May Also Like” posts, so I read another… and another… and then one of my favorite Murphy posts popped up there.

Do you remember The Donkey? I loved writing that post. Haha! Murphy was so freaked out by it, but I guess he outgrew his fear because he’s not afraid of the donkey in our new neighborhood.


Anyway, reading “The Donkey” post last night put the biggest smile on my face and got me thinking about other blog posts that still crack me up. Here are two of my very favorite funny posts that always make me laugh no matter how many times I read them.

Today: My dog is The Biggest Loser

I love Elizabeth. She’s so funny and such a witty writer, so when her dog, Clark, wasn’t feeling well, she wrote a hilarious post about their visit to the vet. If you’re a dog owner/lover, you’ll definitely get a kick out of it!

[image source]

And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles.

Have you guys heard of The Bloggess? She’s absolutely hilarious””follow her on Twitter too! Anyway, she wrote this post after getting in a tiff with her husband. The story is absolutely ridiculous and guaranteed to make you laugh.

[image source]

I actually love this post so much, I even have a picture of “Beyonc锝 hanging on my office bulletin board. (The post was reprinted in the March issue of Ladies Home Journal.) It always manages to make me smile, especially when I’m having a bad day. FYI: This post has 3,800+ comments on it!

IMG_1590 (750x563)
[image source]


Last night, Mal and I enjoyed dinner outside on our back porch. The weather was beautiful, so we took advantage and sat outside. Mal grilled chicken outside while I made salads and couscous (for him) in the kitchen.

IMG_1577 (563x750)

Meanwhile, Murphy ate strawberries off of our strawberry plant. What a butthead. Do pugs even like strawberries? I think he just wanted some attention since Mal and I were both busy doing other things.

IMG_1569 (750x563)

I topped my salad with avocado and a little salt and pepper for some added flavor.

IMG_1574 (750x563)

Mal and I were starving, so we ate our chicken and salads while we waited for our Sweet Potato Wedges to finish cooking.

IMG_1579 (750x563)

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Question of the Day

What’s the funniest blog post you’ve ever read?

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  1. OMG I love The Bloggess, she’s hilarious. If you enjoy her, she wrote a book called “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened.” It’s seriously the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I looked insane laughing to the point of tears on the bus to and from work every day.

  2. Haha I love that chicken post from Bloggess. Thanks for sharing a new blog with me, I always need a good laugh 🙂 And that picture of Murphy staring at the donkey is hilarious because his eyes look so scared. I’m jealous of your patio, looks like the perfect way to have dinner on a weekend!

  3. Wow, TheBloggess was hilarious. Nothing like a good laugh for early on a Monday morning!!!

    I get excited whenever anyone talks about grilling food. I’m about a month away from moving out of my apt into a house and am SO excited to be able to grill out soon!!! (Hopefully before it snows 🙂 )

  4. I have to say the chicken story has been the highlight of my day…..and made a really boring day in the office a little easier to work through.

  5. Haha we also think my brother’s dog is a weirdo. She is scared of everything, except people who she flings herself at. We’re pretty positive she thinks she’s a human and not a dog, and she also likes to sit her butt on the couch with her front paws straight down on the ground. No idea how that’s comfortable… But the couch is the perfect height for her front legs to reach the ground (She’s a golden retriever).

  6. Back when she first posted it, that Bloggess post had me and my coworker in stitches. We were both crying from laughing so hard. Later that week, she brought me in a (much smaller, obv) metal chicken that she found at a craft store. We named him Finneous and take turns keeping him on our desk. Oftentimes, when I am having a bad day, I go back and read that post. Lifts my spirits every time….

  7. Haha, the Bloggess post is hilarious. It’s funny how married couples can get into fights over the most ridiculous things. A recent post that cracked me up is from BERF – where she tells her mom that she is going to name her new son PeKanz. I was dying.

  8. I used to think dogs all liked pretty much the same thing: meat, peanut butter, and meat wrapped peanut butter. But my mom’s dog LOVES vegetables and refuses to eat deli meat. If you give him salami he’ll drop it on the floor, but he’ll eat an entire bowl of kale if you let him. Is this even natural? The best part is that he’s a beast of a dog (100 pound lab/golden retriever mix) and he looks like he’ll bite your face off, but all he really wants is your salad.

  9. Last summer I came across the story about Beyonce’. Laughed until I cried, which I needed SO much — I had just moved to a new town with teenagers who were pretty ticked off at moving. Emailed it to 2 of my best buds from my former town, they both told me they laughed until they cried, too. Fast forward… months. I went back to my town for something. Went walking with my buds. On the trail… IS BEYONCE’!! One of my friends purchased a Beyonce’ — she is making the rounds in my former town, and I have never felt more loved than when she showed up on my walk. So awesome. Everyone needs a little Beyonce’ in her life… 🙂

  10. My dog picks tomatoes from our garden and eats them. She waits until they’re almost red (but not red enough for me to pick them) and chows down in the backyard. She’s also gotten more cucumbers out of the garden than I have and she’s working on obliterating the squash plant. She’d probably love to help Murphy take care of the strawberries. What a punk!!

  11. Thanks for making me laugh! I was crying & laughing out loud alone in my house (loudly) with the windows/doors open….the neighbors know think I’m weirder than they already did!

  12. My favorite line of the Beyonce post is…

    “me: The 5-foot tall one was $300, marked down to $100. That’s like, $200 worth of chicken for free.”

    Oh my gosh, I’ve gotten myself all worked up and in a tizzy from reading that again. Hilarious

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